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WE SAW HER NUDE AND IT WAS GLORIOUS: X-Rated Nude Video Found On Pornhub Of Fiona Viotti

Original story at News24

An explicit video of a nude woman on a bed has been loaded on to a well-known, free pornographic website citing the name of Fiona Viotti, 30, the Bishops Diocesan College water polo coach who resigned last week amid allegations of a sexual affair with a matric pupil.

Various explicit videos and pictures of a woman many claim to be Viotti have been doing the rounds on social media and WhatsApp since the story broke last week. News24 has not been able to independently verify whether the woman in the visual material is indeed Viotti.

On Thursday, William Booth, Viotti's attorney, told News24 he would be taking steps to have the video removed from the website as it was posted without her permission. Booth added that any private messages, photos or videos sent by one person to another could not be distributed without the sender's approval.

Viotti reportedly left Bishops with immediate effect last week. The school reportedly appointed an attorney to investigate what the principal described as "serious misconduct".

No crime was being investigated as the pupil in question was not underaged.

According to IOL, Viotti was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old matric pupil at the Rondebosch school in Cape Town.

Weekend Argus reported that the pupil had tried to break off the relationship. According to a source, Viotti reportedly sent threatening WhatsApp messages to the learner.

William Booth, Viotti's attorney, reportedly said on Wednesday that he would be taking steps to have the video removed from the website as it was posted without Viotti's permission.

According to Netwerk24, the video had been viewed 4 500 times by Wednesday afternoon.

News24 earlier reported that more pupils have been "affected over a number of years" by the alleged "serious misconduct" of Viotti.

"We have confirmed that there have been several boys who have been affected over a number of years," school principal Guy Pearson said in a statement on Tuesday.

Pearson said the school was doing everything it could to ensure the mental well-being of pupils, staff, and others affected by the "very sad events".

He appealed for respect of the dignity and privacy of the people affected, while the investigation continued.

The school has also made psychologists, employed by the Bishops Support Unit, as well as external clinical psychologists and psychiatrists available to any boy or family member that may have been affected by the events.

Viotti is the daughter of Dave Mallett, who is a history teacher at the school and coaches the first rugby team and the granddaughter of Anthony Mallett, the school's headmaster from 1964 to 1982, Sunday Times reported.

Viotti, who married long-term boyfriend Pavo Viotti in September last year, was reportedly a water polo star as a teenager and was one of the "Beauties of Sport" featured in Sports Illustrated magazine in 2009. The couple has reportedly separated.


I never thought the day would come. But, we have the nudies!!

Yes, the Pornhub video(s) of Fiona(her face confirmed) stripping out of her black underwear while topless and proceeding to masturbate herself by rubbing her vagina, slipping a finger in, was originally posted days ago to then be removed at the request of Fiona's team of ambulance chasers.

Getting back from Las Vegas, I had a mountain of work backlogged and wasn't on-top of this story like I should have been, much like how Fiona was on-top of a guy(s) that wasn't her husband.

I was late to the party and was notified about a day or so after the story had hit the international news desks. I was too late. I read the initial story, claiming that there was X-rated videos circulating around a 'well-known, free-to-use' porn site (*cough, Pornhub) and quickly fired-up the computer. It was an all-hands-on-dick, situation.

We made a bunch of calls and assembled the crew for what was going to be a long, hard night of detective work. *Podcast to follow in more detail below

A former schoolboy at Bishops Diocesan College who was taught water polo by the school mistress said:

'Every boy at the school was besotted with Fiona as she looked like a supermodel.

'But the thing was she was never flirty and comes across as a very shy and innocent and very nice girl and to hear these allegations has just blown me and a lot of the guys I went to school with away.


I searched Pornhub, no fucking video. That's because Fiona's lawyers were quick to act and somehow got the company to remove the videos under a 'copyright strike' violation. Hm, that's interesting.

It's interesting since, initially, Fiona's lawyers didn't confirm or deny that it was Fiona, diddling herself, in those videos but made sure to lecture the public that "Distributing sexually explicit material without the person's consent' is a crime.

If it is not Fiona in the video(s), then why would you care? If it is not Fiona, then why did you get the videos removed due to a 'copyright' infringement? Copyright indicates ownership.

Alas, over the last 24 hours I have been....refreshing Pornhub ever hour or so. It is Fiona in that one video of herself in the mirror, showing how to buff that muff'n. There is no denying it.

"News24 can't confirm if the woman in the video is in fact Fiona". Were we watching the same video? Are you fucking blind?

Maybe the news outlets can't confirm that its Fiona because every one of them, when watching it, only starred at her tits and muff. Hence, couldn't see the face. You shallow, shallow people.

Or, News24 didn't actually have the video, or was privy to it and honestly can't confirm for themselves. Well, I am here to let all of you 'journalists' know that I did your job for you... and can confirm that it is her.

UPDATE Podcast 12/2/2019

And yes, I did take a moment to look at her face. Briefly.

You know, real detective work.

My job is tough sometimes. This time, it was brutal. Refreshing Pornhub, for the sake of confirming a Female Teacher Sex Scandal nudie video, is about the most mature thing a man can do.

It takes sheer stoicism and ironclad, self-control.

The truth is, hard work....being on Pornhub all day long, pays the fuck off.

I had been keeping my eye on this story for a couple days now: Preparing my material, and in the back of my brain had a feeling that it was still possible that out of the 20,000 people (total #before it was removed) who had viewed the original posting on Pornhub days ago, some would have downloaded it or archived it somehow.

Or perhaps, those who were in possession of the original data (some of the private school boys) may have re-uploaded, again, today!

As of now, 2:52 PM on this day 10/20/2019, the video(s) of Fiona are still up on Pornhub. They most likely will be taken down in record time, once again, due to the likely possibility that Fiona has been constantly checking Pornhub, like all of us (or watching porn) from her daddy's estate where she is 'in hiding'.

The download feature for the videos have been disabled by the poster.

Shame on you, sir.

Thankfully, we screen grabbed. However, watching the video(s) which are 23 and 34 seconds in length, is a sight to be seen and does the presentation, justice. The way she moves her hips, gyrates while shes shows how she likes it, is priceless. Should've been a stripper. Pays better.

As of now, Fiona Viotti is dominating Google search along with 'Load shredding'.

If you don't find that combination hilarious, then you are whats wrong with the world.

The only other blogger (that I know of) who has the same images/video that we do is Jerry Thornton from BarstoolSports who also covers Female Teacher Sex Scandals. He, had an annon email him the story and the nudies.

An easy life for Jerry, all he had to do was open his fucking email and find Fiona rubbing her twat in the mirror; I had to lose sleep, dig, scrounge, roll in the Pornhub mud, with no guarantee that someone out there was going to upload the videos a second time.

I got lucky, sure. The victim got extremely lucky (Pounded that puss for years), also.

So who fucking cares?

A Win is a fucking win, baby!

The Report Card


Fiona played the 'shy' and 'innocent', hot teacher approach to the Game.

She got herself a 'venture-capitalist' husband to foot the bill while she seduced Chad on the side (maybe multiples). Fiona, a victim. Sure. Whoever hired her for that position and stuck her in, what seems to be, a giant pool of Chads (Private School, Christian Grey Chadlites) is an idiot.

Whoever hired her is an idiot because he obviously doesn't understand women and what will happen when you surround them with High-T, aspiring alpha's.

Women have no agency and can't control themselves or their vagina's. How so? Well, Fiona proved that to us, along with countless other female teachers and women in general around the world.

Fiona played the predator and is now playing the victim. A bold endeavor for sure. The turning point was when the Chad she was getting to tenderize her beef-petunia, pulled a move the likes of which she had never seen: He told her 'no'. For once in Fiona's life, a guy had told her no (turned her down).

Women like Fiona never get turned down. And that, my friends, that will bring out the cray, cray.



Recently married to a wealthy venture-capitalist for all but 13-months. They wanted to 'start a family' as soon as possible. Classic cuck situation. A water-polo star and one of the 'Beauties of Sport' featured in Sports Illustrated magazine in 2009.

A coach, a model-turned teacher.

A pillar of the school.

A female teacher who, by witness quotes was 'never flirty and came across as shy and innocent'.

A teacher who then threatens her lover on WhatsApp after he breaks-up with her.

The shy and 'innocent' looking ones are usually the most horniest freaks in bed you will ever meet.

You Private School kids have a lot to learn.



I was originally going to take-off half a point from Fiona's grade regarding her unwillingness to play the Game, correctly.

Getting your lawyers to pull your nudies off the internet for you just doesn't scream the words passion, commitment, go-get'er and professional. If you wanted to be the greatest Female Teacher Sex Scandal then why not go for greatness?

Alas, we have seen all we need to see (or have we?) to make a sound judgement on Fiona, her supple body; her presentation. This is perfection, Fiona. Really. This is a master-bating-piece. Art in it's purest form.

What would've pushed the envelope of greatness, was if you introduced audio into your 23 second, rub-tutorial. Perhaps made it a Beautiful Agony production...with a big 'finish'.

I know, we are nit-picking here. But as teachers always say, "2 Stars and 1 Wish!"

Gentlemen, Fiona, even though she is approaching the Wall being Thirty years of age, is everything you would want in the Hall of Fame. Without the nudes, the grade wouldn't be as high, yes. However, she does join the greats, if anything, is the greatest minus the fact that no crime was actually committed as of now (more boys are coming.... forward as I type this, so who knows).

The words are hard to find, unlike Fiona trying to find her cooter in the mirror.

Remember this day. The day we got the nudes.

This is why we work so hard over here, this is what it's all about. It is about trying to save all the young boys out there....from sleepless nights, wondering why they were't quick enough trying to find their hot teacher's nudies on the internet. Wondering if they would ever see the holy grail.

Sleep soundly, gentlemen.

We got the nudes.


A rare photo of Fiona back in her 'modelling' days....yummy!

Whoever hired Fiona for the job is both a moron...and an even greater hero.

I wonder whom is the wettest....

A life flanked by Chad

You can be a venture-capitalist....doesn't matter. It's what the giner wants.

Next to girls who order white wine at the bar....hoop earnings are a huge slut tell.

Also, that plant decor looks very familiar.....(*cough, bathroom mirror/m-bate video)


Personal Notes: Africa is known as a country that produces nothing of value. I beg to differ.

Overall Grade


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