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23-Year-Old Harlem Teacher, Lesley Trapnell Douglas, Arrested for 'boat ramp sex' With Teen

Former Harlem teacher Lesley Douglas may never teach in a classroom again, especially if she is added to the sex offender registry.

The law that makes the actions of sexual assault involving a student-teacher illegal was changed back in 2010. It was changed to make sure there were no loopholes after another case out of Harlem High School raised some questions.

Around 2006 there was a case in one of our schools, charges were filed, that person was convicted, and that person went to prison," said Major Steve Morris of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

23 year-old Lesley Trapnell Douglas was arrested Monday and charged with Sexual Assault Against a Person in Custody, meaning someone she had authority over.

The incident allegedly happened at Winfield Hills Boat Ramp 2 on the 7500 block of Lakeside Drive.

When deputies were called to the school about a suspicious situation, they spoke with the school principal, Dietmar Perez, about the suspect being involved in a possible inappropriate relationship.


As you can tell by the old school styled correspondence of writing by the media (short and sweet) lack of details, this is an iffy case.Our gurl is pretty good looking and yet, the story doesn’t go viral; the dailymail didn’t even cover it and it’s been 3 days!

I was debating on sailing this story with Lesley at the helm, given the lack of details, but beyond the technicalities there is a lot going on here. First of all, yes, from a biological standpoint there is no crime when it comes to a 23 year- old hottie wanting to bait the rod of a 19-year old, high school Chad.

If you are astute, you will know that being 19 and still in high school, equals SUPER SOHPMORE. We have ourselves a perfect love story; a potentially budding HS Van Wilder who catches the eye of his hot teacher; catches the tingles due to a lustful curiosity as to why he doesn’t give-a-shit about graduating and remaining in high school limbo.

Maybe that was our victim’s endgame; he wouldn’t graduate until his bucket list was fulfilled.Women love the troubled and tortured guy who lacks ambition and has a zero-fucks attitude. Their nurturing and ‘project’ instincts kick in and then boat ramp sex happens. It just happens. So yes, according the law and the fact that Lesley is/was an authority figure and had leverage, it is still illegal to go all hands on dick with your male student and go overboard into sex scandal territory.

The Report Card

Methodology: The lack of details on this story is painful because it isn't a true FTSS. Even our gurl looks stunned in her mug shot that she was arrested. Of course, there were no burner phones, love letters, sneaking around at school or any intense pre-planning or grooming. If you take away the fact that Lesley is/was a teacher, all you have here is a story of adultery;which happens to almost every dude now trapped in a modern marriage with these modern hussies.


Integrity: Boxes checked; married for only 2 years. Again, she is guilty by a technicality and for just being a complete whore. Why you dudes get married today is beyond me.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl's saving grace for this already horrible grade, is her looks of course. Boat ramp sex is a first and a very rare scenario that we don't hear of too often in the realm of FTSS. She has the crazy whore eyes; either the 19-year old fucked her so hard that she went cross-eyed or...that what you look like when you know you just sunk your marriage along with your teaching career to the bottom of the lake. I have to dock a grade point here because, although she kinda looks like Alex Morgan from team USA soccer, our gurl has the arms of a 60-year old; flabby and lacking tone and definition. Fair point though, our 19-year old victim definitely knows how to pick a good peach.


Overall Grade


Case Closed

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