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C|SUITE LETTERS: Co-ed Communion

Co-ed Communion

Dear C|Suite,

When I'd heard the college I got accepted to still had co-ed dorms, I was pumped. Not only because it meant I’d live close to some potentially hot girls, but also because hopefully, I’d get to see them naked in the coed showers.

I realize that the whole point of co-ed showers was to de-sexualize the human body, but to a guy fresh out of high school and with very little female experience under his belt

(no pun intended) this was a dream come true.

I did all my paperwork, got assigned my dorm, and moved in. I was ready to meet new people and get naked with them for what would become the most memorable, adventurous years of my life.

Wild and scandalous fantasies raced through my mind faster than cars at the Indy 500. My freshman year was the opposite of that.

While the dorms were co-ed, I happened to live across the hall from a pair of cute girls, they kept to themselves, as did everyone on our floor. My roommate was a sports guy and never wanted to hang out. The showers were co-ed, but there was an official schedule that most people adhered to: From 6 AM to 10 AM, the women were scheduled for the top of the hour and men were scheduled at the thirty-minute mark. Any time after 10 AM was open to whoever.

This meant that unless you went during one of the transitional periods your only shot at seeing someone of the opposite sex was during 'open shower time' when most people were in class so that was a bust. Even if you were lucky enough to bump into someone worth looking at, they had almost always donned a towel by then. That’s not to say I didn’t catch a nipple here or there, but it was not the salacious porn fantasy I was expecting.

On the off chance that the stars aligned and someone attractive was in there with me, it didn’t matter. There was an unwritten rule that you stayed facing the shower head so that your back faced the traffic areas. You faced the fall, just like a communist in the last days of the Soviet Union.

When finished, you would grab your towel and cover up before heading back to your room, assuming you didn’t change before you left the showers. As a horny young man, I tried every time slot multiple times.

I wanted to find the absolute best time to ‘accidentally’ bump into cute girls. In reality, there was no best time because things just never got crazy. Maybe everyone else was just more mature than me and didn’t want things to get wet and wild.

I wasn’t entirely alone. The topic came up while my roommate and I were watching the infamous shower scene in Starship Troopers. We both agreed that it would be awesome to be as comfortable as they were, but neither of us had the guts to do much about it. Instead, we shifted to talking about the girls we thought were hot and would most like to see.

My roommate had nicknames for the girls he liked. Usually, something about their appearance because we didn’t know their names and were too socially awkward to ask. Eventually, I adopted some of the nicknames too, just so we had something to talk about.

A woman we called Triple B (busty, blue-eyed brunette) was my favorite. I had spotted her several times in the halls, a few times coming or going from the showers, but never had the nerve to talk to her. I realize in hindsight how idiotic it is to want to have crazy, unabashed sex with someone but not have the courage to speak to them.

It’s not my fault I was horny and terrified at the same time. Not that any of it mattered because it was all a dumb fantasy anyway, one that I was confident I would never experience. That didn’t stop me from thinking about it though.

With careful planning, I had arranged my schedule so I didn’t have a class till 2:00 PM on Mondays. This allowed me to stay up late on Saturday and Sunday without worrying about being tired. That time would have been great for extra credit projects or additional studies but mostly I just played video games.

As such, I had gotten into the habit of waking up around 9:45 AM on Mondays and making use of the mostly empty 10:00 AM open shower time before I went to breakfast.

Like many Mondays before, I woke up with my alarm at 9:45 AM and crawled out of bed.

My roommate was already gone, which wasn’t unusual. I grabbed my towel, and my bottle of body wash/shampoo / all-around-man-cleaner, put on my flip-flops, and flip-flopped my way to the showers.

The last of the 9:30 AM men were leaving as I arrived and I was alone, as per usual.

It was nice being able to shower in peace like that without some dude making prison jokes. The shower area had six stalls, three on each side of the room. Each stall had two walls about six feet high on either side and a shower curtain at the back.

Being as tall as I was, I could see over the stall walls, but just barely, and usually not enough to get a glance at anything worth looking at. I went to the stall on the far left because it had recently been replaced and had the best heat and water pressure. I was told they planned on replacing the others at some point but it had been over a month and there was no progress.

I hung my dry towel on the hook outside the stall, pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in once the water was warm enough. Another benefit of showering later in the day was that I didn’t have to rush. A long, warm shower was my cup of coffee for the day and if I didn’t get it I was always irritable.

I spent a few minutes just enjoying the heat as it poured over my body in a steady stream. To my surprise, I heard flip-flops plod in after a few minutes. It wasn’t strange to have someone else around when I was, but it was uncommon. I didn’t bother to check who it was, it’s not like I was friends with many people on this floor anyway.

The squeak of a turning shower handle echoed through the room. About thirty seconds later it turned off. Odd, I thought. Maybe they forgot something in their dorm? I heard the flip-flops plod over, then another squeak, this time in the stall across from mine. My back was facing whoever it was, and I suddenly wondered if I shut the curtain all the way or if they would get a good look at my ass. Not that it mattered.

That was kind of the point of a co-ed shower, to de-sexualize the human body. Roughly thirty seconds later the water behind me stopped and the flip-flops continued to the stall next to me. With a big glob of all-purpose man cleaner, I lathered my head and beard, using the excess soap to cover my body.

There was a squeak of a rotating shower handle and the rush of water in the stall next to me. As I lathered some soap dripped over my eyelids, forcing me to keep them closed.

“Ugh, seriously?” a female voice protested, “Is there no hot water? Did you take it all?” the voice asked me, upset but poking fun. I leaned forward and let the water splash over my face, trying to rinse the soap from my eyes.

“If you get here late, they sometimes run out of hot water. This one just got replaced, so it works great,” I said, scrubbing my scalp and trying to clear the soap from my eyes.

I felt a change in the water pressure and a faint spray on my face as if someone had put their fingers in front of the shower head.

“Wow, yours is warm. Move over, I’m coming in,” she said.

“What?” I asked. There’s no way I heard that correctly.

With my eyes still pressed shut I heard my shower curtain slide open behind me. Whether or not it was parted open before, she got a look at my butt now.

I felt a small hand push against my back, gently pushing me toward the stall wall to make room for another human in the enclosed space. I heard the shower curtain slide back into place and finished wiping soap and water out of my eyes.

I was facing the stall wall like a good woke indoctrinated drone with my back to whoever had just entered, but the fact that I knew it was a woman made my heart pound in my chest and the cum in my balls began to percolate.

“Sorry to barge in on you like this but I have an interview in thirty minutes and can’t go in smelling like a wildebeest,” she said. Because of the close confines of the shower stall (and my uncommonly round ass), I felt us touching. It was brief, but we kept bumping into each other as we tried to fit together in the tiny stall.

I still had no idea who it was but the fact that I was naked and lightly brushing against her was enough to send a rush of blood down south. Don’t get a boner, don’t get a boner, don’t get a boner I thought, even going as far as to push my hips forward so my dick was pressed against the cold ceramic tile. It took the swelling down a bit, but it wasn't enough. I had, at the very least, a slow-dance chubby.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked, her voice as innocent as if she asked to sit next to me in class.

“Not at all,” I said, though in my mind I was thinking holy shit is this happening? Stay cool, she’s just trying to clean up before her interview, don’t be a fucking tool.

“Does that wall have something interesting to say?” the woman asked me.


“You’re, like, practically kissing the wall,” she said. By the sound of her voice she was facing me, which meant if I turned around I’d see her, full frontal.

I turned around, partially because I didn’t want to look weird and partially because I wanted to see her naked.

Mostly because I wanted to see her naked.

Correction, entirely because I wanted to see her naked.

As I turned my eyes went right over her head and looked over to the next stall because of how short she was. I looked down.

“Triple B…” I thought, but somehow the words came out of my mouth as a whisper.

Standing in front of me was none other than the Busty Blue-eyed Brunette.

She had a perfect hourglass figure. Large, firm breasts that hovered above a tiny waist that swooped into thick hips. Sir Mix-a-Lot would have been proud of me. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and ran both of her hands through that long brown hair, pulling it all to one side. Everything was on display and she wasn’t even mildly ashamed. So hot.

She looked down at her chest.

“Triple D’s actually. Triple B isn’t even a size, you goof,” she said as if we were discussing shoe sizes.

“My mistake,” I said, trying not to drool over her. Wait, did she say triple D’s? I wasn’t sure if that was a real size either, but with how large hers were I believed it.

She looked down.

“Six inches?” she asked. I couldn’t help but laugh. It felt like she was ribbing me for calling her out on her bra size, even though I wasn’t trying to.

“Give or take,” I said, attempting to exude a confidence I didn’t have. I looked down and realized I was as hard as a diamond. I felt my face heat up with embarrassment. She didn’t seem to mind.

“Well, which is it? Give or take?” she asked and something about the way she said it told me we weren’t talking inches anymore. She kneeled. Holy shit, was she going to blow me? This could not be happening, there was no way my life could be going this awesome. 

She came face to face with my swollen shaft, the tip was pointed right at her and a few mere inches away, so close I could feel her breath. She stared into my eyes with the barest hint of a smirk on her face. With one of her delicate hands, she reached down between my legs and… grabbed the bottle of all-purpose man soap that was between my heels.

“I’ll say give because we don’t have a ruler to dispute it,” I said.

“Smart man,” she replied, squeezing a dollop of my soap into her palm and sudsing up her hair. Since I was already clean, I didn’t have anything to do. I assumed she’d probably not appreciate it if I started masturbating furiously in front of her, so that was off the table.

Instead, I just...watched. She spent a good deal of time on her hair, scrubbing her scalp thoroughly in a way that made her breasts jiggle ever so slightly. I stared. If she didn’t expect me to look she wouldn’t have climbed into the shower with me to begin with, I thought.

Once she saw my eyes were fixated on her chest, her soapy hands moved down her neck and to them. She lathered the bright white foam over her creamy Caucasian breasts. I felt my pulse pounding in my cock.

Her hands slid down her body further, following the line of her hips before sliding over and between her thighs. She slid both hands up to clean her pussy, then allowed her fingers to slide back up her flat stomach and under her breasts, plumping them up before letting them fall into place with a satisfying bounce.

Good lord Triple B was hot as fuck.

Her hands slid up from her breasts and to her shoulders, as she turned around. I watched as water and soap dripped down her petite, curvy frame. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt. She finished her rotation so that her back faced me, glistening wet but removed of soap. “Get my back?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I said, stepping forward and putting out my hand for her to give me the soap.

“I think there’s plenty on me already,” she said as she dropped the bottle into the stall next to us and separated her legs about shoulder’s width apart as she pushed her butt toward me, almost close enough to touch my raging, critically in need, hard-on.

I could've practically came right then and there.

I reached out and touched her shoulders, slathering the foamy suds down onto her smooth blades and pushing my thumbs into the muscles on either side of her spine like an eager masseuse. Since her back was facing the shower head and water was splashing off of me, the soap I gathered from her shoulders washed away quickly. So fast that I didn’t even have time to get past her shoulder blades.

I reached around her body again, this time pulling a dollop of foam from her flat stomach and pulling it around to massage her lower back and work my way up her spine. She swayed her hips ever so slowly and let out a satisfied moan. It wasn’t a sexual moan, more relaxed and appreciative, but it caused a rush of blood to my shaft anyway. I was so hard I thought my dick would pop like an overcooked sausage.

White suds trailed down her body and over her curves, washing away and forcing me to get another dollop if I was going to keep cleaning her.

I got brave. She hadn’t responded negatively to anything thus far, so I had no reason to believe she would switch gears now. I reached around her ribs and slid my hands under her breasts, cupping them one in each hand. They were humongous and heavy. I mean, I’m a big guy with pretty big hands but they were handfuls of softish, firm boob like that I’d never felt before. As my fingers traced over her nipples I felt them perk up under my touch and she let out another moan. This time it was sexual.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

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I let out a stiff breath and gripped her breasts, pulling her body back into me so that her round butt sandwiched against my hard cock. She let out a bit of a surprised yelp, which turned into a groan as I released one of her heavy breasts long enough to line up the tip of my cock between her legs, sliding it over her body till I found what I wanted, and shoved the tip inside her before returning my hand to her chest. Her hands shot forward against the shower wall and I lifted my hips to penetrate her fully, staring down past her round butt and watching as my raging boner disappeared inside her glory hole.

Holy shit was she tight. Like a fucking Chinese finger trap.

“About time,” she moaned, looking over her shoulder at me with a grin. I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but I knew it was a green light. I kneaded her breasts firmly as I slid myself back far enough that only my tip was still inside her before reversing the motion and going as deep as I could. She gave me a mischievous grin as my pace quickened, pumping her impossibly tight vagina as best I could at our awkward angle.

Not that standing doggy was a bad position, I wasn’t going to protest, but our height difference and the small space made it clumsy.

That wasn’t going to stop me from having a good time though. I continued to rock my hips back and forth, working my shaft inside her over and over as I massaged and played with her magnificent breasts. She kept her hands on the stall wall, pushing away from it so my thrusting didn’t press her against the cold ceramic. I felt my swollen balls slapping between her legs and was slightly embarrassed by them, but I wasn’t about to screw up this opportunity with petty insecurities.

I heard flip flops enter the shower area, accompanied by someone whistling Careless Whisper by George Michael. Thanks to my height I was tall enough to see over the stall.

It was a guy I didn’t recognize wearing a towel and spinning a blue loofah around his finger. Pretty faggish looking if you'd ask me.

We made eye contact as he stepped toward one of the stalls.

I made no effort to slow down on his behalf. He raised an eyebrow, hearing the noises coming from my stall. “Dude, beat it in your room!” he said, shaking his head at me.

As if to prove him wrong, Triple B let out a moan and told me to go faster. The guy’s eyes widened, and then he grinned and gave me finger guns before turning around and leaving the shower area.

“You’re incredible,” I said, still working myself into this mystery woman despite the brief interruption. I was having the time of my life but try as I might I wasn’t getting very good penetration, maybe two or three inches tops.

It still felt amazing but if this would be the only time I ever got to do this I wanted it to be perfect. If nothing else, I wanted Triple B to remember me fondly and maybe want to hook up again. I slipped myself out of her and she immediately looked back at me as if to ask if something was wrong.

I released her breasts and placed my palms on her hips, turning her around to face me. I got lost for a moment staring at that beautiful rack, so long that she asked me what was wrong. I licked my lips and reached down, sliding my right hand down her left thigh and around to cup the back of her knee. I lifted her knee as high as it would go, keeping my grip to help her balance on one foot as I adjusted myself to enter her from this new angle. She understood what I was trying to do and eagerly worked with me to figure out the logistics.

We were two smart young college students, lost in lust. Two souls having what could be their last supper; giving each other an early morning eucharist. She giving me her body, and me giving her my blood, sweat, tears trying to pump the perfect load deep inside her. I hadn't thought that far at this point, maybe she would get down on her knees and start pleasing me like Jesus; feel the salvation all over her face.

People have been having sex since the dawn of time, I was pretty sure we’d find a way to make it work. Try as we might, however, the angle was not working.

The shower space was too tight, just like Triple B's pussy. Our height difference was too significant for a one-legged standing bang. The 'Pirate' as I like to call it.

I kept pulling her leg in different ways, moving myself into different angles and manhandling my manhood to try and make it work but it just wasn’t going to. “Let’s go back to how we were,” she said. She could tell I was frustrated. Then I did something that surprised us both.

Maybe it was the adrenaline of the situation, maybe it was some sort of perk of being the horniest man on the planet at that moment. I reached down with both hands, grabbed her butt, lifted her into the air, and pressed her back on the ceramic wall as I lined myself up between her legs. She got the idea immediately and wrapped her calves around my butt while placing her hands on my shoulders for support. It took me a second to find it, but once I was lined up I shoved myself inside her balls deep on the first push, shoving my hips against hers hard and pinning her to the wall as I held her aloft in my arms.

Her jaw dropped and an adorable little squeak came from her mouth as she rested her forehead on my shoulder. I didn’t waste any time before I started to pump into her again, this time with the entire length of my cock instead of just the first few inches. I felt her nails dig into the back of my neck and was pretty sure they’d leave a mark, but I didn’t care one bit. The hot water began to sting as it ran down the bleeding marks she was making whist I was beasting her pussy.

My steady pumping quickly turned into thrusting, which before long turned to pounding.

I was so damn horny I was going to bang her brains out if I had to and break the ceramic behind her I need be. I felt her massive breasts shifting against my chest, a strange and wonderful sensation as they tried to bounce and jiggle, but were squished against me too tight to do so.

She looked up at me with hungry eyes. She wanted it as much as I did.

I briefly thought about the song by Eric Carmen.

I looked down at her jiggling breasts, wanting desperately to hold them, but I knew I needed both hands to hold her up. In a way, it made things more exciting. It fed my unbridled desire for something I couldn’t have at that moment. I felt one of her hands slide down my back and grip my ass hard.

Her teeth were clenched together as she looked up at me, smacking my ass like I was a horse she was trying to encourage to go faster.

I did.

Something interesting happened.

I had seen this sort of thing in porn before but was realistic enough to know it wasn’t common. As I sped up my pace, pinning Triple B to the shower stall and hammering the last few inches of my cock inside her, her face contorted. Her jaw slowly dropped and one of her eyes closed. Her grip on my ass and behind my head tightened and her thighs tensed up.

This tension built with each of my pumps and grew until her neck curled back and she let out a long, gasping moan. Her thighs quivered and shook in my hands and I felt her vagina constrict around my shaft over and over. With my dick alone, I brought her to an orgasm. To say I was proud would be an understatement. I was ecstatic. Elated. I felt like a fucking God.

I felt myself swell up even more if that were possible and knew my orgasm was close too. I put my forehead on her shoulder, panting down on her breasts and watching them move with my actions. The sound of our hips smacking together, our hungry moans, and the occasional booty smack were loud enough that you could probably hear us down the hall.

Oh well, I thought. I wasn’t about to screw up the best moment of my life with the hottest girl I’d ever seen because of that. Holding her aloft and pounding deep inside her, I felt my legs wobble and my toes curl as a surge of pleasure welled up inside me. I knew I was at the point of no return. With a final burst of vigor, I slammed my cock inside her as fast as I could, a gesture she seemed to appreciate, and my thick white hot spurts of sperm filled her almost immediately.

I shot it so deep, it was a guaranteed pregnancy if she hadn't been on birth control.

With how wet it was and how wobbly my legs had become I didn’t want to risk falling.

I managed one final pump, pinning her to the wall with my hips. She rested on my twitching cock as my orgasm ran its course and continued to pump my seed inside her body. Her cervix was most likely coated and hopefully not bruised from the high PSI spurts I felt come out of me. Her fingers gently scratched the back of my head as we both basked in the moment.

Her legs were still wrapped tight around my hips and she seemed perfectly content sitting on my hard shaft as my sperm trickled out of her. We both opened our eyes at the same time and looked at each other, forehead to forehead. Her cheeks were flushed, and I smiled. She smiled back, caressing the back of my head as we both caught our breath.

“I’m Aubrey by the way,” she said nonchalantly. I laughed out loud, which made my still-hard shaft twitch inside her.

“It was a pleasure to meet you,” I said back. She gave me a big grin and held up her hand for me to shake it. I did, then reluctantly set her back down on the ground, exited her, and let my tired shaft slap against my leg as it fell.

“Wanna hang out sometime?” she asked, looking up at me with those stunning blue eyes.

“Yeah, I guess we could go to a movie or something,” I said, playing it off as no big deal like she was.

“Perfect! I’m dorm 421, come by any time,” she said, staring up at me for a moment. She then quickly kneeled and opened her mouth, taking my semi-hardness into it effortlessly and sucking gently up my entire length until I left her mouth with a pop.

After such an intense orgasm, the additional stimulation was almost enough to make me keel over. She licked her lips, kissed the tip, and stood up. “Well, I’d say you’re all clean now. Have a nice day!”

I watched as she exited the shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and went back to her dorm. I thought to myself, "Holy shit, there really is a God...and it's me."

Yours Truly Horny,

Mr. Clean


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