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Ex-Kentucky Substitute Teacher, Alexandria Allen, 'raped 8th grader at a Hilton Inn'

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  • Alexandria Allen, 25, was arrested by Georgetown police on Monday and was charged with three counts of third-degree rape

  • The victim(15 at the time) was a former eighth-grade student at Spring Middle School, where Allen was formerly employed

  • Teen's mother reported Allen to police last October when she found nude pictures and videos of the educator with her son on his cell phone

  • Allen pleaded not guilty to the charges


Why is it that substitute teachers are always the hottest?

Why would a smoke show like Allen have to resort herself to the pipe of an 8th grader?

Also, why is the "victim" fifteen years old and still in the 8th fucking grade?

These are the tough questions we have to answer here on The Red Island.

The boy is like the Van Wilder of grade school. Better, the Billy Madison of Spring Middle School. Thanks to Billy Madison, I'll never forget what year the Spanish Armada was. Thanks to Alexandria, this boy will never forget the best eight months of his life. A History lesson he will have to teach to his own son, some day.

It's almost as if he didn't want to leave. A rational choice, as we can now see the reason why he wouldn't: He probably wanted to stay around to bang-out his hot tutor. The other reason to consider is that the "victim" did have "developmental delays" according to reports.

Let's be honest, though. The victim is most likely an aspiring Tyrone. I mean, 15 bro? You're suppose to be a junior, or in your sophomore year already.

Being real though, respect bro.

Respect. Keeping it 100.

Nailing a chick like Alexandria when you are only 15....your future as an aspiring Tyrone looks bright. Don't take the jokes the wrong way, all of us here are very impressed.

Honestly, if Alexandria wasn't attractive we wouldn't even be doing this article. She wouldn't be getting attention. That's all women have in life: Youth, beauty and their sexuality.

The case initially began as a missing person case, police said.

Being kidnapped for sex with Alexandria Allen is hardly even a misdemeanor. However, this high intensity move by her proves her passion cannot be denied.

This act shows that Alexandria was committed to her student and his needs. Isn't that what we all want?

"I was disgusted because you're supposed to be helping him, and she wasn't helping him at all," the teen's mother told local media.

Ma'am please specify your definitions. "Helping" is such a loose term. Alexandria must've believed she was helping in some way...for those 8 months of sliz-sliding bliss.

From over here, it looks like he was getting a lot of help...the type of help that is unconscionable. "Above and beyond" type of lesson structure.

Also, where is the father?

I am sure he cannot be reached for his comment. This is yet, another case involving a teen boy from a broken, single-mother household.


I am sure the father would've been all of the germs his boy was receiving from all the high-fives around school.

The alleged rapes occurred between March and October of 2020

Who is really at fault here? You put a hormonal 15-year old (8th grader lolwut?) who was clearly "beyond his years" with a glorified baby-sitter like Alexandria during quarantine/lockdown...what did you think was going to happen between these two equals?

A woman is like a child herself.

We have said this time and time again: Women are like children, they never mature (mentally) past high school. Oh, but they are first to mature, physically.

Alexandria, yes, is technically a 25-year old adult. However, she probably still reads at an 8th grade level; Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey are most likely her two favorite novel series. You put two equally mature, equally horny individuals in the same room, and what do you get?

The alleged rapes occurred between March and October of 2020 in at least three different locations, including the Hilton Inn in Georgetown.

You get 8 months of checking in and out of the Hilton and out of Alexandria's pussy palace.

Hilton Inn? Nice. Classy. C'mon mom....she treated him like a prince!

Note that you also need a valid credit card to stay at these hotels.

Which means: Alexandria, paid.

Guys....can it get any better than this?

Dream girl ALERT!

The victim's mother reported Allen to police after allegedly finding nude photos and videos of the teacher on her son's phone.

What a fuckn' Karen.

Boys, gentlemen...archive and lock that shit up, immediately. We can't stress that enough. Thumb drives, encrypted files...please for the love of Jesus.

How will the world ever know of Alexandria's greatness when you boys are so lazy and inconsiderate of other people around you. Let us all hope these beauts are on Reddit or 4chan...somewhere. Everyone here is to blame, including the victim. Everyone has a job. And this boy's job wasn't that hard. How difficult is it to click "send file". What are they teaching you guys in school?!

If dad were around he would've Bluetoothed that shit before calling the police. If you would've had a dad in the home, he would've done the right thing and said "Hold on son, before we call the police, let me go get some thumb drives and a safety deposit box...hold on."

Bro, this is evidence. Do the right thing and release these sexy hostages to us over here at The Red Island. It is evidence, and they need to be kept in a safe and secure location for further "analysis" and "examination". We are authorities over here...

Do the right thing, as Alexandria's grade seriously depends on it. If you feel guilty at all about this blowing up, and your hot female teacher having no future, the least you can do is make her the greatest FTSS.

Allen was released after posting $2,500. She is to have no contact with the victim.

That's it? $2,500.00. For 3 rape accounts?

Women receive a different standard of justice compared to men.

Alexandria is to return to court in February. Authorities have said they are still investigating and obtaining more search warrants to social media accounts. Which means, there is still time for Alexandria to go for greatness, however, her presentation is not looking good so far.

A re-grade may be in order, however, we aren't holding are breath here. Alexandria for 8 months was breathing heavily, not holding in hers.

But now, she seems to be holding back a lot of orgasms for many. If women were so concerned about the "collective", then why is Alexandria being such a cunt and not showing us all the goods?


The Report Card


Alexandria's passion cannot be looked over. She played the game as fast as that boy probably orgasmed the moment he entered her bliss; played it as loose as her pussy. Our girl was throwing around that "I wanna smash" energy while tutoring the Tyrone, and he picked it up and ran with it.

Bro has some social skills, no doubt. Who said he was "delayed".

Standardized testing is a fucking, joke.

The total disregard for other people led to a 'missing persons' report being filed. All the boy had to do was say he was staying over at a friend's house. We can see why he is 15 and still in the 8th grade.

Everything is about sex, except sex; sex is about control.

In this case, Alexandria had full control of this relationship. It is part of the reason why we see a lot of these young female teachers banging teens. The power dynamic is tilted. She gets to be in control, but also lose it at the same time through this insanity and taboo.

Allen obviously didn't do a good job at training...sorry "tutoring" him in life skills because she could've stepped in here as the mature adult.

Using not just the Hilton Inn, but also various other discreet hotel chains, ensured that both Allen and her victim could enjoy a different variety of continental breakfasts'.

Spread the credit card over different locations; spread the legs in different positions.

Alexandria allowed herself to be vulnerable: Taking nude selfies and sending them to her victim, nude videos were captured of them doing extra curriculars. But yet, as you will notice down below, Alexandria holds back.

What gives, girl?

So much passion, so little to show for it.

Why do all of this work and not want to go for greatness?

That, is the definition of insanity.

In the end, it was the boy's single mom that was the catalyst for this romance's downfall. It usually is the mom's fault. Of course the mom is going to freak out if she saw, or knew her son was slamming some fine on the side of his tutoring.

Women are jealous of all women, and especially single mothers. Single mothers are extremely protective of their son because if they loose him, they have failed twice at life in keeping a man around the house. Single moms train their sons to be little beta boys so as to help them out and support their poor asses in the long run.

This boy's mom obviously freaked, because deep down inside she knew her boy was growing up, and could be snatched up by another snatch anytime soon.

A mom can give a boy love and affection, comfort and support.

However, nothing is as powerful as prime cooter. The boy thus gives all of his attention and resources to his girlfriend, and is an overall threat to the survival of mommy on a biological/ survival (not reproductive, obviously) level.



Alexandria lived up to the reputation that we'd all expect from a substitute teacher: She is young, hot, and full of vigor. That "can do" spirit shines bright with this one. That same spirit probably spit-shined that boy's bush beater.

From all accounts, Alexandria bent over backwards and went above and beyond for this fifteen year old, Billy Madison of grade schools.

However, Alexandria is not a FTSS with honor. Taking down or not having any social media readily available is a disgrace to the tradition of grading hot female teachers who bang their students.

This is what happens when you give women authority.

They abuse it.



By judging Alexandria just on her mugshot, I think we can all agree that we are dealing with a smoke show.

If you can look that fucking good in a picture taken by officers who have no photography or artistic skills, then I can only imagine what our girl would look like if she'd left up her social media or those damn nudies had been released.

I don't know, maybe they didn't use the "crack head" filter on the camera for her and took their time.

It's always the hot teachers banging the teen-peen. I could understand if it were the 50(y/o) teachers with the saggy titties, the pancake butts; the ones that couldn't even get a guy if they paid him.

But, these are hot chicks with banging bodies who are sliding their sheaths over the skin swords of these young boys.

Alexandria has taken the stage here; she has thoroughly disappointed everyone immensely. It has to be one of the saddest performances we have ever seen and also one that had the most potential for being the greatest, ever.

What? Did you say something, Alexandria? We can't hear you!

Once again, most people today are all about presentation over product.

Ladies, all of you are selling the same product; all have access to the same marketing tools.

So, Alexandria....what is your goddamn, fucking problem today?

What was that?

"mumble mumble"?

You come on stage here, in nothing but a mask and Orange jumper?

You are a fucking disgrace to this time honored tradition of grading Female Sex Scandal teachers!

We are absolutely livid here, no question.

This has been the biggest let down since Bella Thorne on OnlyFans. We were ready to hand the trophy over for Greatest FTSS... we were spit-shining it in the back in anticipation for what we thought would've been an easy A.

Do you not care, at all!?

You have nothing left in life, all you had left was to go for this greatness and you blew it! Just like you blew that 15-year old!

It's amazing, you can give women all the opportunities in life to be great, and what do they do? They let everyone down.

Where is that passion and dedication we'd heard about so much from those police reports?

For fuck sake, you technically kidnapped the aspiring Tyrone, you let him dig out your delicious taco for 8 months, let him get up all in those cheeks and lips....and now you want to hold out?

You come on stage here and waste our fucking time, parading this uninspiring catalogue of prison motif!

Have you given up?

What is your fucking problem!?

Where is the heart, Alexandria? Where is the fucking, passion!?

Think of the children.

Think about someone other than yourself, for once.

For your multiple infractions here on stage, and your unwillingness to co-operate and honor the long standing tradition of the ultimate grading category of Presentation/Looks, we regrettably have to treat you fairly and take a lot of marks off on this one.

It really hurts to do this.


Overall Grade



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