Married Nevada Teacher, Breanna Hernandez, 27, Get's Her 'Butt Squeezed' by Student

Original story at NewY​ork Post

A married teacher in Nevada kissed a teen student on Halloween just before her husband returned to their home, according to an arrest report.

The report, which was obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, details the alleged relationship between Breanna Hernandez — a 27-year-old teacher at Basic Academy of International Studies in Henderson — and a teen who told police he walked to her home on Oct. 31 before getting physical.

Once there, the teen — whose age wasn’t specified in the arrest report — told police he kissed Hernandez on her patio before her husband came home, according to the arrest report.

The teen also told police that he touched Hernandez’s backside during the 20-minute visit, KLAS reports.

“And that was it,” he told investigators.

Hernandez’s husband then shook the teen’s hand when he arrived home before heading inside. The teen then gave Hernandez a hug before leaving, according to the station.

Four days later, Hernandez picked the teen up and drove him back to her house, where they kissed again after taking precautions to not be seen, he told police.

“I went through the back door again, we sat down on the couch, she started to look for something to watch, she laid on my lap, we watched TV and kissed,” the teen told police.

The student began talking to Hernandez on an unspecific app in September, initially about “school stuff,” he told police. But the conversation quickly turned extracurricular, with the teen complimenting Hernandez on her looks and figure. Hernandez, in turn, told the teen he was handsome, he told police.

A search warrant was later obtained for Hernandez’s phone, leading to the discovery of suggestive messages between her and the teen. In one exchange, Hernandez asked the teen if he could hang with his friends that day, prompting him to say that he had.

“You still gonna jump the wall lol,” Hernandez replied.

“Do you want me to lol,” the teen wrote.

“Yeah lol I can pick up you just gotta jump the wall to get in and leave so it doesn’t go on the camera,” the teacher replied.

The teen later told police that the message referred to a wall in Hernandez’s back yard, where he was told to enter as to avoid the doorbell camera installed in front of her home, the Review-Journal reports.

If you would't have known otherwise, just by looking at the texting messages, it would seem as though we are dealing with two teenagers.

Well, we sorta are. Women are like children, mentally speaking.

When I saw the words, "I went through the back door again..." I presumed, anal. Turns out, I was wrong.

Can't win em' all.

It also turns out that Breanna gambled hard, like a Wyoming couple in Vegas.

Breanna got the Heart on the draw; probably wanted the Spade on the River...

Breanna risked it all and for what? A slightly moist Giner; that could have been aroused by some litererotica, porn, or heaven forbid her husband.

However, what you must understand is that in the current year, any and all attention given to women, no matter how slight, will cause their giner to go into a state of hysteria. Attention is a modern woman's lifeblood. Without giner tingles, it is impossible for a woman to know if she is still breathing and alive.

Apparently for Breanna, if you are a teen boy, you have the biggest Green light. Do not stop, just go straight on through; don't pump the breaks, just pump the pussy full of attention.

Yup, in the current year, we have Gillette telling us all how evil men are; how all men are rapists; how men can't control themselves. Yet, at the same time, we here are now covering our 4th Female Teacher Sex Scandal of the new year; it's ONLY January.

Ya, that 'toxic' masculinity sure is the problem....

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl went through a lot of trouble in order to get her ass palmed a few times; a few sloppy smooches and some Giner tingles as a cherry on-top.

She texted via an 'unspecified app' (probably SnapperChat or Fuckbook), got the kid over once; basically kidnapped him to come over for some more tush-grabbing and tonsil-licking.

She even mapped out the best way for our victim to navigate her home defenses in order for him to possibly, 'storm her gates' (fuck her in the pussy).

No pussy-pounding, means no A for sure. No blowies or even a handjibber; a disappointing FTSS.

Be better, do better.


Integrity: Squeezing your teacher's ass after getting a smooch, to then shaking the husband's hand moments after the fact: Total frat move.

Our 'victim' has da skills, bra!

Our gurl, had some serious explaining to do...but the husband never saw. And like a total modern go-gurl, if she can get away with it, she will continue. Especially when it comes to the Giner tingles.

Modern women Luvvvvv the Giner tingles. So much so that ANY sort of attention from any dude (apparently) will blow-up that clit faster than a clown's balloons at a kid's birthday party.


Presentation/looks: By the looks of our gurl (she doesn't have any Facebook or Instagram), I want to bet that even a grown man couldn't comfortably palm dat ass; let alone a teen boy. As a teen boy, you'd want to palm anything; even Shamu, here.

Even if, lets say, our victim was going to stick a dirty dog in her, he'd have to bring a bag of flour over to her house; throw some around the approximate location of her groin, in order to locate the wet and cavernous hole, that is our gurl's, vagina.

Our gurl probably has her hand in more chips than a Vegas dealer. If casinos in Nevada are looking for a Whale, we got her!


Personal Notes: He was about to have a...whale of a time; Two tons of fun.

Overall Grade



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