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Alabama Substitute Teacher, Kayla D. Safford, Who Has Been Charged With 'Greasing the Gator'

Kayla D Safford, 24, denies sleeping with the boy, 18, away from the school's premises.

The ex-teacher is accused of violating her bond of trust with the boy after they met at Florence High School in the US state of Alabama.

Although the age of consent in Alabama is 16, teachers can still be charged as a sex offender for sleeping with students.

Safford's lawyer Tim Case said she "adamantly denies she committed any wrongdoing".

Florence Police Captain Brad Holmes said of the charges: "Evidence obtained in this case shows the relationship with the student occurred as a result of her employment in the school system.

"Irrespective of age, the law is clear and aims to protect students from sexual contact with those entrusted with teaching our children.

"Miss Safford violated that trust."

The teacher was booked into Lauderdale County Jail on Wednesday and released on $10,000 (£7,682) bail after being indicted by a grand jury on the felony sex charge.

If found guilty she will have to register as a sex offender, even if she got consent from the student involved.

But Case says he plans to challenge this law, which was previously found to be unconstitutional by a local judge.

This ruling was later reversed.

Investigations into Miss Safford began in March, said Captain Holmes, who went on: "The Florence City School System was made aware of the allegations early on in the investigation and administrators have cooperated fully in our investigation."


Everyone, have no fear. Tim Case is on the case; working HARD to get our gurl off even more so than she already has.

Even though FTSS detectives, like myself, despise lawyers like Tim Case, as we usually don't see eye-to- eye all the time, I will admit, that Tim and I share some common ground today. She is 24, and the high-school Chad with whom she engaged in frenzy with, is 18-years of age. In any other case, this is a non-crime.

In an ideal world, these two love bumkins could fuck and suck each other off until the next hurricane destroys their trailer home. However, Alabama state law says otherwise. Also, the total disregard for a student's education and trust has been violated. Violated, I am sure, in the most frantic, primordial, and vigorous of manners; perhaps in the back of Kayla's car, or maybe, behind an old Waffle House off the highway.

The possibilities are endless when you're a female substitute teacher in heat... and have no marking to do the next day. That's the problem with these substitutes: they have no real grounding or connection to the classroom; they just show up, leave...and fuck an occasional student. Our gurl was a glorified babysitter and soon found something interesting she could nurture...between her thighs.

That 'something interesting' was a young man who inspired the good o'l Giner tingle parade, to blast a fanfare around our girls nether regions. Our gurl, like many would, thought that ALL Giner tingles are created equally. She thought wrong. Kayla thought that since she had them[ the Ginerflies] it meant Don't Stop, it's all Green ahead; her smooth, perfect sliz, just had to come down on our 'victims' Johnson and give him the Alabama Slammer. Our gurl forgot that NOT ALL giner tingles are created equal. Alabama state law says that her actions, due to said giner tingles, are not valid at this current time.

However, Tim Case and our gurl seem as eager as a high-school boy, to overturn that law; allow our gurl to ride whomever she wants, and for her other FTSS sista's in the future to do the same. If all horny female teachers could have their way, Tim Case would be President of the United States; or at the very least on the Supreme Court. Tim is fighting for the rights of these teacher's vaginas. A pioneer, no, a hero.

Kayla reminds me of a modern day, suffragette. However, instead of seeking the right to vote, she is seeking the right of her seal over any poll station.

One day...maybe one day....all the young boys around America will have a picture of Tim Case, framed in their living room over the fireplace; knowing that this man helped them. Helped them receive their first blowjibber, first sliz to slip down on their Johnson; their first proper, nut.

Tim Case, we salute you. Not only are you further eroding the educational system and what is left of the boundaries that help foster the success of students, you are more importantly trying to free all of these female teacher's vaginas from the evil oppression of the 'patriarchy'; which has not allowed said vaginas to fully engage the student's minds and bodies. If Tim doesn't win, then how will young teen boys know what 24-year old, prime cooter feels like? Who will teach them these things?!

Free Hint: Have you ever touched wet velvet?

If Tim Case wins the court over, then long gone are the days where female teachers suffered under this current oppression; where they had to go home and fuck their husbands who payed their credit card bills, or get in their car and drive down to the local bar to wait....and wait.....5 minutes for a guy to hit on them. Long gone are the days when women had to turn on their phone, use 1 calorie, and swipe right. The horror of it all. What a primitive world.

Tim Case: 2020

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl came, she saw...and then came again. Using her role as 'substitute', our girl created the allure of an object that was fleeting, rare and in-demand. Every guy wants the hot substitute teacher because they know its a hit-it and quit-it job. She treats her job the same. She probably thought to herself, "Who cares if I suck and fuck the track star...i'll be gone in a week." The problem with that logic is: Like herpes, the law will follow you around long after the deed is done.


Integrity: The fact that our gurl and her and savior, Tim Case, have doubled-down and want to over-turn a law that states our gurl can't fuck a student under the age of 18,is actually a confession/admission of guilt in and of itself. A bold play for sure. Kayla is all in on this one....just like the 'victim'.

Like a magician waving a wand, Kayla wants to change her illicit 'romp' into a magic bunny that farts out chocolate with sprinkles and says, "It's OK,'re absolved! Tee-hee." This sheer display of inflated ego and entitlement is not a surprise coming from a modern go-gurl who just 'wants it all'.


Presentation/looks: With our gurl being a 24-year old female, I am the lack of pictures I could find on this potential slam piece. Kayla looks hot and her mugshot is prime as far as prison shots go. Think about it, the police don't have Annie Leibovitz taking these mugshots. It's usually some low-level beat cop, who maybe took an elective in Photography at college one semester.

Really gurl? No Instawhore account?And you call yourself a Millennial. For shame.

Again, ladies, I don't want to have to repeat myself.

If you are going to make everyone's lives difficult: use up court time, tax payer dollars, police resources, and further blemish the education system; Then, for the love of God, please don't make my job any harder than it isn't. You are young, deranged and horny women yearning for attention, clearly (you made the news with your shenanigans). Why don't you have Instagram? That's like the EASIEST way to get attention. Fuck!


Personal Notes: 24 and no Instawhore?

Tim Case= Best Lawyer name, ever.

Overall Grade



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