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Married Math Teacher and Mom, Jennifer Olajire-Aro, Forced Student to Have Sex With Her

A South Carolina math teacher is accused of lowering her student's grade because the 17-year-old boy stopped having sex with her.

The victim and his mother, identified in court records and John and Mary Doe, are now suing the Charleston County School District for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to reporting by the Charleston Post and Courier, 27-year-old Jennifer Olajire-Aro allegedly 'encouraged and coerced' her student, then 17, into having sex with her multiple times, including at Burke High School, in her car and in her home on Johns Island.On at least one occasion, the civil complaint alleges, the algebra teacher and married mother-of-one had intercourse with her underage student in the presence of her then-10-month-old baby.

The lawsuit filed last week says Olajire-Aro would remind her student that she controlled his grade if he tried to fend off her advances. According to the complaint, in August 2017, John Doe was in Olajire-Aro's math class when she began to talk to him about sex before, during and after class, including by phone and text.'Each time Plaintiff John Doe would dismiss Aro’s advances and requests to perform sexual intercourse with her, Aro would remind Plaintiff John Doe that she alone controlled what grade he would receive in her class,' the lawsuit states.

The boy eventually began cutting math class to avoid his teacher's alleged sexual advances.The student finally opened up to his mother about his sexual relationship with his math teacher in December 2017 after Olajire-Aro made good on her threat and lowered his grade from a 98 to 89 for turning her down, according to the complaint.Olajire-Aro was arrested on December 18 on one count of sexual battery with a student. According to an affidavit, the teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with her 17-year-old student on three occasions between November and December.

Her attorney said at the time that his client is married to a resident at the Medical University of South Carolina and the couple have a baby. The victim's mother delivered an emotional statement at Olajire-Aro's bond hearing, calling the teacher a 'hellacious person' for what she had done.


As a FTSS detective, every day you deal with the dark truth about female sexual nature. Today, we are literally dealing with that darkness.

Enter Jennifer, our gurl (whose last name I can’t pronounce)— also, notice the hyphenation of Olajirie-Aro. Now, something fishy strikes the nostrils right off the bat in this one, and it’s not Jennifer’s hoo-ha—that thing probably smells like Jamaica and BBQ sauce. No, I am talking about the whole ‘coerced teen boy’ into banging on Jennifer’s bongos and dipping the drumstick into her Cajun cooter.


My detective senses are tingling—much like how Jennifer was last year— but I want presume that if it weren’t for the victim’s mother finding out and the entire school (due to the blatant parading of flirtations), me thinks our victim was on board the Chattanooga train until word got out and the jig was up. Getting your grade docked from a 98 to an 89 is nothing. With that said, it’s safe to assume our ‘victim’ was either White or Asian. Why, you ask?

Well, firstly, only an Asian kid would care that much about his grade being lowered….from a 98-89. But then again, me thinks our gurl would not be hungry for the cum of Sum-yung Guy and his Spring roll.

Naturally, you would think, being exposed mainly to the girth of anacondas throughout her prime years, she would go for the darker meat. However, then we would have to assume that a Black kid was getting grades in the 90 range…All we have are national statistics and facts, so I think it is safe to consider that our victim was, indeed, not Black.

If the story of ‘coercing’ is true, then shame on our gurl. This is not how this Game is supposed to be played. Having teacher-sex, for a young boy, is suppose to be a special and magical time in his life—a newly found rite of passage in today’s gynnocentric culture. It’s not supposed to be about blackmail, threats and lowering pointless grades. It’s supposed to be a positive experience and a teachable moment; promoting a child’s education, not discouraging it.

Turning A+ students into slightly above average ones, is going in the wrong direction of progress. It’s educators like Jennifer who give her other horny and disturbed female teachers, a bad name.

Getting students excited about math is hard enough these days. Don’t further ruin the most valuable course: Sex-ed.


The Report Card

Methodology: Oscar Wilde, I think, said it best:" Everything in world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." Jennifer has confirmed, among others of her ilk, that female-teacher sex scandals have a lot to do with the above quote. Jennifer used every dastardly trick under the Samoan sun in order to get her needs and demands met.

Her standards were clearly high.

The dark side of female sexual nature is that sex is mainly a tool for control. Women use sex as a means to control men and the world around them. Women derive their power, mainly, from their sexuality as it is the most valuable asset they have.

Yes, women get pleasure from it....however, where that pleasure mainly comes from is ultimately different. Majority of the high, climax and pleasure for women is not in the physical act itself, but the mental masturbation and the contextual nature of the act and process, thereof. If you understand the deep state of a woman's sexual nature, you would understand that our gurl got just as much pleasure from controlling and coercing (manipulating) as did she smashing her jibblies with a hormonal juvenile.


Integrity: Being married to an aspiring doctor and with one kid, Jennifer showed us all how to use one man for one thing and another for something else. Jennifer's ego seemed to have been bigger than her crimes; blatant flirting in front of staff and students; talks about sex out in the open. Banging the victim in the presence of her baby was a teachable moment, most likely. Moral of the story: If you have sex, you might get pregnant. I guess she was trying to show our victim, in some weird and sexy way: With sex, comes responsibility.


Presentation/looks: Again, after seeing Jennifer in those tight denim shorts, white T-tank a la midriff, it's comes at a surprise as to how a 27-year old, Bahama momma, would need to 'coerce' a 17-year old boy into playing around with her ripe mangos and getting him to dip his plantain into her plantation of pleasures . All I can say is: Jamaican me horny.


Personal Notes:

- Hubby's wife doctored my eyes.

- Johns Island...must have a lot of prostitutes.

- Jennifer makes math...hard.

Overall Grade



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