Mother-of-Two Teacher, Angela Cone-Stanton, 50, 'Gave Blowies' To A 15-Year-Old Student

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A substitute teacher from Florida has been arrested for allegedly sending nude photos to three of her students and having sexual relations with one of them.

Angela Cone-Stanton, 50, of Inverness, was taken into custody on Wednesday night and charged with one count of felony lewd and lascivious battery and one count of felony transmitting harmful materials to a minor.

Detectives with the sheriff’s office responded to the school and interviewed three alleged victims.

The students claimed that Stanton, a short-term substitute teacher hired by the district on January 3, had sent several partially and fully nude photos of herself to them via Snapchat in the summer of 2018.

Stanton, who has a son and daughter of her own, was also accused of performing oral sex on one of the students at his home last year, when he was 15 years old.

The alleged incidents predated Stanton's hiring as a substitute teacher at the high school.

Stanton was involved in the Inverness Storm cheerleading and football organization.

According to the sheriff's office, Stanton was in the habit of texting and communicating with student-athletes through social media.

As we all know by now, cum’n on a woman’s face makes her feel, alive (receiving attention). At the weathered and seasoned age of 50 years, Angela Cone-Stanton needed to feel alive, more than ever.

Angela is like that old, dried out plant withering in your living room—all it takes is a spray to perk that thing up. Young women are like the cactus plant in your sun room—they don’t need to be ‘watered’ as much. They're already full of it.

At age 50, most women by then would’ve hung up their hoe-hat a LONG time ago. Giving blowjays, for a lot of women, is a means to an end: Securing provisions, a new fancy car, Mc- Mansion, free dinners, jewelry or even a cheeseburger.

However, there are some women out there (like Angela) who view the act of polishing nob as a hobby or favorite past-time. Some women like to knit or crotchet; other women would just rather wrap their watering mouth around a nice, firm cock—try to get that thing to pop-off like a bottle of Bambino on New Year’s Eve.

For aging American Party-Gurls like Angela—former high school and college sluts— they don’t understand a life without a dick in their mouth. To them, saliva is not for breaking down food.

For women like Angela, it[saliva] is for the perfect suckjob: Breaking your balls.

Back in Angela’s days of youth, they didn’t have the Internet, Netflix, and all of the fancy do-da’s that come with the era of exponential technological advancement.

Women like Angela had to entertain themselves and their Giner tingles.

Giving a blowjob, back in the days of radio and the on-set of rock & roll, was a way to pass the time. Kinda like watching Netflix.

It was just ‘something’ to do: A man’s penis was the least expensive toy. To women like Angela, the penis is like the poor girl’s version of the Bop-It toy from Hasbro: 'Bob-it, twist it and pull it!'

Endless amounts of fun and a great way to kill some time, after making a dude a sandwich and fetching him some beer before you have to do the eventual dishes.

A penis could do all sorts of things to and for a gal. You can bounce up and down on it, let it have a play in your hand; suck on it until it popped-up like a jack-in-the-box.

When we age, we start to reminisce about the times of old and when life was as simple as a blowjob: Any yawn can be a surprise blowjob if you're quick enough.

Angela most likely wanted to revisit her youth; use the last remaining saliva that she has in order to get some last drops of salvation all over her nose, lips and chin. To feel the pockets of her mouth fill with some creamy, youthful goodness.

Like a large chipmunk or raccoon finding a can of pressurized whip-cream in the garbage, Angela couldn't help herself. She sure did help a student, though.

At age 50, our gurl seems to have more hustle than some of these lazy Millennial chicks today, who can’t be bothered for a blowjob, let alone get-off their fat asses to cook a meal for themselves.

Angela is like a triage ‘wet-nurse’ who makes house calls when your balls are feeling blue. Prioritizing who needs the ‘treatment’ first and foremost. Her diagnoses seems to be spot on.

Teen boys need to most urgent of care. Less time in the bedroom whacking off = more time for the important things: Doing your homework, brushing your teeth and learning the history of America (which was founded on blowjobs and bloodshed).

In Closing,

America may see a horny and berserk para-professional, who carefully established a texting relationship with three students; upgrading to Snapchat for full -frontals; making house calls for blowjobs. All I can see is a crazy and frustrated soccer mom, "doing it all for the kids"....

The Report Card

Methodology: It is even a miracle that 50-year old woman even knows how to Snapchat her cooter, let alone find a way to get dick again. Angela employed the technique of: One in the hand, two in the bush (pun intended).

Since she coached both cheerleading and football, any rational person would assume that the dude getting all the blowies was, indeed, on the football team: Team Chad (or Tyrone).

Giving all of her love to one favored teen while keeping the other two satisfied and warmed-up in the bull pen in case her main squeeze got juiced too much. Not bad for 50-year-old deranged teacher who's about ready to give out handi's to other seniors in the old-folks home. She has played the Game better than some of her younger competitors.


Integrity: We all know the lazy and lackadaisical nature of a substitute teacher: A part-time baby-sitter. Angela shows hustle like no other substitute that I can think of. She has gone WAY above her job description; bent over backwards for blowjobs.

Helping her students in any way she could, Angela, who has two kids of her own, still found time to learn Snapperchat in order to send cooter and titty shots to three young boys; managing to clock extra hours on one of their cocks, with her mouth.

The spirit of the Independent Woman™ is still alive today. Women like Angela are doing it all: Throwing their careers and family away for some fun in the sun, with a mouth full of cum.


Presentation/looks: Angela is like the equivalent of the washed-out dude bro who was 'really good at football' back in the day.

There are many of these women who lurk around. They all get some low-level managerial job, get married and pop-out of few crumb-crunches. They are never great wives, mothers or even stellar career gurl's, because the only thing they were ever 'good at' in life was sucking on a nice, rock hard cock.

It's sad, but most women have nothing to offer but a good, old-fashioned blowjibber. To a 15-year old boy, that's probably the best talent and skill employable in the high school market. And, we can all assume that Angela, most likely, sucks a better dong than any aspiring attention-whore in the halls of Citrus High.

Too bad Angela couldn't have found time to upload some more photos to Facebook, so we could properly do our job here. Too busy polishing knob like a janitor, I am sure.


Personal Notes: America would be a boring place without Florida: The Great Female Teacher Sex Scandal state of America.

Overall Grade


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