STICK-SHIFTING: Married Michigan Teacher, Kathryn Houghtaling, 26, 'Romped' With Two Teens

Original story at NYpost

A young, married teacher in Michigan who was fired earlier this week amid allegations of having sex with two students — including one illicit romp inside a car — is now facing criminal charges, authorities said.

The former special education teacher, Kathryn Marie Houghtaling, is set to be arraigned Friday on six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe told the Detroit News.

Houghtaling, 26, was fired Tuesday from Rochester High School after an internal investigation by Rochester Community Schools. District officials said the alleged incidents occurred outside of school hours.

But sources told WXYZ that Houghtaling — whose social media accounts were largely wiped clean of identifying data as of Friday — had sex with two students in both an apartment and a car.

The district’s superintendent notified parents of the allegations in a statement on Tuesday, saying that the charges are related to incidents involving “inappropriate conduct” with students outside of school hours.

“The safety and welfare of our students and staff is always our primary concern,” read the statement, which was obtained by The Post. “The district fully cooperated with law enforcement officials throughout the investigation. In order to protect the integrity of the criminal investigation process, the district did not publicly disclose any information that could have a negative impact on the case while the investigation was pending.”

Some of the teacher’s neighbors, meanwhile, said they were shocked by the accusations.

When I saw the line, "Whose social media accounts were largely wiped clean of identifying data...." I too was angry like you; contemplated the word (s) justice and happiness.

Right now, in Canada especially, we have schools putting on 'mandatory' assembly's for only boys; 'educating them on how rape is bad (how men are evil and women can do no wrong).

Meanwhile, at the same time that those 'mandatory' (Sieg Heil!!) assembly's are taking place, there is probably a female teacher, somewhere in North America, putting her mouth and sliz all over her student's underage, cock; teaching him the art of car sex while his fellow classmates watch.

Enter, our gurl today, Kathryn Houghtaling; a woman who looks like the whore daughter of a rural pig farmer.

What I have come to understand by gathering data on all of these thirsty, horny female teachers, is that most of their sexual escapades revolve around the top dark sexual fantasies among women surveyed in the country.

See if any of these ring a bell when comparing what we have seen, over the past years, when it comes to female teachers cumming with their male student's.

This is one of many surveys done; these are the top common fantasies when the majority of women are asked.

Sources: Glamour, HealthyPlace,

  • Forced sex (rape)

  • Sex With Someone Younger

  • Sex in Public

  • Sex with Strangers

  • Sex in a Strangers house

  • Sex in unusual locations

  • Getting Paid for Sex (prostitution)

  • Infidelity

  • Being dominated

  • Being the domineer

  • Exhibitionism

  • Voyeurism

  • Group Sex

  • Lesbian Sex

Just even read some testimonies from Cosmopolitan ,of young women and what they fantasize about:It gives really good insight into female sexuality and the hypocrisy when compared to our current culture.

Women and our gynocentric culture today is one giant virtue-signalling, jerk off circle.

The above (and the ones outlined in the Cosmo article) are very common fantasies that young women have, a lot.

Why do you think Fifty Shades of Grey became so popular?

Female teachers, like Kathryn are acting out these fantasies with these young boys because these sexual urges started when they were teens themselves.

Now, with women being unhinged in our society (the fault of allowing Feminism to take hold), these women, these bored and sexually unfulfilled married women especially, are seeking out the easiest possible route to obtain these holy grails of Giner tingles. Women choose the path of least resistance.... what 16-year old boy is going to pass up car sex with their mildly attractive teacher; who is down to give them some 'special' education.

The Report Card

Methodology: Kathryn took advantage of her 26-year old looks, as well as the hormones of two teen boys whose biological urges are running rampant and out of control (a confusing time to be a young man). The reports suggest the use of social media in order to establish the sexual encounters between our girl our victims ( most likely sent nudies and salacious texts). It's a crying shame we can't see these for the purpose of joke making.

Some of Kathryn's neighbors said they were "shocked" to hear of the crimes. To that this writer asks, "Really?"

You are shocked that a Western White girl, who is unhinged morally, mentally, and sexually would do such a wildly, irresponsible thing such as to suck off and fuck some teen boys in her car while others watched?

It's 2019 people, please keep up!


Integrity: I am willing to bet my life savings, that Kathryn has never once had car sex with her husband; let alone, allow him to even watch her getting fucked.


Presentation/looks: That mugshot, though. Beside the wicked witch of the East look our girl can put on, it seems as though Kathryn use to be a heffer (fat chick). She probably got super empowered after losing all that fat; started getting uber amounts of attention from all the boys at school (work); got the giner tingles.

Kathryn takes you-go-gurlism to a whole new level.

Dude in the grey sweater can't stop thinking, "Two teens (not one) tapped dat ass...."

When women put the cupcakes down....they can pick the dicks back up again...


Personal Notes: You know shit is going down when a White girl in the West is deleting her Instagram and SnapChat.....

Overall Grade



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