CHRISTMAS CUMS EARLY:Spanish Teacher at Alabama High School, Natasha Patronsky,24, Couldn't Wait

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A female Spanish language teacher at an Alabama high school has been charged with having sex with a male student.

Natasha Patronsky, 24, turned herself in to police in Montgomery on Wednesday and was arrested on a charge of engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19.

Police launched an investigation into Patronsky on November 16, and she resigned her position at at Sidney Lanier High School four days later.

Her alleged encounter with the student, the exact nature of which has not been disclosed by investigators, took place on November 8, reported the Montgomery Advertiser.

Patronsky was in her first year of teaching high school, having been hired by the local school district in early August.

Hola, señorita!

At the tender age of 24, our gurl Natasha (who is a devote Christian, apparently) came back from summer holiday in Spain (with presumably her boyfriend who appears on her Twitter homepage). Coming home from a long and relaxing strip to then start her first year of teaching at an Alabama high school. Natasha couldn't wait past first semester and found herself and her vagina sliding over some teen.

What a ride!

Christmas came early, and so did Natasha!

In case you were wondering, 'Ponocha' is Spanish for 'Vagina'.

Female teachers like Natasha waste no time in their careers. They are your epitome of 'you go-gurl'. Now, normally, when your girlfriend takes a trip to Spain for summer holiday, it is so that she can go solo in order to fuck Javier the waiter that she met in some hole-in-the-wall cafe near the promenade.

However, Natasha is not your typical modern hussie. She instead went to Spain WITH her boyfriend; to then come home and go hawg-wild over some underage, dick.

Travelling abroad will do that to a woman; will make her horny and lust for a simpler life. Spain must have brought out the old-world lover in Natasha. She must have found that life is short and is meant to be lived to its fullest. Our girl took that ethereal message to heart and decided to spread her legs and love for someone deserving. Not her boyfriend, who she can bang any day, but for a poor lost boy in high school with aching ball-sack in need of draining.

As I’ve said before, it’s no secret why so many of these female teachers are hooking up with students. They simply can not handle all the attention and compliments and flirting they are getting from these super hormonal teenage boys every single day, especially since most of these women are in their sexual peak years as well. They all have the same/similar profile:

  • Married to Beta men.

  • Young, between 22 - 32 Attractive (mostly).

  • All cling to an adolescent social skill set Teachers in high school/ middle school.

  • Married early in life All still in their Party Years

On top of that, I’ve had several women in their 20s to 30s straight up tell me how hot some teenage boys are getting at earlier ages these days. They have also told me they can see how it’s tempting since hooking up with these teenage boys comes with no drama or baggage initially. It’s all fun and games because it’s just sexting and hooking up; no arguing or fighting like these women do with their boyfriends/husbands.

Now, though, Natasha won't be getting her jollies off anymore. Her short stint is over. She will now have to jerk-off the way the Spaniards do: To their memories.

The Report Card

Methodology: You have to admire our gurls spirit and get-to-it-ativness. She wasted no time at all getting back from Spain; to get on her back with a teen. All of this during her first year, better, first semester as a high school teacher. It seems like these young female teachers coming off the assembly line as just so stupidly horny. Throwing them into an environment with equally horny teens is a recipe for what we are seeing today. These women just can't help themselves. We've had a lot of female teachers recently playing the slow game; SnapChat pics, seeing if anything bites. Natasha skipped the dishes and went for take-out.

When you are hungry for attention and cock, you are hungry for attention and cock.


Integrity: The vacation/duty sex must have not been too good. First year, first semester....first time for anything. Spring was in the air and also in Natasha's step. She had a renewed vigor in her vagina that only a country like Spain could bring out in a girl.


Presentation/looks: Natasha is presenting as a world traveler. A Millennial chick who loves to travel; Eat, Pray and Love her way through life. A sex-crazed female teacher who couldn't control her base urges for a teen boy.

Just look into her steel blue eyes in the thumbnail and tell me that is not a woman who is stupidly horny...

She's the type of chick that if you dared her to pull your pants down and suck your dick, her respond: "Give me that thing..."

Attention gives women power or the illusion. Losing control or being lost in fantasy is the root of female sexuality.


Personal Notes: Please tell me the 'victim's' name is Boris....

Overall Grade



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