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SEX-ED 2.0: Married Sarnia Teacher, Melissa Lefebvre, 38, Covertly Rendezvoused With 16-year-old

Original story at The Sarnia Observer

Melissa Lefebvre, 38, sat quietly with her family in the courthouse where six months ago the former Northern Collegiate Institute French teacher and student liaison admitted to engaging in sexual activity with a student on numerous occasions between 2016 and 2017.

The student’s identity is protected by a publication ban.

Justice Mark Hornblower said Lefebvre accepted full responsibility for what happened, and applauded her effort to seek counselling without court direction. But her actions were nevertheless “difficult to fathom,” Hornblower said, and would have lingering effects on the student.

“Some of the people I deal with, sadly, their path is predictable,” Hornblower said. “Your situation was remarkably different . . . the pre-sentence report described a person who was caring, compassionate, and a positive role model. It is hard to fathom how, in the face of all that, we are sitting here today.”

Also noted was the immediate guilty plea and Lefebvre’s decision not to prolong the court proceeding.

The student was not in court to testify.

Also as mandated by the court, Lefebvre is not to contact the victim or the parents of the student, and is to seek rehabilitation as recommended by her probation officer. She will be registered on a sex offender registry.

“It was wrong any way it is looked at,” Hornblower said. “It was legally wrong, it was morally wrong, it was ethically wrong, it was professionally wrong, and it was parentally wrong.”

There were about 20 sexual encounters between the two, which included oral sex and intercourse.

The Crown was seeking an 18-month jail sentence.


I've been sitting on this story for a long time; longer than Melissa has been sitting on our victim in the reverse cowgirl.

Gentlemen, this is a special edition to our lineup, as this FTSS took place in none other than the hometown of, yours truly. And when major societal trends start popping up in such a secluded, skid-mark of a town, you know its an epidemic.

I knew about this story long before it even broke last year; due to inside sources which will not be revealed, as that would break the honor and code of source protecting.

Melissa joins the increasingly long list of female teachers in North America that seem to have an insatiable urge to throw everything away: Their career, family and integrity, all for the sake of getting Alphafucks by proxy of a young virile male. Melissa, like the rest of her cohort, fits the ever clearer profile of the modern female predator in search of optimizing the secondary side of the female hypergamous instinct: Alpha seed.

Normally, women cheat or seek a man higher than their current status when their provisioning has been taken care of by a Beta provider. In Melissa's case, like many who have followed her, having a husband who is a dentist (who is apparently sticking with her, by the way through all of this), is her Beta rock. Any woman back in the day would have traded up; would've sought out a man above her water-level in terms of status, resources, and physical attractiveness.

Today, however, we are living in a modern gynocracy in where the female entity in society is unhinged; morally, ethically, mentally, sexually, and free to do as she pleases with the assistance of technology, fem-centric laws and a low moral compass.

Provisioning is easy to come by in a betacuck society (along within a welfare state), so seeking Alpha becomes top priority. In this case, it is 'Alpha by proxy' (hormonal teen boys who are exhibiting Alpha-like traits (potential). Melissa has formed a 'love interest' or a workplace romance in her mind. Being stuck all day, as a fairly attractive teacher, around boys who are giving you attention, will cause the modern female to go into horny hysterics.

Attention is the coin of the realm for today's modern female.

It's like oxygen. And if our gurl ain't getting that 'oxygen' from their boyfriends/husbands, they will seek it elsewhere. It just so happens that Melissa spends (spent) her day around the tempting low-hanging, attention tree: An easy dopamine fix for the modern attention-seeking female who has been brought up on social media, the internet, Instagram, Facebook, you-go-gurlism etc.

A modern woman who has been told by the media and social engineers that "love is love" and to follow your heart (your feelings, not logic). A generation of women and subsequent teachers, whose maturity level is stunted at the same level as the teen boys they are engaging with. In their minds, they are falling in love all over again, just like they did back in high school because that's where they have mentally been from K-12.

Now it's their workplace.

We do not excuse Melissa or the MANY other female teachers like her....but we understand why this is happening on a weekly basis now. We have inmates running the asylum. Children teaching children. Women, in their prime sexual years (unlike the old female teachers of yesteryear), in the proximity of proxy-Alpha's in a culture that has been dumbed-down, gutted, and set-back to default primal instincts (feelings and emotion).

A society of human bonobos in where the female berates, abuses her provider; seeks out multiple side pieces (male or female). Aggressive encounters between males and females are rare, and males are tolerant of infants and juveniles (women, alike). Because of the promiscuous mating behavior of female bonobos, a male cannot be sure which offspring are his.

The bonobo society is awash in decadence and laziness and is prone to invasion from a stronger tribe. Bonobos do it sexually. Although pleasure may be the motivation behind a female-female assignation, the function is to form an alliance.Females with powerful friends eat first, and subordinate females may not get any food at all if the resource is small.

Females that have strong bonds keep males away from food and often attack males, biting off their fingers and toes. If a male is to achieve alpha status in a bonobo group, he must be accepted by the alpha female. Nonreproductive copulation is often seen between males and females as well.

This is our current society, but in human form.

This is why female teachers like Melissa get 14 months in jail instead, of what a male would get for doing the same behavior.

A slap on the wrist because of girl-power/gynocracy. A slap on the ass because thirsty guys in all levels of power just want to bang you and will excuse your asinine behavior because of it.

How women use social media(Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Texting) is an amplification of hypergamy. It allows women today to execute, act swiftly, secretively, and easily in order to obtain their deepest and often, darkest wishes along with their fantasies and desires.

We are seeing in the last decade or so, the dark side of female sexuality come to the forefront of our culture thanks to these two things: Feminism (gynocracy) and technology.

In a gynocracy, laws and punishment for the female won't fit the crime and certainly won't be on equal footing as if a man did the same. 14 months in jail....are you fucking kidding me? Imagine, for one second, if a male teacher was caught doing the following:

The agreed facts stated the secret relationship began when the girl was 16. There were approximately 20 sexual encounters between the two, including oral sex and intercourse at the male teacher's home, the girls home and in his vehicle at local parks.

The male teacher would often pick her up at an agreed location following his participation in student sports.

The relationship was uncovered when a person became suspicious of the contact between the two. The girl admitted the relationship when interviewed by police.

The male teacher had told her she loved her but stressed the relationship had to be kept a secret. The girl, dealing with low self-esteem, agreed. She lied to his parents to maintain that secrecy.

Sounds pretty "creepy", correct?

All I did was replace Melissa's name; inserted 'male teacher'. That passage is actually from one of the very first articles published about this crime and it outlines some of the details to which happened between Lefebvre and the student. It can be found here.

Yet, Melissa will get off (again...pun intended) with a meager 14 months. Sucking and fucking around 20 times, in public places, in her marital bed, at the victims house and in her car. If a man did all of this, you wouldn't hear the end of it from the media, political pundits; morons who shout 'equality' for women at every turn.

He'd get life, most likely. Melissa gets 14 months. Oh, the horror. How will she be able to teach her lover the art of car sex?

But, this is our current gynocracy that we live in, not just in CuckCanada, but around most of the Western World.

Melissa's husband says he is standing by her. This is what we have for spine in this country and in the West. A dude get's out-fucked by a 16-year-old, high school Chad (he played sports).....and is still sticking with his "wife".

The West in not falling, it has already been burning for a while. This story (and many others like it as I have documented) are just one of the many symptoms of a cancer.

Anyway, let's move on to the fun part: The shaming and mocking.

You know what's funnier than the jokes I am about to make?: Our Justice system and the 14 month sentence for a 38-year old teacher preying on a hormonal, mentally undeveloped teenager.

Justice today is a fucking joke.

The Report Card

Methodology: Melissa played the Game fast and loose. Being in a small city, that can spell disaster for your little love story. Picking up our victim for handjibbers, blowies after sports practice, Melissa decided that I'd be best to give her student the VIP version of Sex-ed class.

Who would have thought that somebody would have found out, in a small city, nonetheless?

Picking on a student with 'low self-esteem' was Melissa's ticket to easy-street Giner tingles.

14 months in jail in exchange for 20 Giner tingles.

That equals out to 1.42 Giner tingles per 1 month sentence. Was it worth it?

Only Melissa will know that question.

The math tells the story of value.

1.42 Giner tingles a month for 14 months in jail X keeping your family (husband isn't divorcing) + losing your career= A good ROI for a pedo teacher.


Integrity: The fact that Justice Mark Hornblower (appropriate name for this case) "applauded" Melissa for her effort to seek counselling without court direction is the nugget of sigh in all of this. Our society just can't help but applaud women for every goddamn thing that they do, even if it is touching, blowing, and fucking their students.

After reading their entire wedding blog, it pains this writer to read all about the 'love' of two individuals with the knowledge we have now. Makes ya think, isn't love just a mental disorder?

Melissa loved her hubby so much that she wanted to express that another man (sorry, boy).

Let's all applaud Melissa for her bravery, everyone. She's the victim here, right? Her husband was probably not giving her enough attention at home, so she had to desperately seek the warm embraces of her underage student.

It's not like she could just go to the bar downtown one night and find some random college dude to show her how two people can form a right angle over the kitchen countertop....oh no, she had nowhere else to turn!

Rumor has it that Melissa and the teen boy were caught by her husband in their marital bed. If that's true, it's an A. But, we need confirmation.


Presentation/looks: Melissa's husband is a dentist. I guess she couldn't find time to see him to get her teeth fixed; too busy picking up 'low-self esteem' Chad from practice, I bet.

Other than that, I had the notion that she was going to be a typical Chemical Valley girl; stone-washed jeans, meth face; a disheveled mess. For 38, we don't what Melissa looks like (the photos are from 12 years ago). For 26-years old, she looked decent. I can see why she was able to get 20 runs scored into her home base. From a 16-year old's perspective, a woman like Melissa is a Sarnia 9. Stepping back, with rational judgement unclouded by raging hormones, Melissa is a Sarnia 7.5; a World 6.5.

At 16, you are raging hard enough that you'd want to drill holes into a tree; screw anything close to a Sarnia 6 even.

Melissa ruined masturbation for this 16-year old.

That's the real crime, here.


Personal Notes: Justice Hornblower sentencing.....another hornblower.

Overall Grade



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