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Married Georgia Teacher, Amanda Pardue, Who Sent 'Nudies To Several 14-year Old Boys' Arrested

Amanda Lenea Pardue, 35, is accused of sending a number of explicit pictures and messages to several 14-year-old boys at the school where she worked.

Pardue, who taught at an unnamed school in Dade County, Georgia, has been arrested on suspicion of sharing pornography with minors and other related charges. She has been charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors and computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation.

Trenton Police Chief Christy Smith asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to conduct a child molestation investigation on Pardue, before getting an arrest warrant.

In November 2003, Pardue married Jesse Pardue, an electrical lineworker in Chattanooga. The couple lives in Trenton with their three children. On her Facebook page, Pardue describes herself as a “stay at home mom.” She also mentions that she is a graduate of the University of Phoenix in San Diego. Pardue lists her hometown as Bryant, Alabama.


Amanda gave zero-fucks. Literally...she didn't fuck any students.

Over here at FTSS headquarters, I went ahead a got the department an upgrade: Got a Facebook burner account, so that our evidence collection could be you say, thorough; I was getting sick and tired of the lack a pictures found in standard sources (mainstream media sucks on reporting FTSS cases).

You're all welcome.

What we have here is a Charlotte's web of suburban hysteria, mixed with a call for attention.

From what I have gathered, it seems as though the authorities disarmed Amanda before she could do the real damage: Fuck some students.

Like an FBI raid preemptively striking before some Pitel-Kareem Jabar Mohammed carries out a pipe-bomb plot, our gurl most likely had plans to take the 'grooming' phase to the next level. It's too bad the Dade County police were too good at their job, because our gurl was progressing towards FTSS greatness.

Thanks guys....really.

We feel for the husband, for he lives in a time and culture where being the best dad, husband and father, is not good enough; disrespected and unappreciated by today's you-go gurl. It was cringe worthy, but I spent nearly an hour going through Jesse's( Amanda's husband's) facebook photos....because there were hundreds. It took me all but 5 min to go through Amanda's, because there was about 10. I am a betting man, I am willing to bet that there is a 'World's #1 Dad' coffee mug in the kitchen cabinet at the Purdue residence.

The reason why I hate facebook, is because of the mediocrity found when scrolling through people's lives. And I found exactly what I expected when I was sifting through the Purdue family: Nothing but photos of their kids. Photos that nobody gives-a-shit about. There was even a string (maybe 50) photos of just his kids working out and doing push-ups in a gymnasium.

It took me a long time, but i finally found (as you will see below) some good shots of Amanda: No bikini shots, ass shots or anything great; just average suburban housewife shots of her in jeans.Who the fuck cares?

I also found some Beta tells: Some E-cards that Jesse posted on his timeline, which speaks volumes about his dad-ness and hubby-ness.

Quotes like: "Honey, Do you have anything to say before football season starts" (har-har) and "Make your wife happy by telling her 3 words every woman loves to hear: Here's my wallet" (*face palm). You see, this is the type of shit that makes your wife start snapchatting other men....or teen boys.

She see's her husband as he see's himself: A wallet and a dutiful doofus. Women use men(categorize men) in two very distinct ways: Guys who give them giner tingles (want to fuck) and guys who are a source for provision (beta wallets).

Now, for our gurl to go after some high-school Chad's is a bit extreme...but then again, we are dealing with the raw and dark side of female sexual nature.

Being married since November 2003, pegs Amanda at around age 20 when she said " I teen boys," under her breath at the alter.

With three children and a husband who seems more into his kids and football than his really cute wife (so many fucking pictures), attention towards Amanda was most likely, not showered upon her (double entendre, yes...thank you). Amanda, it seems for the tender child raising years, was a "stay-at-home mom". Her facebook status states "Worked at: Stay-at-home mom".

Being a "stay-at-home mom", for those who don't understand, is not a job. It's called: Being an adult and a responsible parent. What I believe happened was that our gurl got bored and looked to seek "work" that was similar (easy) to being a baby-sitter. Hence, she went and got a degree from the ever-prestigious: University of Phoenix (online?). So much so, that she could snag a part-time teaching gig as a substitute.

Now, what we don't know is: Was this all a ploy from the beginning? Did our gurl seek to become a teacher so that she could prey on young lads? Or, was this all circumstantial? I want to say the latter. Or, the other more boring possibility, is that she needed to go teach as a means for a second income for the family; to pay for all of the goddamn sports that their kids are in. Jesus.

I can picture our gurl finding herself keeping busy all day, away from her family and husband (like a any empowered modern wife) to then come across some teen boys who were signalling Alpha traits/potential traits. Which then likely triggered our gurl to go into heat and into a state of horny confusion, as she had probably forgotten throughout her married years what it felt like to be lusted after by a horde of hormonal males.

A situation that made her reminisce about her prime years, when she too was around that age. If you look at our doesn't take a FTSS detective/genius to imagine how fucking hawt, rather...Amanda probably was at 18.

Just look at her now at 35! She looks....amazing for her age.

It's called the Alpha desert (marriage). What I suspect is, that our girl (although deranged in the head) experienced a very dry Alpha desert for 15 years. Sought to maybe even find an Alpha at work, perhaps a gym teacher to cheat with) but then could only find beta men her age (There aren't a lot of 'manly' teachers these days as it is a government/leftist culture).

Then, given her beauty, experienced a swath of teen boys hitting on her and passing notes/texts about how they 'wanted to bang Mrs Purdue'. Well, hands off your dick if you would? I think we all know that answer: Would (wood).

The Report Card

Methodology: What seems minor(pun intended) about Amanda sexting 14-year old boys may in fact could've been a step towards even greater shenanigans. As we all know here, it first starts with 'sexting' and Snapping your tits and vag; then comes the sucking and fucking in the Mom van behind a Denny's, near the dumpsters.

Due to our gurl not singling anyone out, like a good teacher, she was setting up multiple leads (like any modern girl) and was going to choose her prick-of-the-litter (who ever gave her more tingles). Authorities stepped in...early.

That's never a good thing for your grade. Amateur hour.


Integrity: On paper, our gurl is your typical 'married with three crumb-crunches' who raised a good Christian family. There are Easter photos with the kids and all of that shit. Then, mommy went off the plantation and wanted to 'raise' other things: Teen boners.


Presentation/looks: Roll Tide! I can't imagine the horror those 14-year old boys had to go through; having to see nudies of our gurl. All I can say is that my phone battery would be at .5% by the end of the day. The pigskin would have been spiraled....and many flags on the field for 'personal fouls'.


Personal Notes: Has picture of wife 'texting' during dinner...Exhibit A

Overall Grade



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