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ACTING OUT: 23-Year Old Drama Teacher, Chelsie Leroy, Charged For Role Playing With A 16-Year Old

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Chelsie Leroy, 23, has been charged with four felonies, including the second-degree statutory rape of the 16-year-old pupil.

She is accused of having sex with the teen at least twice during the mere 95 days she was employed as a drama teacher at Southwest High School, Barry County, Missouri.

The act is said to have taken place in the school's "little theatre" room, according to The Springfield News-Leader.

The relationship started with texts just two weeks after school started in August and a week later they kissed, it is claimed.

They kissed again the following week, which lead to a sexual encounter, reports say.

Investigators heard how the pair had sex a second time in the same room a week later.

She was employed from Aug. 6, 2018 to Dec. 20, 2018 as a substitute teacher and was paid $90 a day, according to court documents.

Leroy faces charges of four felonies, including two counts of second-degree statutory rape and two counts of sexual contact with a student by a teacher.


Oh...the drama.

I was wrong about the modern woman lacking hustle, being lazy and not striving for greatness. Chelsie Leroy has proved me wrong.

Well done. That's high praise coming from a devout FTSS blogger, as I have seen many horny female teachers try to make a name for themselves; presenting their talents and art to me on a weekly basis.

In just 4 short months (95 days), Chelsie managed to do what most teachers fail to achieve: Going above and beyond for their students.

Being a Female Sex Scandal teacher is all about passion, zest and dedication to the giner; to a young boy's raging hormones. Chelsie had just....just started her foray into the world of teaching. Young, wide-eyed and bushy tailed (probably shaved elsewhere), our gurl immediately went into Hero mode: Taught drama AND biology without being told.

A true volunteer.

Teachers are known for their 'volunteerism' and 'extra curricular' activities in order to boost their salaries. Chelsie puts all others to shame. She did this, pro-bono (pro-boner).

Hopefully her lawyer is as dedicated as she is.... to getting somebody off.

The Report Card

Methodology: Chelsie played the Game fast and loose, like any whore. She tapped into the male mind with the accuracy of a well honed missile. What dude, young or old, doesn't like role play? Not just any form of role play, but a super cocktail of: Hot teacher, role playing as your hot teacher...

Get this: You have just started school in the Fall. It's a brand new year, with a brand new, hot Drama teacher. In the world of theatre, fantasy is suppose to blur into reality. But where does it stop?

Soon you find yourself sexting your hot teacher; you both start playing tonsil hockey in the dark corners of the room. You get a penalty shot; a solo run at that goal; trying to score and ripple her twine. You both fuck, twice.

Her vagina is real; the cum-stains on the floor, a mirage?

What is real, what is fake? Is this love or a bitter sweet script meant to teach the student how to create arousal on or off the stage?. Making love out of nothing at all.

Your teacher is now your lover, your lover is still your teacher.

The public may see a berserk and deranged horny female teacher; all I can see is a good method actress.


Integrity: Chelsie, according to her Facebook page, has/had a boyfriend (last known status September 10th 2018).

Did they break-up?

Is that why Chelsie went on Boner patrol? What would be worse is if, at the time of all this, they were still together.

When your drama teacher of a girlfriend is staying 'late' after school to 'work on the play', your first and last thought should be, "It's high school...who gives a fuck?"

She be fuck'n....her 16-year old student.

You're buying the Rascal Flats concert tickets; she's getting flattened on her a 16-year old aspiring Chad.


Presentation/looks: Chelsie is presenting Drama Nerd; transformed into quite the hot teacher.

When you sift through her Facebook page (like I did for 10 min), you will come to agree that Chelsie fell into the common trap of: Sorta ugly, nerdy girl gets suddenly hot; starts to blast selfies all over the place; Gets more dick-attention than she can handle.

Most of these female teachers who are this young fall into FTSS greatness, because of this transformation. They most likely never got the dick-attention back in HS or in college; they get tits and an ass (lose the weight) then suddenly....its high school all over again. But this time, she is the Prom Queen; the hot piece-of-ass that every guy wants to pound into the ground.

Chelsie took the bait, instead of masturbate; sucked and fucked her student to validate years lost as a drama nerd/geek.

As we all girls and theater girls are the easiest lays. Don't believe? Well, Chelsie 'gave it up' only 95 days into her adult career as a teacher.

If you thought Skip the Dishes was fast to your door....Chelsie Leroy provided excellent service as a horny female teacher. Just ask the 'victim'!

In the world of theatre and entertainment, it is a general faux pas to turn your back on the audience.

However, when it comes to fuck'n....I bet Chelsie turned her back (twice) to her one audience member. A 'bending over backwards' type of performance.

What a show that must've been.

That's something that we can all.....get behind.

Are you proud of her now, Vicki?

I wonder where Chelsie rates 'Fucking student in little theatre room'

on the scale of 'Good time'...

From nerd to......



Personal Notes: To fuck or not to fuck?....that is the question Chelsie never asked herself.

Overall Grade


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