MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE: Texas Chemistry Teacher, Jeana Wesson, 46, Made A 17-Year-Old Explode

Original story at DailyMail

A high school science teacher from Texas has been arrested for allegedly performing a sex act with one of her students and exchanging racy photos and videos with the boy.

Jeana Wesson, 46, turned herself in on Thursday and was booked into the Denton City Jail on a charge of improper relationship between educator and student.

The investigation into Wesson got under way about a month ago, after the alleged victim, who is no longer enrolled in Guyer High School where she works, came forward to police accusing the educator of having an illicit relationship with him when he was 17 years old.

During his interview with detectives, the young man claimed that in 2017, he and Wesson swapped X-rated photos and videos, and that his chemistry teacher performed a sexual act with him in her classroom, reported Denton Record-Chronicle.

20 years of head? Give yourself some credit.

I am no scientist 'lab rat', but correct me if I am wrong. Giving your 17-year old student a hummer in the lab.... is definitely a 'Health & Safety' issue. I just hope Jeana wore the proper protective eye equipment for that experiment.

When you are in the science lab, a lot of things can go wrong; people can get hurt. Eye-sight can be rendered useless if the female chemistry teacher (professional or not) isn't taking the proper precautions when demonstrating the correct technique for making organic love explosions.....cum to life.

Jeana Wesson was dealing with highly explosive material in her lab on that fateful afternoon when all of the other students had left for the day: A teen boy.

It's a good thing Jeana's lab was equipped with an eye-washing station and a shower, because whether you're a 46-year old former party-gurl, or a 22-year-old skank, it doesn't matter: A massive chemical reaction is going to happen when the female mouth creates a vacuum-like force around a young man's rod.

Put Maria the janitor on 'standby' with a mop and bucket, because you are going to need more than some paper towels to clean up that bio-hazard.

I am sure Jeana Wesson knew what she was doing. I have full faith in her abilities as a horny female teacher and her knowledge or proper lab safety policy.

How do I know this?

Well, Jeana has demonstrated her lab acumen in a series of Youtube videos which you will see shortly, below.

It's full of irony.

The Report Card

Methodology: Jeana has to be one of the most organized Female Sex scandal teachers that has ever presented to us. She utilized her knowledge of bio-science and preformed her experiment within the confines of a well suited environment for such a messy activity: A science lab suited for 'explosive results.

Clean-up was probably a breeze.

When most women text you and flirt, they will feign at the possibility of sex. They will say how much they want your cock without ever putting any skin in the Game.

Jeana fooled nobody, not even herself.

She was determined to suck that boy off. So determined, in fact, that she did on school time and on school property!

I am sure the hummer was just the beginning.

But, that's just my hypothesis.


Integrity: Absolutely no shame here. Setting up a hummer date with your 17-year-old love interest, just minutes after the rest of the class leaves, to then use his penis as a test tube for our your fettered fantasy, only to be brought to life.

Jeana also seemed to moonlight as a 'healthy eating' coach, of some sort. Her old diet seemed to have consisted of putting hot dogs down her mouth; her new diet is pretty similar.

She probably heard of this new fad diet: a young boy's spunk can turn back the aging process.

Diets are for women with excuses.

Jeana's excuse is that at 46-years old, a girls gotta eat, too.

Dead inside, but still horny.


Presentation/looks: I must say, Jeana's presentation is just, immaculate. Such passion, zest and dedication to playing the Game. We have, for the first time on Hot For Teacher, a Female Sex Scandal teacher who has three (count'em, three) pieces of video, as well as pictorials.

Bravo. #Stunning&Brave

It brings a tear to this FTSS judge's eye. We not only have 'First Day of Class', Jeanna Wesson and 'Lab Safety Instructor', Jeana, but we also have 'Health Guru', Jeana.

That is a mouthful of accomplishments. Which I am sure Jeana is no stranger of.

Can you say, You-go-gurl?!

Such a busy woman; hard charging her way through the world. She even had enough time to give a blowie to one of her underage students.

Going above and beyond is what we here like to see from our Female Sex Scandal teachers. It's one thing to demonstrate your yearly standards for your classroom in a video address (editing, camera work, etc.) and the knowledge of lab safety equipment, but it falls entirely into another realm of 'Going beyond the call of duty' when your female teacher drains your bag with motor skills and her cock-cozy.

Our gurl is not bad for 46-years old. Her body is all you could hope for at that age. Given her digital footprint of a presentation, if Jeana was maybe 15 years younger, this would be an A+, for sure.

From my detective skills, it appears Jeana use to be the 'fat girl', but then got fit. When that happens in a woman's life, the end result is usually more male attention than she was use to; drives a woman into horny hysterics. Capitalizing on cock (any cock) will take place.

At age 46, there are very few men around who would want to pull up to Jeana's pump station for full service. However, to a 17-year old boy, Jeana's price (free) at her pump station is the best in town when you are out of options.

However, that fucking mugshot is a killer. The mugshot (a woman without make-up) is always the baseline for determining beauty.

Given that our gurl has what I like to call 'Erratic Eyes'(Thousand cock stare) can be sure she gives amazing blowjobs.

If you ever need to know, beforehand, if a woman is any good at giving head, just look into her eyes.

"Chemistry is a really fun class...or at can be."-Jeana

Remember...the more you make Jeana smile (validate her vagina)..the more 'fun' you will have....

1:17 Mark...Jeana demonstrates her 'technique'....

Had to do a little detective work; reversed searched some images. You can't hind even if you take your twitter down...


Personal Notes: So that's why there are paper towels, an eye-wash station, and a shower in science lab.....

Overall Grade


#TeachersWorthyofaD #Humor #Satire #MeToo #ToxicFemininity


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