FRISKED & KISSED: Frisky School Resource Officer, Elisia Panipinto, 20, Locked Lips With Teen

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OVID, N.Y. -- A school resource officer in Seneca County had a romantic relationship with one of the students she was hired to protect, deputies said.

Elisia M. Panipinto, 20, of West Covert Road, Interlaken, was arrested Thursday night by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office and charged with official misconduct, police announced Friday in a news release.

She is accused of using her position as an Interlaken police officer to have an inappropriate relationship with an eighth grader, deputies said.

Eighth graders are typically 13 or 14 years old.

Panipinto, then an officer with the Interlaken Police Department, was assigned to serve as as a school resource officer in the South Seneca Central School District at the time of the incident, deputies said. She used her authority as a police officer to have time with the child in the school and develop a "physical, romantic relationship,” deputies said.

Sheriff Tim Luce said Panipinto, while she was a school resource officer in the South Seneca school district, cultivated a physical relationship with an eighth-grader. Luce said there is no indication of sexual misconduct at this time, or other victims.

“It was kissing and holding hands,” Luce said.

There is no evidence Panipinto and the student had sexual contact or that there are other victims, deputies said.

“The witnesses helped to make sure we could catch the situation early,” the superintendent said, "and to prevent it from developing further.”

Deputies started investigating Panipinto after a complaint was filed with the sheriff’s office by the Interlaken Police Department and the South Seneca Central School District.

Panipinto has been charged with official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors.

At arraignment, her bail was set at $250 cash or a $500 bond. She was released from the Seneca County Correctional Facility Thursday morning, custody records show.

Elisia Panipinto finds herself on the other side of the law; finds herself between two lakes and a hard place; a teen boner.

Interlaken, NY. Known for it's hot summers, wine vineyards and high school resource officers who can barely lift an iphone, let alone be able to protect and provide schools with a safe learning environment....devoid of distracting students with handjibbers, blowies and sliz-sliding fun.

Interlaken is a beautiful town of about 600-700 people; I am going to assume they don't have a lot of candidates from which whom they can pick from with regards to hiring resource officers....

Also, there must not be that many men whom are the same (or around the same +) age as Elisia....because that can be the only reason why our gurl would have to dig-deep for dick in her small town, right?

Oh wait....I think she has a boyfriend (we will see below, later).

Correct me if I am wrong, but the job of a high school resource officer is to develop comprehensive safety plans for schools, work with school administrators, security and staff in providing a safe learning environment. Maybe the policies have changed over the years with the feminist agenda, but last time I serve and protect doesn't mean you get to role play with your horny, bad-boy teen (who needs supervision due to his renegade tendencies) and let him, perhaps...cuff and stuff you while your're 10-8 (on duty).

I just hope that this is the third or fourth trip through eighth grade for the victim...otherwise...this is one call to hornyville that Elisia shouldn't have taken over the radio.

Fairly attractive female officer, who can barely lift an iphone=bad idea.

Fairly attractive female officer in a school, providing 'guidance' to a hormonal teen boy (troubled teen/badboy)= a terrible idea.

The Report Card

Methodology: I will say this again: One of the main reasons why women, generally, like to get into law enforcement, corrections or anywhere near these institutions is so that they can be closer, be nearer to the bad-boys; where they can get the tingles.

Elisa, if this is all true, will just be another statistic; another brick in the wall.

Unfortunately for Elisia, there was no sliz-sliding, blowies or indications of handjibbers; Her grade will suffer like I am sure her victim is, too, from a case of blue balls.

We don't reward teases on this stage.


Integrity: Trying to use her handcuffs for other reasons, in which you can use your own imagination: priceless.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl still had her facebook open; bless you. Better yet, I found our gurl on Instagram; her account was private. It didn't matter because she still had the link to her VSCO account; the qualifications for officers these days must be real low...

Below you will find that Elisia has shown off herself in a wide range of categories that we all here love to see when it comes to the presentation of our female sex scandal teachers. It's what separates the mediocre from the greats.

Below we have: Track athlete, Elisia. Out-doorsie, Pumpkin-spice, lulu-wearing Starbucks Wonder-er, Elisia. Fur-mama, Elisia. Beach-bum, Elisia. 'Crazy-horse chick', Elisia. And finally, devoted girlfriend... whose only horny for one dick, Elisia.

We thank Elisia for keeping the channels open for us in this time of emergency. A boner patrol.

Our gurl use to do track and field back at Daemen College....Nice!

Look at that form....fitting legging.

The way she grips the shaft, pointing her index finger outward to signal where she wants the release to go....away from her body; a true professional.

Even that red-headed step-child in the back is like "damn....I'd go gay."

Down-on-her-knees, jeans. VS The Come-fuck-me-pants.

Interlaken girls: Between two legs...

Knows her way around a pole and knows how to ride....nice!

Ah, yes. The classic boyfriend/girlfriend Skype-call in where she tells you how much she 'misses' you and loves you. All the while, she's been trying to get some other dude (an eight grader....) to use her chest-pillows to rest his head on, after she's been spread and frisked...hard.


Personal Notes: Interlocking, love.

Overall Grade


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