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Teacher And Former Miss Kentucky, Ramsey Bearse, 28, Sent Topless 'nudies' To 15-year Old

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A former Miss Kentucky has been charged with sending nude pictures to a 15-year-old boy.

Married beauty queen Ramsey Bearse, 28, was arrested on Friday and charged with four felony counts of distributing or displaying obscene matter to a minor.

Bearse is now an eighth grade teacher at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes in West Virginia and was arrested after her nude pictures were found on a 15-year-old former student's phone.

The lewd pictures were discovered by the student's mother and flagged to authorities on Wednesday December 5. His parents say Bearse was the boy's teacher while he attended the school from sixth to eighth grade.

Officials say she confessed to sending photos of her naked breasts to the teenager from August 2018 to October 2018, according to Heavy. They both live in Kanawha County.

Authorities aren't sure if there are more underage victims involved.

Bearse is an eighth-grade science teacher at the school and the victim was a former student.

Kanawha County Schools released a statement in light of her arrest.


Judge: "What is your talent?"

Ex-Miss Kentucky:"Fiddling....and diddling?"

You know your country and culture is in disarray when you have former Miss America contestants trying to claim one last glory; becoming a FTSS. This is rock bottom. This is Americana in the modern age.

It's almost the end of the year, and like clockwork, we always seem to get the best of the best. It's a smart move, just like if you were to announce your candidacy for Mayor in your hometown, you want to hold your cards close to your chest. You want to announce at the very last minute in order to catch anyone running off guard. Also, it helps you as you will be able to see most of the competiton before hand so as to judge how well you will stack up.

Ramsey is a former Miss Kentucky. Need I say more?

If you remember watching our gurl present on TV, you will remember that her 'talent' was fiddling. She never mentioned her other talent and passion, though: Diddling. I would imagine, if our gurl got the chance with the 'victim' that she would be an excellent diddler. Fiddling and diddling, Ramsey would have no doubt shown her love interest what the American Dream is truly all about: Fucking your hot-ass teacher; who is a former Miss Kentucky.

That is Americana.

That is the Dream.

The Report Card

Methodology: Sending nudies via Snapchat is one thing; not getting in the bang is another. Considering the time frame of when the nudies were sent (Aug 2018-Oct 2018), it is plain to see that our ex-beauty queen was just getting started and was in the early 'grooming' phase. We had't and will not get to see the full entirety of her work and craft and will never know the true potential of this FTSS.

She could have gone all the way (blowjibbers & Sliz sliding) but alas, our gurl was struck down early and in her prime FTSS years. An ex-Miss America contestant should know that this will affect your grade in this category. But, I am sure, Ramsey is no stranger to harsh judgment and critique.


Integrity: An ex-Miss Kentucky, turned teacher who is married to a wealthy industrialist/coal magnate sends Snapchat nudies to her student; ruining her reputation and career. Everything our gurl had done and worked for up to this point has been wiped away, all for some teen attention. She will, for this day forward be known for sending titty pics to her student and not for being Miss Kentucky. That is true sacrifice for something so meager and stupid as a teen boys affection and possible penetration.


Presentation/looks: Ramsey will be presenting as a 28 year-old former Miss Kentucky who has a little bit of pudgy-tummy going on. Nevertheless, her 'cans' look fab. Like a true professional, and woman who understands how to present, our gurl hits on all the major categories; Swimsuit being her forte. We have 'talented' Ramsey, 'motivational speaker' Ramsey and 'felony' Ramsey. A well-rounded individual.

If these pictures highlight her exceptional titties, then our 'victim' must have suffered greatly being sent SnapChats of those bazookas.

He must have suffered massive friction burns on his hands, in the 3rd degree.

I'd fiddle with those titties........

Remember kids....someday you too can can keep your heels high as well as your standards.

Time to get that brain washed.......


Personal Notes: America loves their beauty queens like how female sex scandal teachers love their students....

Overall Grade



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