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FIRST DATE KISS: Married Bixby Teacher, Jill Arthur, 29, Arrested For 'Playing Tonsil Hockey'

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A former Oklahoma teacher has been detained after she was accused of kissing an 18-year-old student.

Jill Arthur, 29, was charged with sexual battery on Thursday as a result of investigations that began on January 9.

An unidentified witness told police that Arthur admitted to going to the movies with the young man on December 26 and kissing him afterwards.

The young man confirmed to authorities the incident that allegedly took place at the movie theater, adding that the two had kissed in the car afterwards.

But the student did assert that there had been no other physical contact.

Authorities interviewed Arthur, and claim that she admitted to kissing the student for roughly 15 seconds. They said Arthur instructed the student not to tell anyone about the relationship.

Jill Arthur is no longer employed by Bixby Public Schools. She taught special education in Bixby for approximately three and a half years,' the district said.

The mother-of-one has been released from jail on a $2,000 bond.


So....was the movie any good?

Jill Arthur's Facebook page is full of all the things I'd expect from a modern woman: A virtue-signalling, treasure trove.Virtue-signalers are the biggest hypocrites:

Environmentalists, feminists, the religious, vegans and other self-righteous, hubristic idiots who are so full of themselves they have to let you know about their crusade, cause, and virtue.

All yours truly had to do was spend 10 minutes on our gurl's social media page to sum up her life: Jill has never left High school.

She went to Bixby High School when she was actually a teen who had lustful feelings for other 18-year-old students. Feelings, most likely, for other 18-year-olds who didn't feel the same toward her at the time.

Could it be because she looks like Shamu, or that pesky gofer who is always digging up your vegetable garden? Nah, can't be.

Big is beautiful, right?

Jill is your typical woman who has no clue about who she: Highly influenced by others and greater society. She has no concept of loyalty and displays very little gratitude for the lottery she had, up to now, won: Some guy actually married her; shot his wad into her vagina in order to spawn a kid.

In no other time in history has it ever been this good for fat, disgusting, slobs of women. There are actually thirsty guys out there who will marry, heck, even deep-dick a chick like Jill in order to make sure their jizz gets vacuumed-up by her cervix; create a baby together.

Jill, however, has decided to throw that lottery ticket (that shouldn't be hers) away on some 18-year old.....for a first date kiss. No bang.....just a kiss.

You want to know why?

Well, the victim is the smartest man she has ever been with: Even he doesn't want to fuck her. After all, 'twas Jill who made the first move for the smooch, not our victim. Usually, after the first kiss on a date, you go back to her place, or yours, to bang if you both liked the sample package, taster/starter pack.

Jill is 'Christs' follower. In my opinion, Jill is going to have to get down on her knees and pray for forgiveness. Christ doesn't want a blowjob....he just wants you to submit to him, so you can feel his salvation run down your face, drip off your chin,, and onto your thighs; to make an honest whore out of you.

This is the word of yours truly.

Praise be to me.

The Report Card

Methodology: A lot of horny female teachers we see typically over-complicate their strategy with plying their victims with booze, buying burner phones to send cooter and titty shots, and arranging very complicated meet-and-fucks, in order to get their giners pounded into oblivion by their equally eager, hormonal interests.

Jill did not.

Instead, Jill tried to bring a little bit of nostalgia back into the FTSS Game: An old fashioned, movie date.

You know what? It worked, sorta. Given our gurl's profile, it is clear that she was looking to get her pussy pile-drived like her rent was due, instead of just playing high school dry-hump with a virile 18-year old.

Jill didn't send nudies to her love interest. Perhaps, it's because Jill understands that what lays beneath her sweater are thunder rolls, so doughy, you could store stationary supplies within the folds.

Hence, why she had to rely on some very old-school methods in order to seduce her prey.


Integrity: Jill represents your typical FTSS: Married a beta too young, hits the biological Wall; gets stupidly horny for the Alpha(by proxy) that she never had a chance with in her youth; decided to act out old fantasies with her lover-boy.

Jill has almost spent her entire life inside of Bixby High School; all of her most cherished memories are there. After teachers there for 3 1/2 years, Jill has decided to throw all of that way along with her family and the adoration of Jesus Christ, himself.

Christ is probably the most disappointed in Jill, right now.

Society may see a stupidly horny and immature female teacher; all I can see is a lost woman who just wanted her first kiss.....all over again.


Presentation/looks: We have to give credit where credit is due: Jill followed the rules of the Game; kept her social media up for us to view. For that, we are ever grateful. It allows us to do our job over here.

However, why couldn't Jill be a smoke-show like Erin Mcauliffe, Elizabeth Flint, or Stephanie Peterson!?

It was such a let down (a displeasure) sifting through and cataloging Jill's photos; I had to drink twice as much beer.

Instead of starring at a nice fucking ass like Erin Mcauliffe's, the perky tits of Peterson, or the array of 'look at my ass' shots of Flint, I had to look at Jill and her fat., fucking, face.

Every heard of the gym, Jill? Christ.

You think you can just waddle onto the show, present yourself as Shamu the land-whale, and expect to get an A grade? You are delusional!

Jill looks like a beaver who should be out building a dam instead of building a relationship with her student. Jill looks like she needs to stop sneaking slices into the broom closet at Pizza Shoppe where she supposedly still works at.

Jill needs to hit the gym instead of hitting on 18-year-old students.

The one FTSS, who leaves her social media page up for longer than what is 'recommended' by lawyers, is of course, a grotesque mess:

  • Nose ring; slut/aspiring slut.

  • Jesus fish tattoo; virtue-signaling hypocrite/attention whore.

  • Looks like the gofer off Caddyshack.

Like the Wiarton Willie groundhog, if Jill comes out of her house and can't see the shadow of her FUPA, it means that she's going to have an early lunch.

Had the courage to go on a first date...with a teen boy.

Was brave enough to make the first move....on a teen boy.

Was determined to get that dick'n....from a teen boy.

Not anymore.....

And the prize for having the biggest pumpkin goes to......

Her arms are bigger than her husband's....

Their marriage will be as extinct as that dinosaur | Hey, how are ya? Fine, how are ya?


Personal Notes: How much 'wood' could a Jill Arthur chuck down her throat? We don't know because she only got a kiss..

Overall Grade


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