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Female Teacher, Katrina Maxwell, Raped Student Over Spring Break; Threw Scissors At His Head

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Katrina chose to be a cheapskate; forgot to wine and dine the boy before sucking and fucking him off at the hotel. This method/play is disrespectful to a young man. Not only does it degrade his penile services, but it will also give a bad rap to female teachers....

What kind of an example was Katrina setting for this boy?

Not a very good one, indeed.

Showing him that women are like Jews, very cheap? You can do better than that on a Texas teacher's salary, can you?

If this wasn't bad enough in terms of disrespect, Katrina then, in a stunning and brave move, chose to assault the teen boy with a pair of school issued scissors because he was sitting close to his actual girlfriend....who was in the same generation, same cohort as he.

This fit of jealous rage didn't serve Katrina's strategy of rape and abuse too well as this behavior set off alarm bells throughout the school's staff, noting her erratic and horny behavior towards the boy in question.

Like a dumb ape in heat, Katrina let her giner get the best of her. Great for the blog, great for her grade, not great for everyone else. Disruptive, really, to the classroom in general. It's the children that really lose here... not the mention, the tax payers. The teen boy possibly also lost his virginity. A lot of L's to be made.

Classroom scissors were thrown; hearts were broken.



Again, Katrina is yet another female teacher who was crowned with distinction by her peers, with an honorary "Teacher of the year" or "Best teacher" award.

She was good at something, for sure. Spreading her legs for a teen boy takes lots of calories and bravery. Amazing!!!

To endure the tormenting pounding of a teen peen for hours and hours can take its toll on woman's, womanhood. Not to mention, her career, marriage and future.

Hopefully she came. It seems that she did, given the needy jealous fits of rage toward the class pimp having a girlfriend on the side.

Is this school, or the soap opera, General Hospital?

It is hard to tell these days.



Katrina, in her mugshot, still looks pissed about that kid having an actual girlfriend his age.

We here at The Red Island are pissed as well: Katrina didn't want to go for Greatness; she lacks any pictures and social media. We'd tell her to go fuck herself, but clearly, that will be most of her future going forward.

Katrina, you are a fucking disgrace with your lack of presentation to the class.


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