Ajax Teacher/'Model'/'Singer', Krystal Wilson (Aka Krystal Voice), Charged With Sexual Acts With Kid

Original story at TorontoSun

An Ajax elementary school teacher and sometime model has been accused of sex-related offences, involving a 10-year-old boy.

Durham Regional Police say 31-year-old Krystal Wilson, also known to students at[sic] Krystal Clunis, of Whitby, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference with one of her male students.

The incidents allegedly took place while Wilson was teaching at Da Vinci Public School in Ajax during the 2017-18 school year.

Wilson is also a singer, going under the name Krystal Voice. In an interview with Smart Is So Sexy, she says she has been singing and writing gospel and R&B music since she was four. During an interview on the site, she admits to “at one point in my life suffering from depression.” “I felt myself getting worse daily, not wanting to get out of bed or eat properly (sometimes not eating at all),” she said.“I hid my emotional state from the people closest to me in an effort to maintain my image.”

Wilson adds that her “superpower” is “my ‘Women’s Intuition’”.

If I am not mistaken, a "women's Intuition" is code for: Gina Tingles. right?

If that is the case, Krystal Wilson's "intuition" has lead her in the wrong direction in her quest for testosterone and proper ravishing of said Gina.

This is the first on this blog. In all my time as a FTSS detective I have never come across a scene so horrible, so full of carnage like this one. We have truly hit rock-bottom here, with Krystal. 11 is apparently too old for her.

The youngest victim, ever, I believe was 13 or 14. But a 10-year old?! I know feminism has made women clueless about facts when it comes to the biological sexes, but c'mon! At age 10, a boy is more interested in the smell of his farts than even considering playing around with Krystal's fun-bags, or sliding a hard one down that velvety-chocolate highway of a cooter, for that matter.

If you comb through the interview that our gurl had with SmartIsSoSexy.com, you would be able to conclude that our gurl is just not right in the head to begin with. For one, we see clear signs and hallmarks of the disease known as 'Feminism' in a lot of her buzz words and language. She has a clear case and history of mental illness and depression to boot. Along with that, she appears to be married as well. Yikes!

Now, should we be surprised here, that such a staunch Canadian feminist has been brought up on charges of sexual assault involving a minor? If you are, then where have you been all these years? Feminism allows women to have all the power and none of the responsibility that comes with that power. Hence, why I am writing about the third FTSS this week; the second one today, mind you.

The work just never ends.

Of course, our gurl does yoga/gym and is a vegan. She apparently ran track back in the day; hence her thick thighs and possible High-T levels. I am struggling to find an excuse for her forgoing sex with her husband whilst aiming for the minor league. I am sure some bat-shit crazy feminist out there will let us know in the comment section. Something most likely along the lines of," Love is love" or, " How dare you shame this brave woman for trying to make a 10-year old boy know the pleasures of a strong and independent Black woman....racist!"

Krystal's worst subject when she was is school, according to the interview, was math. Shocker. It's not shocking, really, because if she would have done the math on trying to get with a 10-year old boy, even the sexiest of girls would have been smart enough to know that she was 8 years too early to that theme park ride.

If anything, I think Krystal is telling us a half-truth. I do believe math was one of her worst subjects, but I am willing to bet she completely failed sex-ed. Particularly, the section on male puberty.

The public may see a sexy Black woman/singer/model being failed by Canada's education system; all I can see is a woman who will being moaning a solo-finish at night, while serving time in her prison bunk.

The Report Card

Methodology: It's difficult to see what our gurl's Game plan was. The story is still developing and is in the early stages of maturing....like our victim. Also, we have to consider the source and authorities in Canada: A predominantly leftist society that praises and coddles women at every turn. I am even surprised this is in the news up here. It's no surprise the details have been sparse to say the least.

For now, we can only assume that possible handjibbers were given...I mean...at 10-years old, you would be a champ to even know how to slide that thimble of yours into our gurls 'free parking' space.


Integrity: A teacher, a singer; a role model/model for young, strong and independent women.



Presentation/looks: If sexy is the new smart, than Krystal has to be the sexiest chick out there!

We rarely get any models in the FTSS realm of things. I think our last 'model' was Elizabeth Flint. Who was a 'fitness' model...on Instawhore. Elizabeth Flint was a fucking smoke show and one of the hottest to ever play the Game. She did it will style, but played fair and didn't diddle 10-year olds...but diddled with boys who's balls had actually descended.

Our gurl presents the island vibe in all of its glory. Airbrush can work wonders, however, and her non-modeling shots are in contradiction territory with her professional ones. Nonetheless, not bad for a Wall-hitter.


Personal Notes: Not too smart....but a little bit sexy.

A "woman's intuition"....what would the world look like if women ruled it, I wonder.

Overall Grade

B (solid)


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