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New Jersey High School Teacher, Michelina Aichele, Who Was Subject of Racy Online Rumors, Busted

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - A Montgomery High School teacher who lives in Hillsborough has been arrested and faces charges of sending nude photos of herself and sexually-explicit messages via social media to a Montgomery High School student over a period of several months.

Michelina Aichele, 29 of Capricorn Drive in Hillsborough, has been charged with 2nd degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child. She is being held in the Somerset County Jail, pending a detention hearing, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson,

Robertson provided the following account:

Montgomery Township school officials contacted Montgomery police on Oct. 4 concerning the allegations against Aichele. An investigation ensued.

The 17-year-old male student was interviewed and disclosed that he received nude photos from Aichele over a time period of several months. The student also provided details of sexually explicit conversations that defendant Aichele engaged in with him through social media sites and email.


If you look really close, you will be able to see that the real crime here... is her eye-brows.

Online records show that Michelina—hawt fucking name by the way— had been teaching at Montgomery Township High School since 2012 as an English. Our gurl describes herself as an ‘experienced teacher’ with a demonstrated history of ‘working well with people’. Her salary as of 2017 indicated that she was paid $70,306. If you ask me, Michelina is nothing but an overpaid photographer and erotic linguist at best: An overpaid female teacher—who with her expertise in English—wanted to teach one 17-year old boy the art of seduction, through words and images via Snapchat.

The big question, however, that is on this FTSS detective’s mind is: Was she going for greatness or is our gurl the 'other type' of Female Sex Scandal Teacher? You see, there are two types of deranged and horny female teachers: The first type is in it to win it (sucking and fucking), while the other type is just a next-level attention whore. With Michelin, it is very hard to tell is she was going for greatness, or if she is just another dud/horny amateur female teacher who doesn’t understand when she should stop the ‘grooming’ phase and enter the sucking and fucking phase.

Trigger shy, perhaps.

Michelina is all screwed up in more ways than one. For one, she used 'horny old-lady teacher' Game when she didn’t have to. A young pretty thing like Michelina—not bad for a pre-Wall 29-year old—didn’t have to sext and send nudes for months on end in order to make sure her victim was down for the ‘cause’— That’s what most of our 35+ on the roster have to do in order to rob the cradle. A young thing like Michelina, if anything, only had to sext and send one nudie; I am sure any dude in her classroom would have been eager for Michelina’s beaver.

This is what perplexes this detective about our gurl; she never went for the bang. I mean, what kind of a role model are you? You are suppose to be teaching these kids about life and what it takes to be great. How can you achieve greatness if you never take that bold leap of faith on your dream? What does this say about Michelina? What kind of message are you sending to these kids? If your teacher (a leader supposedly) dares not to be great and doesn't go for the 'finish' line, what will your students take home at the end of the day? Blue balls, is one of them I am sure. The other, though, is confusion.

It’s almost as if she just got-off on the attention. It’s clear from our gurls many photos (which you will get to see soon) that she adores attention. Perhaps there had been some trouble in paradise (it's not known at this point of our gurls 'relationship' status) and our gurl was looking for the attention and validation that she so craved from an easy source: Hormonal teen-boys.

Alas, this then brings up the main focus. I would like to point to the most damning evidence I could find: Ratemyteachers reviews.

Making her intentions so obvious, as we can see by the ominous reviews and details of her classroom etiquette, Michelina was indeed going down with the ship and she knew it. She was 'death-by-cop' teaching. Any female teacher who is going for greatness with one of her students, fully knows that eventually she will get caught, ratted out, or word will travel about the affair by parties involved. Michelina seemed to have no regard or any attempt at secrecy, even if that secrecy could buy the lovers some time to do the deed, for maybe a few months, to even a year... like some of our all-stars.

It’s difficult to say if Michelina was just another stupid horny teacher—who didn’t have the slightest clue of how to keep things on the D/L—or, a stupidly horny teacher who gets-off on getting caught….almost immediately before the real firework show even begins.

As you will see below, through my assessment of Michelina's 'methodology', is what I believe we have here: A teen trapped inside an adult woman's body. Our gurl wanted to continue to be the 'hip' teacher. Maybe she never got to experience that 'hip-ness' back when she was in High school, herself?

Who knows.

Michelina's age (29) is another leading indicator and factor that plays into her psychosis and need for validation from a pool or teen boys. When women realize that they have begun to hit the Wall....they tend to do crazy things (i.e divorce their husbands, try to pull higher rank...or try to fuck horny teen boys in order to validate to themselves that they still "got it".

What would be even more hilarious, is if I could find a line somewhere where our gurl states, “Would love one day to work in espionage” as some kind of ambitious future career goal.

Michelina Aichele is a pure example of 'What Not To Do' if you're an aspiring horny female teacher, looking for a shot at greatness. However, we need horny female teachers like teach us all that sometimes you have to fall before you can fly with the eagles.

UPDATE: According to the released affidavit, our gurl asked the victim about his 'penis size' and frequently 'thought about him while masturbating'. We should also note of the proto-starker-ish tendencies of Michelina. Accround to the record she also told the victim that she had 'mapped out how to get to his house'. Just goes to show how stupidly horny our gurl was.

The Report Card

Methodology: We could've pegged Michelina for a horny teacher who's never understood the definition of what it means to "Keep a low profile". I believe, though, that her story goes a bit deeper than just a 29-year-old piece of boner bait who couldn't keep her yap shut. I've said this before and I will keep mentioning it, but what I believe happened here was that our gurl, like many of her kind, still has not escaped High School (mentally speaking).

There is nothing else that can explain her blatant and obvious flirting with underage boys. It's all stuff you would do if you still believed you were ACTUALLY 17-years old. Her behaviour is akin to an insecure attention-seeking high school floozie.

What ever the case is, our gurl's Game was so sloppy that it is an embarrassment to other deranged and horny female teachers across the world. Her angle was way off and the playbook that she was using was so radical, that it didn't even border on 'twisted genius". It simply was flat out, awful. At some point, our gurl needed to pull the trigger and she never did. Letting not only us down....but the poor victim, too.

Blue balling a 17-year-old boy should be a felony crime.

Being reckless and it paying off is one thing, but a Game plan like Michelina's won't get you the points on the board, here.


Integrity: Having sex-ed lessons around the clock in your classroom is one way to get noticed, for sure.

Dropping DM's to your male students and sending them nudies, will definitely get you that 5 star rating on RateMyTeachers...from the boys. Michelina marketed herself wrong. She lost half her support;the girls. Girls at that age, any age, will try to destroy any female hogging up all of the attention supply of the surrounding male base. In one of the reviews, it was alleged that our gurl doesn't care too much for commitment.

That's code for: DTF.

Michelina is a fucking tease.


Presentation/looks: One of her students on RateMyTeachers wrote "Great bod!!!!111!!!!11". The random appearance of "1's" in the long line of exclamation marks suggests that this anonymous tipster is telling the truth, due to the rushed text; it highlights an eagerness in putting that valuable information on the net.

All I have to say to that poster is: Indeed, yes she does. In fact, I can't see why one wouldn't want to stay after class and discuss The Great Gatsby, a story about forbidden love, with our gurl on numerous occasions according to her course outline.

Let's just say, I'd rather be turning the teacher over, in this case, instead of the pages...

I highly doubt that you can reach Michelina at her email ( or her extension number (6825) at the school.

I'd like to give her my extension (if ya know what I mean).

I had to take of a couple points off for the eyebrows though, naturally.

28th Birthday...... 29th Birthday........

You can literally see the onset of depression and yearning to be young again..


Personal Notes: ain't got nuthin on this blog...

Overall Grade



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