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TWO TIMES A LADY: Texas 'Teacher of the Year', Randi Chaverria, 36, Sucked Student Off

Original story at NYPost

A Texas educator once lauded as her district’s “Teacher of the Year” allegedly performed oral sex on a student in a classroom, authorities said.

Randi Chaverria, a 36-year-old family and consumer science teacher at Round Rock High School, was arrested Tuesday after a student told police she had performed oral on him twice in October, according to an affidavit obtained by KVUE.

Text messages sent between the student and Chaverria – who was named the Secondary Teacher of the Year by the school district in May – appear to be consistent with the teen’s accusations, investigators said.

Parents were notified in an email earlier this month that Chaverria had an improper relationship with a student, prompting to take personal leave. She later resigned from her position on Nov. 19, the station reports.

Round Rock High School Principal Matt Groff told parents that Chaverria had passed a state background check prior to being hired – and had solid prior employment checks, KXAN reported.


Teacher of the Year? Let's not get carried away, people.

Ok, giving your student two blowjibbers is definitely backing-up the claim of 'passionate about teaching' but please. We have seen better than that from former FTSS'.

Who is randy?

Well, Randi is.

Next question.

What did Randi do that was so wrong?

Well, apparently performing oral sex on your student (twice) is a crime. It sounds so washed in the police report. All of these technical terms and prose that the authorities use. It just doesn't do what Randi did to that boy, any justice.

Allow me to detail properly what Randi did, that was so awesome, it got her the 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year Award from Round Rock Intermediate School District in the great female teacher sex scandal state of, Texas.

Randi, during the month of last October, decided that it was a good idea not only once, but twice, to unzip the pants of her student and allow his penis to flop out toward her eager and salivating mouth.

Then, Randi proceeded to grab said student's penis with one hand in order to guide it's firm structure toward her warm, velvet-like, cake-hole. Upon entry, Randi thus used her tongue, mouth and the wet saliva from her orifice to suck the boy's penis with an unmatched, relentless torment the likes of which the boy had never experienced from his own hand.

Licking, twisting and sucking with her mouth, Randi would do this until the boy's penis ejaculated; shooting cum either inside her mouth, on her tits, face or anywhere that would accept such a thick and bountiful deposit.

Now, when you put it that way, what Randi did sounds really disgusting. Definitely not worthy of Teacher of the Year 2019.

Two blowjobs? Where is the heart, Randi?

If you are going to go for greatness, why didn't you let him slip it into that cooter? You claim to be 2019's Secondary Teacher of the Year, but I am just not seeing it here on the scoreboard.

The problem here is that the school district was a bit trigger happy in making that announcement too early. Naming Randi the 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year a full year before 2019 has got to put an insane amount of pressure on any female teacher.

She was so brave. I am surprised she even managed to get two blowjobs in before the end of this fiscal year.Such an undertaking it must've been.

So much to live up to, so little time.

Randi had to perform.....oral sex (twice) on her student to make good on that commitment; to show the school district that she wasn't a fake; she was trying to be the best female teacher she could. And what better way is there to show how passionate you are about your students than to put your mouth on one's penis; suck-it off until it ejaculates.

The public may see a stupidly horny female teacher who is passionate about blowjobs for kids; All I can see is a female teacher who was given an award that she didn't deserve in the first place, subsequently buckled under the pressure.

It's all fun and games until somebody cums and gets hurt.

The Report Card


Randi, the poor girl, had little time to react to such a pre-maturely announced award that she needed to come up with a plan for greatness. This whole thing seems rushed: Randi gets an award she thinks she didn't deserved. She panics and finds the nearest boy to text and set up a date or two in her classroom where she could suck his penis off and make it cum in time for 2019.

Greatness is hard to achieve. When you panic and just go for blowjobs, you have already lost.



Randi was given the title of 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year back in May of 2018. A false prophet. Let's just hope she gave two, very amazing blowjobs.

She looks like she would swallow.



Randi has this whole Christina Hendricks vibe working for her, if you like the busty red head type. She knows how to get the D with those doubles she has on her. If there is ever a type to give the best blowjobs, it's a busty red head. Red heads are normally firecrackers in the sack; fat chicks just flat-out give the best blowjobs because fat girls always need something in their mouth. Whether that'd be a nice hard cock, or a soft hot dog with extra mustard.

Fat chicks have needed to learn the art of cock sucking from an early age in order to survive and give some sort of value to society, to men. If you can't lose the weight, you at least can know how to suck-off a dick.

Dick-sucking is a timeless skill. It's just too bad it's not worth a whole lot in a world full of cock-suckers. You are going to have to do better than that if you want to be a real Teacher of the Year according to our criteria here on the blog.

Thanks for playing as always.

D+ ( The '+' is for the double D's she has)

Personal Notes: Two times the charm? I don't think so.

Overall Grade


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