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An Interview With A 'Karen' Takes A Stunning And Brave Turn

On today's show, we got to interview a Karen; a "tragedy" ensues during the recording of the live show.

Show Notes

Intro Music |

Karen Song - Dave by Dave

  • We delve into why Karen was so late for this interview with us; nobody was shocked at her answers.

  • Karen laments about her worthless life; living paycheck-to paycheck as a strong and independent woman while spending her partner's money.

  • The sex life of Karen is as dry as her fat cunt.

  • Karen spends a lot of her spare time hate-reading other people's successful blogs/websites, but can't go to the gym because of 'reasons'.

  • The show had to be cut short because Cadbury and I, unexpectedly, had to order some new hardwood flooring and a TV for the studio.

Outro Music |

Hold On - Wilson Phillips


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