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Distracted Drivers Are Losers Who Fuck-up The Day For Superior People

An epic rant builds off-air in the studio; the mic is turned-on to capture a scathing sermon on distracted drivers; losers.

Show Notes |

Intro Music: Formula 1 Theme Song composed by Brian Tayler

  • Distracted drivers are peasants; only rich people should be texting in a vehicle.

  • Peons thinking they are so important, while they head to Starbucks after the welfare checks come in the mail.

  • All the technology and appliances in the world, and adults still can't wake-up in time for work.

  • Women treat their cars like their bedrooms.

  • Women can't make their commutes on time; it's hard to wake-up if you've been masturbating all night.

  • Guys who buy coffee, instead of brewing their own in the morning, are faggots.

  • There should be no laws or rules on the road; people who text and drive should be shot on site.

  • Men and superior people have places to go instead of the welfare office and the coffee shop; hearing about drug and substance overdoses can make one cream their jeans.

  • Women hate Trump because he is the equivalent of an ex-boyfriend.

  • Impactful people live on even after they are dead; nobody gives-a-fuck about losers.

Outro Music: Man Against The World by Survivor


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