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Aussie Teacher's Aide, Jackie Mary Hays, Blamed Weight Loss Drug For Having Sex With Student

A 51-year-old Australian teacher claims a weight loss drug increased her sex drive so much that it caused her to groom a 15-year-old boy for sex for more than a year.

Jackie Mary Hays, once a staff member at Hunter Valley School in Sydney, Australia, pleaded guilty to grooming the teen for sex, which occurred between April 2015 and June 2016. Hays says she began taking the drug Duromine for four months before she began sexually grooming the teen.

According to the Geelong Advertiser, Hays was 47-years-old when she began sending sexually charged text messages to the unnamed teen. When interviewed by cops, Hays said the text messages were “filth” and claimed the boy was asking to have sex with her.

“I said sure, absolutely, no problem,” Hays reportedly told cops.

The teen told cops the woman wanted him to sneak out of his home one night for a sexual romp and told them he “dodge it pretty well.”

During a court hearing on the matter, Judge Robert Stone said it was hard to examine the seriousness of the crime because it’s not known how explicit the texts were between Hays and the teen. The court also learned cops couldn’t retrieve the text messages because the cell phone was disposed of.

Hays’ lawyer, Gillian Jewison, requested Wednesday the case be handled under the Mental Health Act in Australia. Jewison said Duromine altered Hays’ sex drive and state of mind – the woman allegedly suffered from a borderline personality disorder.

However, Stone said there wasn’t a medical link between the weight loss drug and the woman’s behaviour. He noted in a psychological report that some of the Hays’ friends “observed she was off the planet” after taking Duromine.


Australia feels like a planet away from the rest of the world, but it seems like the deranged and horny female teachers 'down under' are just as creative when it comes to their defense cases.

Jackie Hays lost some weight at 47-years of age [at the time of the crime(s)] and claims the drug Duromine caused her to seek, 'groom' and try to fuck her underage student. The listed possible side effects of Duromine goes as follows:

-Sudden or rapid weight loss.

-difficulty breathing.

-chest pain.


-swelling of the lower limbs (does that include the giner?),or if you can not exercise as much as you usually can.

-dry mouth or an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

-difficulty passing urine.

I tried very hard to find the symptom: Sudden swelling of the Ginger, at the sight of teen boys.

I couldn't find anything.

This FTSS detective got frustrated. Imagine typing "Sudden Swelling of Ginger+Duromine" (with variations) for a whole 5 seconds into Google, to then realize the real reason why Hay's blamed the drug: Even though she lost weight, at 47 fucking years old (too late), men weren't tripping over themselves trying to get to their phones after they heard the news.

That's the thing this detective has noticed with the elderly FTSS: The older birds, who can almost get the senior discount meals, usually like to 'groom', because they have to. The only 'men' who would even consider throwing a hard one down them are horny high-schoolers.

The other thing to mention, is that you don't see female teachers like Tayler Boncal, Jessie Goline,or Stephanie Peterson needing to 'groom' highschool dudes to fuck them. All they'd have to say is, "you want in?" and any dude, including all geriatrics, would be down with the struggle: Entertaining that woman's aching void.

Our gurl claims that our victim was the one who was seeking warm comfort, found inside of her 47-year old cave-of-cobwebs and ancient artifacts.

This detective thinks it's the other way around.

If we went back in time, right now, to when George Bush Senior was in office, our gurl would have been 21-years old (prime sexual marketplace value). To give you an idea of how LONG ago that was, that would have been around the year 1988; the same year that the new drug Crack (a derivative of Cocaine) first started making its appearance in many U.S. cities. A movie ticket was $3.50. The average price of a new car was $10,400.00. Women's leggings were fashionable...for the first time. My point is, there comes a point when even a hormonal teenage boy won't want to throw hard one one down your center plate, ladies.

Jackie Hays, however, is a voice for the old (and possibly new) generation of Female Sex Scandal Teachers. Our gurl's case can one day be held as precedent. It is groundbreaking, really. Jackie's 'logic', in one fell swoop, can make the whole #MeToo movement null and void. Men have naturally high sex drives, so with Jackie's logic and defense I guess it is now OK for all, even women, to go out and start grooming jail bait, right?!

If what our gurl claimed is true, then we would have heard by now that the drug company 'responsible' for making Jackie turn into a horny zombie, who's only outlet for sexual release was a young teen boy, has struck it rich for finding the female version of Viagra.

In addition, we also know that our gurl is a great liar. If it were indeed true that it was our victim (as Jackie Hays claims was the seducer) who requested sex with our gurl, then why didn't they have sex even once? Surely, during that time (more than a year) given our gurls high-sex drive, they would have had countless meet-ups and fuck-fests galore like our many other FTSS's.

Besides all of that, it's astounding to believe that our poor gurl had no other outlet or way for her to make a 'love explosion' happen in her land down under. It's unfortunate that they don't have Amazon shopping or the internet for that matter, in Australia. I mean... that must be the reason why our gurl had been so ignorant about sex and how to relieve herself if the only thing around her all day were horny teen boys. Or, the other case is that since our gurl is old enough to be a grandma, she most likely does not know how to work a computer or the internet for that matter.

A FTSS detective by trade, but now and then, I feel as though some charity is in order for these female teachers. Allow me, Jackie, to direct you to some 'home remedies' (can be purchased on Amazon) that all the gurls, young and old, are using today in order to quell the beast within thy tulip patch:

Magic Wand

Trusted for over 30 years (a trust almost as old as Jackie) the Magic Wand would have given our gurl the medicine she needed. Instead of spending time 'grooming' and waiting to see if our victim was down for the 'romp', Jackie could have spent nearly unwrap this gem from the Amazon package and start buzzing in the bedroom.

It's hard to think that a teenager could do the things to your clit that the magic of the wand couldn't. After all, it's rechargeable!

Just like a high school boy!

The Black Destroyer 5-Pounder

We know by Jackie's testimony that the weight loss drug she was on caused her to allegedly become hysterically horny; to the point that her sex drive was so high it seemed as if the only solution could've been found in the energetic and frantic thrusts of a teen.

However, a woman of that mental and horny caliber needs more than the jack rabbit. She needs the power and strength that can only be found through the lens of 'diversity': A big black dick.

If Jackie would've had access to the BD-5 Pounder Deluxe Edition (comes with interchangeable ball base + extra suction cups) the very least that would've happened was her calling in 'sick' every so often and having a substitute take over her class.

5 pounds (black) would have done a good job at destroying any of Jackie's illicit thoughts instead of her career.

The Womanizer

Another gem on the market, the Womanizer aims to please and is a huge SUC-CESS.

Being a pleasure Air vibrator, this thing will vacuum suck your tic-tac with 8 adjustable levels of intensity. Produces 'fast and multiple orgasms' on demand, apparently.

At 51-years of age, I don't think Jackie has had that luxury in a long time.

Womanizer or teen boy?

What a world we live in.

I don't know what is more baffling: The fact that our girl claimed a weight loss drug made her suddenly want to 'groom' and fuck a student, or, the fact that the court in Australia only gave her a 12 month sentence.

If Jackie were a Jack, this case, which so far has been the most bold and daring of defenses, would't have even made it to the ears of the judge.

The Report Card

Methodology: If you are a woman and have to apply psychological 'grooming' tactics in order to get the horniest population of males to rearrange your guts, it means you are closer to the grave than ever. This detective's theory is that Jackie wanted to lose weight in order to get her diminished sex life back on track at that age (47 at the time).

For the first time in a long time, Jackie could see her front hole again. She felt sexy, a feeling long lost since maybe age 35. Jackie was on the prowl with her white wine and manic smile.

No men around her (40-50) were biting. The only men leering were probably 60+; grave callers. So Jackie went for the lowest hanging fruit and easy target:Teen boys. Asking her victim, like a horny school girl, if he wanted to 'sneak out of the house' to have sex in her car. He'd surely want to hit her 47-year old catchers mitt, right? After all of this 'grooming' (a full fucking year!) our gurl still managed to come home empty in the vagina.


She claims the drug altered her state of mind. Me thinks that she was already a mental case before that.


Integrity: With one of the most asinine and boldest of plays in the court room, our gurl takes the cake for excusing ones self of such FTSS crimes. The logic may seem sound to Jackie and the judge, maybe even Australia, but it is a testament as to how far these deranged and horny teachers will go in order to legitimize any wrong doing. Jackie is blaming a weight loss drug, trying to convince us that said pills caused her vagina to act like a business that only took cash under-the-table: 18 is too old and will only accept high-school males. That is a hard one to sell. However, she only got 12 months. Speaks volumes about the court systems in the West.

We hear reward bold plays such as this.


Presentation/looks: At 51-years old, Jackie Mary Hays defines the urban 'cougar'. The cougars signature drink is of course, White wine; usually sluts and the mentally unstable can be seen sipping on Chardonnay, Riesling, or Zinfandel at the bar. For an old bag, she doesn't look awful, but I can see why our victim was so hesitant to even consider using Hay's for even a masturbatory aid. By now, with age and all of the fast weight loss, our gurls beef petunia probably looks like someone took a curling iron some ham slices. Pictures tell the tale and you can tell by some of them, we are dealing with crazy.


Personal Notes: A high-sex drive caused her to only seek the company of underage boys....

Drinks White flag.

Overall Grade



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