Dyke-Cuts, Tattoo’s & Trashy Attitudes

One of the most disappointing things in life, for me at least, is seeing huge potential wasted. Feminism has wasted women. Instead of Locklear, we have Dunham. Now you can’t escape the waste and the ghetto-esq film layered on everything. It’s not only in the streets, in the clubs and at the coffee shop; it is now in film and shows. You can’t even escape for one minute into Hollywood for some respite—makes sense since Hollywood has become a wasteland of #MeToo-feminist cauldron experiment.

Not sure about what I am talking about?

Dyke-cut Cuoco.... Koo Koo for Cuoco puffs....

Mega-babe Miley.... Wrecking-ball buster Cyrus....

Gives me a Woodley..... Don't shag me Shailene.....

Hot Hermione..... Emma gunna vomit.....

Wondering why guys won’t date you or ask you out anymore?

Wonder where Chad has gone and why he hasn’t offered you his Pepsi-can penis on a platter?

Wondering where your Christian Grey is after you've turned thirty and have hit The Wall at full-speed #NoSurvivors?

Lose the attitude, the dyke-cut; keep a tight ass and the hair long. It’s not hard, ladies.

Be more like Rachel Homan: A true, genuine beauty who is a leader on and off the sheet, a cool chick all around and is a smoke-show to boot.

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