Irish Female Teacher, Lauren Ellen Ni Mhaonaigh, 24, Accused of Making A Teen's Luck Change

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A 24-year-old teacher has appeared in court where she was charged with the defilement of a teenage boy who was a student at her school at the time.

The woman was brought before Swords District Court yesterday where she was charged with two offences under Section 3 (1) of the Criminal Sexual Offences Act 2006, namely that on February 1 and February 13 she engaged in a sex act with a child under the age of 17.

The teacher appeared before Judge Dermot Dempsey after she was arrested by gardai at Dublin Airport on Sunday.

Judge Dempsey remanded her on bail and adjourned the case until December 19, when the woman is due to appear in court again.

The judge granted bail, with a number of conditions that included that she surrender her passport and not apply for a new document. She must also provide gardai with a phone number to be contactable at all times. …

The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, made no reply after the charge.

Garda Hughes told the court that officers had seized the defendant’s mobile phone and that she would have to obtain another one.

She also must not have any contact with the alleged victim or any other witnesses.

Garda Hughes asked the court that an order be made under Section 30 of the Sexual Offences Act that there would be no reporting of the identity of the accused.

Irish it would've been me and not that 17-year-old victim; my penis is Dublin.

Now, you are all probably wondering how in the heck did we find out who this smoke-show is when Irish law prohibits the circulation of the suspects name, regardless of age? For one, I think it is safe to say that we are clear of Irish jurisdiction.

Secondly, it's the North American way to keep a victim's identity concealed, not the suspect's. Thirdly, those policies would have worked well before the age of social media; in where horny high school boys didn't share pics and videos of your hot-ass fucking teacher; the very same pics and video she most likely sent to our poor 'victim' who is probably in a lot of trauma right now, I am sure.

With the magic of photo forensics, we are able to determine that the blurred picture, shown by authorities, is that of the same photo you will see further below. The tits match.

You see, when you are a smoke-show like Lauren and you send SnapChat nudies to a hormonal teen boy, it would never cross your mind that the solid trust between you and a immature 17-year old would be breached. It would never cross your mind that one day he would toss that shit around school like muffins during a bake sale for the Sick Kids Hospital.

As a FTSS detective, everyday I put myself in the line of duty. Everyday, I am haunted by all of the 'victims' that I could've saved. I often times say to myself, 'I wish it were me...not these teen boys'. I care so deeply. I would dive in front of them and their hot teacher and take a white hot vagina for these kids. Alas, I can't be everywhere at once; especially when I have to be at my desk covering all of these horny female teachers that pop-up in the news almost daily now.

Crime never sleeps...but these female teacher do, with their students.

Lauren has earned her way into the books as one of the greats as you will see below. She will be joining the likes of Stephanie Peterson, Elizabeth Flint and Erin McAuliffe.

The Report Card

Methodology: Getting arrested at the Dublin airport (trying to flee?) is embarrassing enough. Our gurl went full-ham and gambled with no luck on a sexual relationship with a 17-year old boy. How could she have known things would fall apart? Lauren thought she could send all the nudies/videos she wanted and give all the blowjibbers; sliz sliding her way to greatness without getting caught. When you are as hot as Lauren and you bang one of your students, word will surely get out in no time at all.

There is no 17-year-old boy out there who could hold that in for so long; no man could last too long with Lauren without blowing the load and bragging to his buddies.


Integrity: Back in the day this never happened. For some odd reason, long ago, teachers use to be older because they first had families and then a career. Now we have hot fucking 24-year-old sluts straight off the college line, teaching hormonal teens.

Women in their sexual prime standing in front of boys having their sexual awakening. It use to be that young female teachers would have been regulated to the sidelines of teaching Kindergarten, or the lower grades. Perhaps this should become standard once again and maybe the requirement for teaching high school kids should be that you are either old as fuck, or ugly as shit.

Putting Gen Z and Millennial women, who fuck all day long on Tinder, in charge of teenagers is a recipe for disaster, because they themselves are the mental equivalent of such. Lauren, and many other teachers like her, prove this on a weekly basis.


Presentation/looks: Even if you claim to be a sex God, who's notch count is higher than all the female teacher sex scandals combined, I am willing to bet even you couldn't last a minute inside Lauren's sweet sliz. I couldn't imagine our victim even being able to get past her first layer of lips (the moment where your cock-head punches through): That Squish sound. Game over, immediately.

A 17-year old even seeing Lauren take her top off, would be more than anyone could handle, let alone trying to fuck her brains out for more than it takes to pop popcorn.

Speaking of taking her clothes off, we for the first time a few weeks ago had our very first video of a FTSS: Stephanie Carafa. Today, through confirmation of other sources, I am pleased to announce we have our first ever nude video of a female sex scandal teacher.

First-hand evidence and insight into what these horny female teachers send to their 'victims' on their phones and computers. Just imagine, being 17 years old and receiving what you are about to see in your email or via SnapChat from your hot teacher.....the horror!

The link is NSFW as it seems that either our victim or one of his buddies uploaded it to Pornhub for all to enjoy. If you are at work, you are a bold man. After viewing you will want to join all of us here in giving Lauren a standing O' vation. A big 'salute'.

Since Lauren is now out of a teaching career, I think it is safe to say she can easily find another one online.


Personal Notes: Irish it were me. I bet she is 'magically delicious'.

Overall Grade



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