Divorced Arkansas Teacher, Chrystal Vega, 40, Arrested for 'sexting relationship' With Teen

Original Story at DailyMail.com

An eighth grade Arkansas teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Married mother-of-two Chrystal Compton Vega, 40, was charged on Friday with first-degree sexual assault, a class A felony.

Vega admitted to police that she had a 'texting relationship' with the student, and that 'some of their texts had crossed the line'. The student came forward to police in September and claimed he had sex with Vega in a park.

Surveillance footage showed Vega's car arriving and leaving Old Post Park in Russellville during the same time frame that the 16-year-old reported to police.

The teacher admitted to investigators that she met with the teen at the park, but denied that they had sex, according to River Valley Now.

Vega was a language arts teacher at Dardanelle Middle School but is no longer listed as an employee on the Dardanelle Public Schools website.

The mother, who has two sons, has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a student from Dardanelle High School - which is in the same district.

Vega was released from the Pope County Detention Center after posting $7,500 bond. She could be sentenced anywhere from six to 30 years in prison and face a $15,000 fine if convicted.

She is next scheduled to appear in court on December 10 for a plea arraignment hearing.

When I hear the name ‘Chrystal Vega’, my immediate thought process goes as such: Stripper.

I imagine sitting at a titty bar when all of a sudden, the smoke-show begins; Vega vigorously vibrating her voluptuous vagina all over thy body. If Chrystal were stripping at the local club, I’d defiantly be a sweat pants night for sure.

Chrystal, though, is not a stripper (not that we know of). She is, however, our latest FTSS.

Speaking of fantasies, remember the good ‘ol days back when you were 16 and your hot-divorced yummy-mummy of a teacher gave you oral lessons after school in her Black Camaro, in a park and may or may not have slid her wet sliz over your pecker?

Me neither.

A recently divorced Wall hitting teacher, whose ex-husband works at the school, is what we have here. A hypersexualized millennial mom-of-two, with social media/ease of communication at her disposal, sought the virile company of a young and equally horny individual to fill the large, moist and deep void that her ex-husband left behind for someone else to mop up.

If I were a betting man— and I am— I would wager my life’s savings on our ‘victim’ being one of our gurl’s ex-husband’s baseball or football student. Women have sex or seek out sex for different reasons than men. 10% of the time it is out of pure hormones; they just want a good hard-fucking from the nearest Alpha with a Coke can cock (Tinder dick); someone to slam-dunk her doughnut and fill it with jelly. 80% of the time it is used as a tool to manipulate; duty sex provided to the boyfriend or husband to keep him in check and to keep up provisioning. The other 10% falls into the category of attention-whoring or revenge sex; to make a former partner jealous or to validate one’s self into believing once again, that they are still attractive to the opposite sex and that any man (regardless of age) wants to fuck the shit out of them.

Society may see Chrystal Vega as a lonely and stupidly horny divorced mom-of-two; all I can see is a burgeoning stripper in our midst—whose penchant for park-side blowjobs and sliz-sliding, acts as a nice prerequisite on the resume.

The Report Card

Methodology: Chrystal had taught since 2011 without incident. Her recent divorce may be seen as the catalyst for her hysterically horny chronicle. As we all know, a woman's ginger tingles are her prime directive and must be satiated. A driving hunger that is like nails on the chalk board for these women. Vega married her ex-husband in 2003, divorced in 2016. Two years later she would begin a 'texting relationship' (nudies and sexual linguistics) with a 16-year old; may or may not have sucked and fucked him. (loses a half mark for the sex being up-in-the-air at this time)

What we have here is a former married mother, a district Hall of famer for her basketball achievements; on paper she was a do-gooder. A former do-gooder turned rebel sloot; her social media tells the story with the classic transition of wifey-poo photos, to edgy selfies topped with a cherry of: cum-and-fuck-me.

Classic boner bait Game.


Integrity: Vega is a perfect example of the perfect storm that rages in all women when all the ingredients cum together. The sexual malaise of being a wifey-poo for thirteen years + triggering divorce + Wall hitting biological urges= Having her cock and eating it too.


Presentation/looks: All of people ask me about the thumbnails I create for these FTSS. Chrystal Vega is a prime example of why I always include the classic InstaWhore inspirational quote. Women today are just one giant virtue signal. Sure enough, we can even see Vega sporting a little inspirational quote on many of her shirts.

Deep beneath the facade, if you look closely, most of them are stupidly horny and thirsty for attention. Chrystal Vega is an extreme example of today's hypersexualized female whose restless lustings get the best of her.

For 40-years of age, Vega is no vegabond. She looks great for popping out two crumb-crunchers from her vagina like ping-pong balls, and for a former basketball chick. Usually basketball chicks typically give off the dyke-vibe.

Arkansas, when it comes to FTSS, is up there with volume. It's no Florida or Texas, but it sure has had it's share of Greatness over the years. The state usually doesn't disappoint with the type of quality we look for here.

Chrystal Vega is pretty close to greatness. If only she were 15-years younger and didn't deny the park-car sex that 'didn't' happen.

Her dental work is immaculate...skin has received good 'facials'.

A 'happy' wife.....a starved womanhood

Very nice teacher hair.....much better than her I-Just-Got-Out-of-the-shower, hair.

Life needs more chicks with ripped jean shorts....

Girls who wear aviators signal 'I fuck' on a slow Tuesday.


Personal Notes:

-Her middle name is 'Compton'....fucking gangsta.

-Language arts teacher astute in oral lessons.

Overall Grade



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