C|Suite Letters: Every Dog Has His Bone

Every Dog Has His Bone

Dear C|Suite,

I am a 37-year old fur-mamma; recently divorced. Other than my passion for Wine Wednesdays with "the girls", I spend a lot of my waking hours posting to a group Facebook page dedicated to women who love their fur-babies. It’s a great place for all of us—whom have given up on life— to chat about our surrogate children, and the hijinks they can get up to.

The only frustrating problem I am having though at the moment, with our group, is that I don’t think they truly understand the extent of how much I really love my fur-baby, Rex. I mean, I know everyone in the group "loves their fur-baby(s)", but do they really, really love them?

Like, I want to confess to all of them (but don’t know how) that I am really in love with my Rex—who is a very lean, energetic and muscular Dogo Argentino.

I didn’t know where else to lament these feelings, so, I turned to C|Suite to get this out of my system without my girlfriends judging, or making fun of me for the very strong emotions I think all of us older, washed-up women have for our fur-babies.

I once posted in the group that I let Rex ‘sleep with me sometimes’ in my moments of weakness.

One of the girls replied back and said, “What do you mean by ‘even though it's illegal’? I let my pookie sleep in the same bed with me all the time!”

Another chimed in and said, “There is nothing wrong, it may be a bit dirty if yours was outside all day… but that’s what laundry is for!”

I honestly don’t think they actually understood what I meant by my phrasing.

Like I said before, I really, really love my fur-baby. I just don’t know if all of the other girls have that deep sense of love for theirs. I mean, do they really care about their fur-babies…or are they all hypocrites and fakes!?

If you belong to a Facebook group for women who claim to love their fur-babies, you’d think everyone would be genuine and on the same page about their feelings! Just don't be fake! If these women weren't so fake then I could just come out with it and we could all talk honestly about how we let our little guys "get their bone" when they need it.

To get a sense about where I am coming from, the other day was a perfect example of how much Rex means to me, and that I would do anything for him. He is my little man and I take care of him anyway that I can.

He is my rock.

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Rex is there every day when I wake up; when I am in the shower; when I am at work (I work from home selling my scented candles + on welfare), and when I need a snuggle and some TLC (Tender, licked, cunt).

When I woke up the other day, there was Rex…feverishly humping my leg and ass, trying to achieve completion; just like my ex-husband use to do to me— slobbering all over me in a fit of heat, with a hairy boner.

I knew Rex wanted his mamma’s love, but there was no time. I am a busy career-girl with my own successful business. I had gotten an early email on my phone from someone who wanted to buy one of my overpriced candles. It was going to be my first sale in over 3-months, I was so excited! I knew Rex was excited for me too, because he was jumping up and down while I got out of our bed, butt naked while heading for the shower.

After my shower, like on any other day, Rex and I would eat breakfast—from the same bowl to save on dishes and money—and then we’d go on a walk together.

I miss my ex, but Rex has proven to be a better version of him.

I have to pick-up Rex’s shit, and degrade myself as a human being by picking up the crap of an inferior animal; however, I find it more fulfilling than picking up after my ex-husband. Rex follows every one of my commands, and doesn’t complain about it. I never got Rex neutered; I don’t believe in animal cruelty.

Being as it may, Rex thus gets excited when he sees those bitches being walked by other fur-mammas or daddas, but I make sure he doesn’t go near any of them, or gets off his leash to go and penetrate one.

He is my little man, and no other bitch is going to take him from me!

He comes to me for that, and he knows he will get a 'good treat' after I yell at him and tell him, “Wait until we get home and mamma will take care of you, OK?”

That’s what being a real fur-mamma means: Really loving the shit out of your little guy.

When we get home from our walks, both of us usually need to take a little nappy-poo.

Mainly I do, because doing 20-minutes of cardio is more than I can usually handle; the sweat forming in my beefy camel-toe gets pretty annoying after a while. The sight and smell of it tends to send Rex over the edge and his balls get fuller than a Harvest moon.

I do it for Rex, though. He is all the matters. I love him more than anything, well, second to wine and cupcakes.

If Rex got excited on our walk from seeing other bitches in heat, then I for sure arrange for us to take a little nappy-poo together. “OK, c’mon Rex, let’s take a nap” I’ll say. Or sometimes I will call out to him, “You can snuggle mamma now!”

I am usually out for most of it, due to the heavy doses of Xanax, Halcion or whatever I am on that day, but normally when I wake up I find a lot of semen all over my leg, thigh and ass crack.

Oh, Rex…

Other times he gets a ‘special’ tummy rub from me that will usually set him straight for the rest of the day.

Do the other fur-mammas in my Facebook group care this much about their baby(s)?

And yes, sometimes mamma needs a bit of attention, which for Rex usually means that some peanut butter and jam might’ve accidentally spilled down mamma’s tummy, and on down to her crotch….oopp!

Again I asked in my mind, do they—my Facebook friends— really love their fur-baby, or is it just me who is the best fur-mamma out there?

I asked them all on Facebook how much they loved their fur-babies, and what they would do for them. I got an answer from one and she replied, “I’d give my fur-baby my heart if I could…I just hope he survives the surgery :(”

Oh yeah, bitch? I give mine more than just my heart. I give it to Rex and then some. Rex knows me inside and out.

Do these bitches even know what love is anymore!?

Yours truly horny,

Ms. Mamma


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