Married New Jersey Teacher, Jessica Gaeckle, 30, Charged With Having Sex With Student

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A high school teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a student and trying to cover up the relationship.

Jessica Gaeckle, 30, was arrested Friday for having sex with the 18-year-old student on at least two occasions, it is claimed.

Gaeckle who is married, teaches English as a second language at Pleasantville High School in New Jersey.

She asked the student to destroy evidence once she learned a criminal investigation was launched, prosecutors said.

Gaeckle is charged with two counts of second degree official misconduct and one count of third degree hindering apprehension, officials say.

Gaeckle is the second staff member from the high school to be arrested within a year.

New Jersey is kinda like PleasantVille (in the Movie): It's dark and gloomy. Then, along comes vice and sin to give the place a fresh coat of colored paint; orgasms make trees catch fire along with the loins of teen boys.

New Jersey is quickly growing to become one of the most active Female Teacher Sex Scandal states along side with Florida and Texas. However, the quality is just not the same.

Florida typically produces the Crazy-hot ones, like Stephanie Peterson. With New Jersey, we get the Jessica Gaeckle's of the horny female teacher world.

In typical female fashion, Jessica didn't want to take ANY responsibility for sliding her sliz all over our victim's pussy-pumper; wanted him to delete all evidence from his devices.

How thoughtful of her, though.

She didn't want her husband to know that he got out-fucked, by a teen.

Women today: So sweet and pleasant.

The Report Card

Methodology: The pre-planning for these chicks is all based in fantasy. I bet you none of these horny teachers think to themselves, How am I going to get away with all of this.

They never assume, or allow the fact into their minds, that they will eventually be caught. You are dealing with teens, who have phones, who are on social media, who like to brag, whose parents monitor their activities and question why they are out late, past their bedtimes.

Jessica planned without knowing that she was going to ruin her life, family and career for TWO, count'em, TWO sex sessions with a teen. Then had the gall to ask her victim to destroy the evidence.

Yes, women are great investors.(*Rolls eyes)


Integrity: Asking your illicit fuck-buddy to destroy all the SnapperChats, texts of how much your vagina pines for his penis: Priceless.

What a devil. Typical woman, though: Responsibility is her Kryptonite.

She was insane enough to cheat (possibly cuck) her husband, via a teen boy. I am sure her husband, and the rest of society, wouldn't think she is any more insane if she asked her victim to destroy the titty-pics and cooter shots (*Rolls eyes).

Once you reach the plateau of psychiatric mess, it doesn't matter what you do from that point on. You mine as well own it!


Presentation/looks: Jessica's honker-of-a-nose is probably bigger than her victim's cream-sneezer.

Both of them probably need a lot of tissues.

Presenting as borderline dyke/aspiring librarian, Jessica is the type-of-chick that you would probably enjoyed having sucked on your Peter during the teen era (a better masturbatory-aid than your hand).

When you are a teen, any sperm-catcher, like Jessica, would be a blessing. In the real adult world, you would need a case of wine before you pump and dump her.


Personal Notes: Pleasantly, not surprised at New Jersey.

Overall Grade


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