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Racine Female Teacher, Criminal Justice Grad, Amanda Eckblad, Facing An Extra Long Summer

RACINE, WI — A former contractor who worked in Racine Case High School has been charged in Racine County court after authorities say she made a sex video with an underage boy she lived with.

According to court documents, Amanda Eckblad, 22, has been accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy and recording cell phone video of the encounter.

Eckblad has been charged in court with sexual intercourse with a child and possession of child pornography, according to official court records. She is being held in the Racine County Jail on bond related to this case, and a May case in which she is also accused of "straw purchasing" a firearm. "Straw purchasing" means buying something for another person who may not be able to purchase it for a variety of reasons.

According to Eckblad's criminal case, police investigated allegations that she had been having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy who also lived with her at her residence on the 2100 block of Clarence Ave.

During the course of the police investigation, officers reported searching Eckblad's cell phone, only to find a video of Eckblad engaging in sexual intercourse on March 30. The video was reportedly deleted from her phone on May 2 but was recovered by authorities, according to the complaint.


Reality: Majority of teen boys this summer are watching 'sex tapes'. One of those boys actually made one....with his hot teacher.

As you have noticed, the summer holidays around the blog are very dull in terms of Female Teacher Sex Scandal cases. However, I had a feeling something was brewing. Something hot and humid was in the air, to which was creating an unstable air mass. Lighting struck: Amanda Eckblad.

Amanda took on a lot of 'loads'; This one was particularly...hard.

A story so unbelievable you would have thought it would've been found in the C-Suite letters section of this blog. Imagine for a second that you are the 'victim' in this case. Your name maybe Tyrone, Chet or Chad. Life has got you down, to the point where you are in detention Hall for the whole year. You attend Truancy programs on the reg. Then, low and behold, Miss Eckblad enters; tits popping out of her shirt with a strut so gazelle-like, it would make any lion of the street want to pounce on dat pussy. You're thinking about the torture of this woman: Having to stare at prime meat; only to beat yours when you get home from your prison (school). However, what you don't know is that your hot fucking teacher is willing to break all the rules, just like you #soulmates. She buys you a gun; you both fuck and make a sextape together and suddenly the world makes sense again.

Women will always break the rules, or law for that matter, for an Alpha, or maybe in this case, a 17-year old boy who is displaying Alpha traits or potential. The fact that our 'victim' was living with Eckblad, leads this detective to believe that his home life had to have been just, peachy. Our gurl, thus followed her instincts; took him under her boobs, and made sure to milk him; taming the outlaw.

Even though the story indicates that it is 'unclear where the two met" it is safe to say that they obviously met through the ever classy, criminal justice system.

Our gurl's career and life ended in ironic fashion. For starters, she cocked our 'victims' thickness and made him empty his mag all over her...on tape. Secondly, it was ultimately the discharging of the illicit firearm that our gurl bought for our victim which led authorities to her front door; a door that has probably been kicked in multiple times...if you know what I mean.

For our horny gurl here, the criminal justice system is a vicious cycle.

The public may see a delinquent and horny female teacher; all I can see is a bright future ahead for her, in the porn making industry.

The Report Card

Methodology: If you're an astute FTSS detective like I am, you could see our gurl's subconscious playbook from a mile away. Women typically flock to fields or areas in where they are most likely to find giner tingles. In most cases, they flock to professions or organizations to which are ripe with delinquent deadbeats; 'bad boys' or males that will display Alpha traits or characteristics thereof. Amanda pulled a flank and wasn't as overt in her strategy as most women, who would normally charge into a biker bar, or a public basketball court in Brooklyn, in search of Tyrone's thickness. She used her Criminal Justice, sociology & Juvenile Justice degree as a tool to position herself, and her tits, into truancy programs; where she most likely found the 17-year old felon with whom she taped herself fucking with.

If you look at her extracurricular's, all of it involves working with 'youths sentenced' or 'troubled youths': Assisting troubled youths with life transitions or Alternative Correction programs. Our young, naive and horny gurl was exposed to Alpha signals on a regular basis. It was just a matter of time before the stored up giner tingles would explode.

Women who normally take 'psychology' or Criminal Justice courses subconsciously do this as they 'feel' a calling to "help the poor lost souls" in the justice system. They want to 'understand' the male mind, the 'bad boy': How to manipulate men in general. This yearning, though, during their academic college years is their hypergamous instinct kicking in to find Alpha seed; not always 100% a genuine concern for the deadbeats.


Integrity: With the above said, Amanda is the poster child and reason why women (especially hot women) have no place in the Corrections system. Having women 'help' delinquent men is a recipe for disaster, as we know this type of shit goes on all the time; women just end up fucking them. Our gurl was a Criminal Justice grad who's idea of 'helping' troubled boys was to pull a 180;by buying them a gun, to then making a straight-to-Pornhub 'sex tape' with them.


Presentation/looks: Jesus H. Niiice. The summer months are usually filled with drought in terms of FTSS cases. Most of these attention whores want their love story to hit the news cycle during the busy months. Our gurl here had a different strategy; show up when everyone else is already in detention (jail). The wait was worth it. You could already tell from her mug shot that Amanda was going to be a winner; scoring huge on the wack-off scale. Crazy eyes + big boobs + selfie enthusiast= she titty fucks on the first date. Duck face chicks always signal: Ready to give blowjobs.

It's like a mating call for Chad. No wonder our 'victim' was trigger happy.


Personal Notes: If the police have any sense of 'Justice':Video will be on PornHub in 3...2...1?

Overall Grade



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