BLINDED HIM WITH 'SCIENCE': Kentucky High School Biology Teacher, Kendall Burk, 23, Arrested

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GRANT COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - A Kentucky teacher has been charged with raping her 15-year-old student.

Twenty-three-year-old Kendall Burk was a biology teacher at Grant County High School. The sheriff says she began a relationship with one of her 15-year-old male students at the end of last school year and it turned sexual over the summer.

Burk graduated from the University of Kentucky just a couple of years ago. On Wednesday, she was booked into the Grant County Jail on four counts of rape and four counts of sodomy, which, by Kentucky statute, can mean oral sex. The school district said this all happened very quickly. A student Wednesday told a teacher; the teacher told the administration. Following a quick investigation, the administration told the sheriff's office.

The sheriff says Burk admitted to having sex with the 15-year-old boy twice at her parents' home where she lived in Dry Ridge and two more times in her car.

The entire phenomena of female teachers banging students can be blamed on one thing: our society likes to pretend that human nature isn't real, because it forces us to confront inconvenient and taboo realities.

Men will want to bang any woman who appears to be fertile and healthy. Women will want to bang any male with superior genes.

This doesn't change whether the attractive person is 14 or 40, and some percent of humans will always succumb to temptation. A High-school Chad, who is aspiring, has the seed of the Gods as far as a horny woman is concerned.

Kendall Burk falls into the one type of horny female teacher: Sexually Primed Princess.

Seeing a recent influx over the past few years of extremely attractive, young, feminine teachers banging teens, has to make one consider just how much this will increase in the coming years.

It already has been on a steady rise since 2007-14 (Early years of Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat etc.) and today we now have 1-3 a week during the On season. Kendall Burk has decided to toss her pussy-hat into the ring during the off-season and squeak one in before this upcoming semester.

Majority of the new teachers(all women) that begin in today's schools are usually single; having spent years vehemently chasing an English or Art teaching degree, they end up struggling to find desirable mates.

Having recently been kept inside the apiary of honey-fucking varsity Chad's (college/University) these busy bees are on a cock-high and need nourishment. Like we know, women need to have their Alpha-fucks fulfilled and the closest (even if he is an aspiring Chad) will make them tingle and few, like Kendall Burk, will go as far as to take the bait instead of masturbate, like most single 23-year old women (or go on Tinder, buy a vibrator, fuck a guy your own age, etc.)

What we are seeing in the schools is the equivalent of 'workplace affairs with Alphas, however, these entitled, unhinged and uncouth modern chicks are sucking and fucking any alpha nectar they can get their busy mouths and vagina's on. In the age of Female, they feel they can do no wrong and have it all!

Turns out, ya can't!

Taboo is the greatest tingle inducder for women. It just so happens that we live in a society that tells women, encourages them, to let their tingles guide them and let their vaginas fall on what they so please. Like a busy bee, the modern female spreads the pollen and her legs.

The cycle of horny female teacher life will continue.

This was the biology lesson that Kendall Burk should've heard, too bad.

The Report Card

Methodology: Our gurl played it cool. She waited and waited all year until she could bang her 15-year-old student in her parents home, while her parents were at work: Classic horny teenage-girl tactics, except Kendall is 23-years-old.

We here have to keep in mind all the time that these young, horny female teachers are actually 'adults' yet, still behave as if they themselves are still in high school.

Keeping the blowjibbers and sliz-sliding away from school grounds is a noble tactic, however, no horny female teacher is safe, even when conducting an orgasm clinic in a safe house (home territory). Eventually, in the age of social media, word is going to get out. Most likely, our 'victim' bragged to his buddies about bagging his 23-year old teacher's sliz at her home and in the back of her car.

A legendary summer campfire story, I am sure.


Integrity: Out of all the dating apps, Bumble, Tinder, POF, Match, Instagram (counts), Kendall just couldn't manage to deal with all the hassle of on-demand-cock. Decided to challenge herself by going after the low-hanging fruit and putting her reputation, career and life on the line for a couple car fucks and some bangs and blowies while the parents are at work. Return on investment is subjective; The giner-gasms better have been worth it, hunny.

Professional gamblers will even shake their heads at this one.


Presentation/looks: That shnoz, though.

Kendall strikes me as the chick who, when she was in high school/college, maybe didn't get all the cock that she wanted. Most of these female teachers seem to be late bloomers in that the attention from Chads, the attention they desired, came in the form of drips; an IV of Chad-tention.

Fast forward to 23-years old, girls like Kendall blossom and form knobs that you want to touch,play with and hips that you just want to grab and throw up onto the wall; bang the drywall wet.

Kendall shows us that suburban daughter vibe; chic and homely all at once. The type of chick that you Netflix and chill with, spoon on the couch; slip-it in from behind while you both pretend that sex was never on the table even though her parents were out and her body temperature could burn a hole into the couch.

Not hot, not ugly. However, you have to put yourself in a 15-year old boy's shoes or think back to when you got a boner every 15-seconds, for no reason. Kendall Burk, if she told you that she was horny and needed a stiff-dicking and that she couldn't wait for you to come down her long suburban driveway and also on her face, cheeks (both kinds), breasts, thighs and cooter, you'd want to give her the Kentucky derby of dick: Where you can't help but sprint your dick to her finish line.


Personal Notes: Who said that these teachers got summers off? They're getting off with their students....

Overall Grade


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