27-Year-Old Lafayette Math Teacher, Molly Wray, Enticed A Student To Subtract Her Clothes

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Molly Wray, the former Lafayette High School teacher accused of inappropriate conduct with students, has been arrested following more than a month of investigation.

Wray appeared with her attorney Tony Farese in the main courtroom of the Lafayette County Courthouse prior to the 2 p.m. scheduled time for a probable cause hearing. However, she waived her right to the hearing and exited the room not long before proceedings started.

An arrest warrant for Wray was issued, and she was formally charged with one count of enticement of a child with intent to meet for sexual purposes. …

The investigation began when the sheriff’s department received a complaint from Lafayette County School District Superintendent Adam Pugh regarding reports of improper conduct between a teacher and a student, according to a statement released by the department.

On June 11, an affidavit was filed against Wray. She taught math at LHS, but has since resigned.

The alleged victim was 17 years old at the time of the reported incident.

Female math teachers are breaking new ground these days...and young boy's hearts. Molly Wray is a pioneer. Instead of teaching to the curriculum (doing the standard) she instead wanted to prove to the status quo that you can, indeed, find the square root of 69 without using a calculator. All she needed was the root of a young 17-year old student.... and a square mattress.

She wanted to see how many times 17 (year old) goes into 27... the 'hard' way.

Unfortunately, due to the low count of details to this story, we will never know the true math of Molly's escapades and her journey toward finding out the mother of all modern rubix cube equations: How many times can her HS student cosine her hy-poon-tenus: Find the poontang variable, adjusting for quadrilateral variance; getting the 'right angle' in order to pound her vagina.

Lesson of 2018: Molly makes math, fun.

The Report Card

Methodology: Like a true artist, Molly did what she did for the love that Female Sex Scandal Teachers have for fucking their student's. She came (a lot, most likely) submitted her work to the judge, and was gone in a flash out of the court room.

She didn't make a whole show out of it like most FTSS; who make the news and hog the spotlight with all their Instagram photos;which is a shame considering our gurl here is a looker. She grabbed her expensive designer bag and rushed out of the courtroom, not caring what the public or judge had to say about her life's work.

A bold move and we can all respect this; teachers should be creative and innovate. However, this will get you minimal points when it comes to your grade as a FTSS. We here take pride in our grades and the circus-show you degenerate ladies put on. You played the game, you have to play by the rules. Your rebellious attitude and not being forthcoming on the details is, unsatisfactory. Molly's lack of respect for the spirit of FTSS is what's disappointing here.

Be better, for all of us.


Integrity: Married with kids and a husband left dumbfounded as to why a boy half his age got to know all the right angles on his wife; front, side and back. Doing the math on Molly, we can see that the numbers are hard to make out with few details to go on. Did she give out blowies? Handjibbers? Where did the dream dates happen? Molly is a mystery, she is playing her own game with us and the media.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl looks like one of those made-for-TV actresses on the Hallmark channel: Lacey Chabert.

Definitely one of the best to come a long this summer, and in a while. Molly has those crazy steel-blue eyes that scream: Thousand cock-stare. It's the look a chick will give you if an asteroid is about to hit earth and all she wants is for someone to have panic sex with her.

Her other photos tell the facade of a down-to-earth, Lafayette wifey-poo; her courtroom photo shows off her sexy bad side, with that just-got-outta-bed, sex hair.

She probably banged another student before her court hearing for all we know. Unfortunately, Molly is one of those millennial's who doesn't have Instagram or other social media. Which I find extremely infuriating and leaves me puzzled as to why she even bothered becoming a Female Sex Scandal Teacher.


Personal Notes: 27-year old female...no Instagram. Weirdo.

Overall Grade



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