C|Suite Letters: Ho-Ho-Hoeing For A PS5

Ho-Ho-Hoeing For A PS5

Dear C|Suite,

My friend’s ex-boyfriend from years ago, that I still follow on Instagram, managed to pre-order two PS5s; he posted about it on his IG story. I thought that it was kind of unfair when so many people are having a difficult time getting the latest system, with it being in such high-demand.

I had wanted to get one for my little bro in time for Christmas; he plays video games a ton, and he lets me play on his PS4 sometimes whenever I go back to my family’s home for the holidays and summer break—I particularly liked Spider-Man and Crash Bandicoot. He taught me the controls for FIFA as well, but he would always destroy my ass, and I’d lose big time.

I’ll admit though, part of me wanted it just so I could play games for a month before I would wrap it up and give it to my brother on Christmas morning.

Also, another big part of me just wanted an excuse to see my friend’s ex-bf, who I’ve wanted to fuck ever since she started dating him when we were college roomies.

This situation, I thought, would be ideal to make it the very best Christmas for everyone, particularly for me.

For the record, I am a 24-year old female in the UK.

I work for a niche non-profit called Handies4Handies, which specializes in providing sexual relief care for the handicap, along with disabled veterans whom have lost both arms— We are a small team of ‘wet’ nurses who make ‘house calls’ 2-3 times a week for our clients. My boyfriend is OK with my career choice, and respects what I do. It doesn’t pay much, but it gets the job done as far as my end of paying the rent.

My friend’s ex-boyfriend is travelling Spain right now, taking a sabbatical from what looks to be his highly demanding modeling/marketing career for Diageo—a multinational beverage alcohol company—which allows him to travel to exotic locations to shoot commercials. Not a big deal, you can get anywhere in Europe pretty quick.

I replied to my friend’s ex’s IG story saying, “I would seriously do anything for one of them[PS5],” wondering if he would interpret it sexually.

If not then it was fine. However, if he did, but he wasn’t down to give it away for a fuck, I could play it off cool, but if he was down to fuck then it would be perfect. That was my thought process at the time.

After no time at all DMing each other, I could see that we were both serious about it, and negotiated the price to £225 (half of what it costs here) and whatever he wanted to do with me for an afternoon within my limits. This was a no brainer for me. He told me if I really "wanted it that badly" to come meet him at his Spanish villa.

So, that very morning I called my work and told them I got my period, and wouldn’t be able to fulfill my duties for about a week. My office is full of women, so they were very understanding of the matter.

I told my boyfriend that I had to travel for work, and that “they needed us” at the NATO base in Germany, because of an influx of newly dismembered/disabled soldiers that just came back from operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Mediterranean. I feel bad about lying to him, but this was about the spirit of Christmas; Santa wasn’t the only man that needed to come this December.

When I got to my friend’s ex’s villa in Spain, I dropped to my knees, un-buttoned his jeans, and gave him a long toothless, smooth sloppy blowjob; after I bent over the side of the bed and he went straight for my ass, neglecting my needy pussy.

He was spanking me hard while fucking me. My body rocked with every thrust and slap. I felt sure that neighboring rooms heard every single one of my moans rip through the walls. He pulled out, and came all over my ass. Called me a nasty whore; I liked it.

My boyfriend would never do such things to me, because he is a "Feminist Ally".

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Over there in Spain, however, I never thought about my boyfriend, or all the other disabled men that I should’ve been jerking off. No, I was thinking about Christmas, and the smile on my brother’s face when he would open that widely sought after PS5 on Jesus' birthday. I was also thinking about how warm my friend’s ex-boyfriend’s cum felt when it was dripping out of my anal cavity, down my leg and onto the Mediterranean-styled tile.

I wanted him to eat or fuck my pussy, but he wanted another blowjob, and the deal was whatever he wanted, so I got back on my knees and sucked his dick and balls again while I played with myself until he came for a second time, this time on my face. I thought Eggnog was thick, but damn. I was wrong.

He simply said “thanks”, got dressed and left the villa for a while to smoke a dart; I was still on the bedroom floor covered in his dripping cum, still horny af.

I didn’t even bother cleaning up, I scrambled around to find one of my dildos I usually pack when travelling, and I rode it until I had a mind-shattering orgasm.

It didn’t end that day, however.

This went on for an entire week.

After the villa in Spain, he took me travelling around Europe: Italy, Austria, and France. It was like Contiki Tours, but instead of just seeing all of the main touristy hot-spots, he just ass-fucked me in every hotel room that we stayed at along the way.

When we got back to his villa in Spain, he gave me the PS5 and I gave him the £225.

I literally, paid out the ass for that thing.

On the way home, I did a lot of soul-searching and deep-thinking; still hornyAf.

I thought about my friend, and how mad she would be if she knew I was letting her ex put his dick in my ass for the holidays. I remembered all those days and nights when she would have him over in our college dorm, hearing her moans and the slaps from his balls hitting her pussy, while I masturbated in the next room over. I now remember why it is that I still follow him on IG; why I wanted to steal him from her; why I am whoring my ass out for my little brother.

It was all for the best, though, him only ass-fucking me...that is.

That way I wouldn’t get preggers (we didn’t use condoms + not on the pill). Also, I don’t think my boyfriend would like it very much if he knew my friend’s ex “kicked in my front door” all week long. I care about his feelings, honestly.

When you think about it, the deal was pretty sweet: I got a half-price PS5 for my brother, as well as a good slutty story out of the whole thing. So, I was pretty happy with my week’s work.

The other day I arrived at my family’s home for the holidays. Immediately, my bro asked me if I wanted to play FIFA against him, and “get my ass destroyed again.” His poor phrasing and choice of words were almost overwhelming, and I laughed out loud.

I simply said to him, “Nah, my ass has been destroyed enough this week.”

Yours truly horny,

Ms. Handi


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