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HER STRUGGLE: South Carolina Teacher, Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton, 22, Banged Student

Original story at NY Post

A South Carolina high school teacher was arrested after allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student, authorities said Monday.

Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton, 22, lured the teenager by sending several steamy messages and nude photos via text and social media over three months, between Oct. 1, 2019 and Jan. 11, according to arrests warrants from the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office.

She “did knowingly communicate with the juvenile victim … through social media and text messaging for the purpose of enticing the victim to engage in sexual activities,” according to the warrant, reported by local outlet SCNow.

The pair allegedly had sex on multiple occasions.

A Darlington County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said she couldn’t reveal the gender of the alleged victim.

Patton — an English teacher at Lamar High School — was charged with sexual battery with a student 16 to 17 years of age, disseminating obscene material to a person under 18 years, and criminal solicitation of a minor.

She was placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation, Audrey Childers, a spokesperson for the Darlington County School District said in a statement to SCNow.

Patton was released on $7,500 bond at her initial court appearance on Monday and ordered not to contact the victim or the victim’s family and not to return to school grounds, public records show. She is due back in court on May 6.


Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton sounds like the name of a famous erotic novelist. Which is good news for Anna because she is now out of a job.

The transition from former female teacher, to sex scandal teacher, to newest entrant into the romance writing world will be easy. As easy as Anna was when she decided to commit career suicide by fucking one of her equally as horny, students.

Yes, I can see it now. Anna will use her passion and experiences to write an epic saga: A romance novel about her sexual escapades with her student. Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton is a mouthful. So was Anna's mouth between the months of Oct 1, 2019-Jan 11, 2020, full of either the tender juices of a young, budding dyke or the cum of some young guy (not Chinese food).

Authorities still will not release the gender of the victim which is causing much titillation and speculation. My guess is that Anna likes to get her Cvnt pounded by a meat hammer, instead of feeling the slickness of another sliz friction-ize the folds of her fun-factory.

However, one detail makes one question this guess: The bail amount set at a whopping low, $7,500.00 bond. Girl on girl, nobody cares. Girl on boy, the stakes are higher. We shall see come May when we will know more of the finer details to which, in all consciousness, should've been released in the initial police report.

I mean, how fucking hard is it to just mention that the victim was either a male student or a female. This isn't a trailer for a movie, there is no reason to tease out the details. Alas, this is the police these days: A bunch of cock-teasers. Melodramatic boys in blue who get their rocks-off by withholding very important, yet, simple information to dispense to the press.

You cock-holsters with tin on your shirts make me sick.

Not as sick as cock-holsters like, Anna.

UPDATE:The NY Post, it seems, was too early to the party. However, Dailymail has done a gender reveal's a boy!

I mean, luring a teen via steamy messages with the name Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton is disgusting. On one hand he thinks he is interacting with a known romance novelist and are looking to just get-off on your spoken word. But to then actually give them a physical release? That is fraud, Anna. Pretending to be an erotic novelist in order to suck and fuck....unbelievable.

Anna did indeed, choose the wrong profession. Look for her work soon on sites like Literotica.

The Report Card


Some women use their bodies to lure the male gaze. Others like to use their words. Anna was a teacher. The motto always goes that, "You should always use your words instead of your hands." Well, Anna took this anti-bullying/anti violence mantra to heart and did what she thought best; she would use both. Make love, not war.

According to her Facebook page, Patton graduated from Francis Marion University, a small liberal arts college in South Carolina, in the spring of 2019 after writing her honors thesis on the use of Nazi propaganda in German schools during the Third Reich.


Well, she got at least one boy to salute to an authority figure....

Hopefully, when she and the young boy banged, he wasn't wearing any striped pajamas!

"Oh, Jew..."

I's a gas!

Anna took her passion for romance, propaganda and began to send 'steamy' coded messages to her love interest who she would then rape multiple times. Repeating lies after lies until they became true.

Steamy messages that were more than likely, novel-esq in length. Not before long, her love interest would fall victim to her arousing prose; fall for her charisma and zest for the country's youth. Fall due to the blood rushing to one's genitalia.

"I Reich you, a lot.."

"Blitz my pussy...."

"Sieg, Heil!"

Not before long, Anna would envelop her victim's mind like the 2nd Panzergruppe with salacious fantasy; wrap her mouth around the head, suck-start the shaft. Rounds of love would explode on impact. Screams could be heard miles away. War on all fronts: Oral, vaginal and possibly anal.

Climax. Fin.

Rinse and repeat.



What is the only redeeming quality of a child molester? Well, at least Anna is the only one who will drive slow in a school zone.

Salacious texts, nudies and multiple suck and fuck meet-ups. All before the age of 23-years old. Anna puts a lot of older FTSS contestants to shame. Ladies, step it up!

Anna, also reportedly has a son. Where is the daddy? Could not be reached for comment....

Anna had only been in the teaching profession for a flash in the pan, and just look at all that she accomplished during her career suicide!

Wow, what a way to go! At least her time as a teacher wasn't as short as your time would've been in the Nazi gas chambers of Auschwitz!

Well, the goal is to retire early! Too bad she can't start collecting her Social Security yet. Pension or teen penis? Anna chose the path to tingles: A penchant for fack'n.

Perhaps, Anna should write a novel titled, "My Struggle: One Woman's Addiction To Teen Cock". I hope it gets translated into German.

If anyone can find out if our go-gurl here is related to General George S. Patton....she gets an automatic A+



A Southern belle with a burning desire for the young meat. A leftist enthralled with the use of Nazi propaganda in German schools. Hitler was a leftist, national socialist. Enough said.

Carolina cvnt, how strange it can be. On par with Floridian cvnt, the southern girls know their way around the bush...

Just look into Anna's eyes. Doesn't that stare just scream to you, "I need you to pound my penny-well into oblivion."? Throw a coin into a water well; make a wish come true. Throw your cock into Anna's wishing well; make two things cum true. Anna gets her wish; you get your wish. Everyone is happy. Everyone loves a love story. Everyone wants to coom.

How would you know if a Southern belle like Anna truly loved you? Well, with that red lip-stick, if it should grace the base of your shaft by leaving a ring-of-red, then you sir are loved, wholeheartedly.

Fill a man's stomach, he will love you for a day; drain a man's balls, he will forget he is even hungry.

The same couldn't have been said for the Jews at Auschwitz, though. They were probably stupid hungry instead of stupid horny, like Anna.

Oh, the times they have changed. The struggle is so very, real.

Would you 'salute' her?


Personal Notes:

There is a book inside of Anna; there was also a lot more inside of her between Oct 1, 2019-Jan 11, 2020... (probably)


Overall Grade


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