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Female Florida Teacher, Kristen O'Brien, Engaged In 'under the blanket palm play' With Teen Boy

Original story at DailyMail

A Florida teacher has been arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with a student and even took the boy’s brother to McDonald’s to make him jealous, according to Daytona Beach police, the Daytona Beach News-Observer reported.


If Kristen really wanted to make him jealous, she should've just blown the brother...what teen boy hasn't been to McDonald's?

Kristen O’Brien, 31, who quit her teaching job at United Brethren Christ Academy, a private school in Holly Hill, Fla., was arrested on Friday and charged with lewd and lascivious battery and committing a sexual act on a child older than 12 but younger than 16.

"Older than 12, but younger than 16" is a round-about way of saying the boy was 13. Just so everyone knows.

Kristen, our go-gurl, is at the dusty age of 31. She is feeling the grainy grooves of The Wall, no doubt; that kid felt her sandy, Florida cooter to which has be weathered.

As you will see in the photo parade at the end, Kristen according to her Facebook page that we got a hold of, is married to an unquestionable, neck-beard beta.

Did you know she is (was) also a foster parent to multiple children? And fur-babies!

The mother[of the victim] became suspicious when she when through her son's phone as punishment for him running away and saw messages from O'Brien through text and Instagram. 

A bad-boy by proxy. Runways always get the ladies dripping fluid like an old Ford.

Side note: Why does your teen boy have a fucking, smartphone? Modern day parenting. And you people wonder why shit like this happens. Great job, mom and dad!

The giner of Kristen, throbbed. It was all too much for her, apparently. She just had to follow her cooter, follow the "vibes". Women today only listen to their pussy because it is all knowing. Laws and rules are constructs of the patriarchy.

The vagina must be fed by what tingles it. This is the gospel of Feminism.

Kristen would later then do what a teen girl would do: Inch her way into the dude's life, conveniently have excuses to be around him all the time, in order to be near the very thing that is making her vagina have moist seizures.

Yes, Kristen is 31-years old. She is technically "an adult".

The problem is, women are children themselves. We know this, we have learned this over the years, that women do not intellectually mature past high-school. This is grounded philosophy. Just look at Kristen's actions, she is the most responsible teenager in the household.

She[the victim's mom] decided to confront O'Brien, inviting her to a meeting in a Steak and Shake where the teacher admitted the inappropriate relationship with her student.

You know shit is serious when someone asks you to meet-up at a Steak and Shake. That was probably the moment when Kristen realized she was in trouble, and the situation was becoming all to real.

All life changing meetings happen at a Steak and Shake. Nothing says 'concerned parent' like, "Meet me for a shake and a burger, we need to talk."

The Steak and Shake is where mobsters discuss wacking people; Kristen had to confess to wacking-off this mom's son.

By the looks of Kristen, she was probably hungry anyways. "I could go for a burger, anyways..." she must've told her self.

I guess confessing to a boy's mom, surrounded by strange commoners and the smell of grilled meat could be comforting. For Kristen to confess that she "has a crush" on the mom's son, which is a fancy way of saying her vagina can't stop tingling about it, and then laying out the Three Tier option plan, must've been no easy task, whilst fondling a beef patty other than her own.

O’Brien told the mother she gave the boy three options: the boy could pretend she never told him she had a crush on him; they could stop talking to each other; or they could do whatever they wanted and not worry about the consequences, the arrest report states

Like I've said before: Women are the most responsible teenager in the household.

It is interesting how Kristen sandwiched the least fun option right in the middle, and put the most desired outcome(for her) last, so that it would be fresh in his mind.

The life of a modern woman is filled with no consequences. Women receive a different standard of justice when compared to men doing the same actions.

When a woman's giner tingles, consequences are the last thing on her mind. A woman will run red lights for whatever will buff her muff; the best oil change or service she can get.

The teacher admitted that the boy had touched her in a sexual manner under the blanket while his mother slept. 

Again, this sounds like a teen drama. Kristen is 31, and is having the type of sexual encounters known to the majority of awkward teens: Invite you gf/bf over for under-the-blanket rubbing in the basement while parents are upstairs.

Did he make Kristen coooom? That was left out of the affidavit.

There are Doomers, and there are Coomers. Kristen, like a lot of women today, are Coomers.

This is the Age of Coom for women.

All the resources available on Amazon, a click away, a day away. Kristen, unsatisfied by her beta husband, could've logged onto Amazon and ordered a industrial-sized, Brad Pitt for herself. Instead, she chose the underdeveloped wrist action of a teen boy.

Did it pay off? Only Kristen and her vagina knows that tale of tingle.

The Report Card


Kristen played to her strengths: She "pretended" to act and behave like a teen girl.

She caught the tingles and then began to convive with her cunt in how to proceed. She chose the standard teen-girl play of: Befriending the boy's family and involving herself in his life in a seemingly casual way. Women do this when they have the tingles, suddenly you see them everywhere "coincidentally".

Kristen opted for the Netflix and Chill, rub-fest under the blankets. Not a good sign. A failed seduction, even after trying to make her love interest jealous by taking his bro to the McDicks. Subsequently after, Kristen seemed to have hit fast-forward on the standard teen girl dating book and skipped all the way to ultimatums and demands, via a Three Tier option plan.

She didn't do herself any favors with that one. Kristen struck out and was left unsatisfied. Did she get the finish on the rub? Even if she did, Kristen knows that we know she knows, she didn't go for Greatness.

That is going to leave a stain.



She has none, need we say more?

Married and was a foster parent to multiple kids.

A Christian.

A woman.



Right off the bat, Kristen looks as if she was hit by one. We can see why she had to do all of the leg work: Trying to make the boy jealous, only to get a half-baked orgasm under the blanket.

$100 bucks says Kristen picked the Steak and Shake for the meeting with the victim's mom.

Again, ladies, at 31-years old it is time to retire the cooter to the sex robots called vibrators; an industrial sized Brad Pitt. You can't fuck your husbands because:

A) They don't want to fuck you, because they have low-T, or you are fat.

B) You don't want to fuck them, because they are low-T, and are fat.

Understandable, you are married.

Kristen represents all that is Virtue-signaling. Most religious people are hypocrites and use it as a mask. Add that Kristen is also a woman, and you can rest assured that she is one (a hypocrite), 100%.

I mean, getting a tattoo of a Bible verse is next-level, virtue-signal. Also, doing volunteer or charity work is a selfish act. Most people do it to make themselves feel good and better about the shitty person that they are behind closed doors...or under the blankets.

1 Timothy 1:15, ESV: "The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost."

Kristen needs to get a new pair of glasses, she must've read it as, "Repent your pent-up frustrations in the frantic, helping hand of a teen boy; achieve your salvation."

It's an understandable mistake.

Women don't know how to drive, so is it a far stretch that they also can't read?

Again, it's not her fault, because women are like children and have no agency, right?

I bet her Facebook says, "Married to my soulmate"

Most women take pictures to show off their camel toe;

pigeon toe is the new thaanng.

Get on your knees....and start pleasing, Jesus!


Overall Grade



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