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Indiana Cheerleading Coach, Morgan Judy, Accused of Seducing Student Via Twitter

An Indiana high school cheerleading coach isn’t feeling so cheery after being arrested on two counts of child seduction.

On Friday, Indiana state cops cuffed Morgan Judy, 23, for allegedly being sexually involved with a student. According to the Greene County Daily World, an unnamed student told cops that the former Linton-Stockton High School coach invited him to a party via Twitter.

Indiana State Police Detective Brad Stille wrote in a court affidavit obtained by the Daily World the student and Judy kissed at the party but didn’t have sex.

When cops interviewed the former coach and substitute teacher, she told them she while she was drunk at the party, she did not kiss nor had sex with the student.

“Later, Morgan was confronted about (student) admitting to kissing, Morgan replied that she didn’t remember due to the alcohol, but would have remembered if she and (student) had sex. Morgan said she probably did invite (student) to the party,” Stille wrote in the affidavit.

In a later interview, the student told cops he and Judy did more than just kiss. He also showed text messages between him and the accused, where she allegedly told him not to tell anyone about the “huge hickies” on her neck.Judy also reportedly demanded the student delete all messages and deny anything that happened.When pressed at a later interview, Judy admitted to kissing the student, but denied other allegations.


There must be something in the water this week.

As a FTSS detective, I have nightmares every night. The booze helps, but the scars to the eyes and heart will never fade. You try to do so much for these "victims", but some days it seems like an endless battle. Crime never takes a day off. Crime never sleeps...unless it's a female teacher sleeping with her students.

It's hard being behind the desk. Sometimes you wish you could be there for the "victims". With all of these hot teachers assaulting them with their mouths and vagina at party's, in their cars, and in the dark alley behind a Denny's. You just wish you could take the bullet for them and save their souls from a life of chasing the dragon; the fantasy fulfilled and no normal 'girl next door' able to satiate the experience once had.

You wish it could have been you, instead, at that party; only to tell our gurl Morgan here, "No, take me instead...leave the boy alone!". If that means being involved in a FTSS hostage situation in where Morgan would take me captive; assault me with her body, her hard, sharp and perky 23 year-old nipples, then so be it. I can take it like a champ.

I've been around the block and seen a thing or two. But these young students? They are innocent. They don't deserve this type of experience, not in high-school. At best, they deserve the normal and awkward fumble that is: Basement business; trying to score with a normal, sane, high-school girl. Trying to Netflix and chill while attempting to breach through the neither regions of NeverLand. They arn't ready for this type of life; the insane female teacher sex.

You can't beat yourself up about it, though. Life is cruel that way. You look at all the Instawhore pics, the mugshots of these horny female teachers and you see such a waste of talent; the resources, the college degrees, the marriages and the youth. All squandered on an undeserving young student who is being blindsided by puberty, and his hot teachers breasts in his face.

You see the text messages written by one supposed adult, who writes as if she is still in high-school; gushing like a horny school gurl. It's not your fault that these female teachers are so deranged that they would prefer to prey on the weak, the confused...the easy target. These young, underage boys don't deserve this type of treatment, this abuse from a 23 year-old's hot, young cheerleader body.

Call me a crusader, a hero, a do-gooder even; I just want justice to be served.

They always say, "Think of the children". I would advise our gurl, Morgan Judy, to stop doing that.

The Report Card

Methodology: With the use of social media, our gurl Morgan solicited our victim like any HS gurl would do. Problem is, as much as Morgan believes or thinks she is still in high-school, she isn't; which ended up being a huge problem for her... and her vagina. What would become one of the worst attempts at a cover-up, our gurl showed the trouble only a rookie female teacher can get into when she doesn't have her shit together.

All veteran female sex scandal teachers in her club know, that if you are going to try and cover up everything, you have to also destroy the boy's phone. Our gurl is 23 and clearly, like all young women, don't think things over and instead let the tingles think for them. Even though she is teaching high-schooler's, she is still young enough to be a complete and utter, dipshit; hence why she is probably hitting on young student's.

Just because you hold a position of authority doesn't make you an actual authority. It certainly doesn't make you one of the great FTSS either. Remember, ladies, do your homework; practice what you preach.


Integrity: The toll road of denial is a long and dangerous one. Our gurl denied until the very end. Even demanding that our 'victim' delete the texts and deny as well. Sounds like a harpy bitch if you'd ask me.

Lied to the police and did what most of her colleagues in the club of FTSS and what modern women do in general: Not take any responsibility/claim they were too drunk to remember. The "I was didn't happen" excuse. Being a 23-year old ditz (presumed slut) our gurl pulled the classic rationalization hamster and deployed an anti-slut defense. The problem is, she forgot that evidence goes both ways and so do text messages.


Presentation/looks: I am as shocked as you are; 23-years old and no Instagram photos to be found online? Twitter blocked, and only some shitty old tennis and cheerleading group photos from when she was in HS; which come to think of it, seems like yesterday. Is it Morgan Judy or Judy Morgan? Maybe we have the name wrong?

Again, our girl didn't think it through. If you are not doing this for the attention, fame and glory of FTSS greatness, then what are you doing with your life? Just goes to show that horny female teachers are now going all out for any type of glory; even if it is just for the 'hickies. This is a case of half-ass, low-tier shopping for a chance at greatness. We here know when we see greatness vs a 'Try hard'. It's hard to follow the act we had just a couple days ago, though, involving Talia Sisco and her 'BFF' Tina Pourani with their FTSS sex ring.

Given that she looks pretty decent in her mugshot makes the rage all the more real with her. She could have been great, we just don't have the evidence. I am a professional, and until someone sends me a photo file on her I just simply can't give her great marks here.


Personal Notes: Where are all the 'neck tattoos' our victim gave her?

Overall Grade



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