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Florida IMG Teacher, Taylor Anderson, Took Student Athlete To Culvers Before Having Sex On The Beach

Original Story At DailyMail

Taylor J Anderson, 38, an English teacher at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, turned herself in on Monday at Manatee County Jail.

  • She allegedly had sex with an underage student in the backseat of her car after the two spoke over Instagram, Snapchat and Facetime for at least two months.

  • Evidence from the victim's phone revealed two Facetime video recordings where Anderson was wearing an IMG Academy shirt before exposing her breasts.

  • The boarding school immediately suspended the teacher from campus when they learned of the rumor and fired her the next day.

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Investigative Sources

As always, we gave Taylor the full sweep and ran her name through our systems here at The Red Island Bureau of Female Sex Scandal Teachers.

Registered Libtard, Fact-Checked.

Gee, what a surprise!

Nothing put one picture on Facebook, unable to back-door close known associates. Taylor didn't want to go for greatness. She will pay the price in our Report Card on her. Unacceptable, doing the bare minimum.

Taylor Anderson's LinkedIn Profile: Gold!

The Report Card


After playing the law of numbers and trying to solicit sex from other students, Taylor finally had found Neo, The One. She did everything her former 18-year old self would've done: Texted him through Instagram, flirted via SnapperChat and Fucktime; masturbated in front of him via video chat with her IMG faculty T-shirt on. It never occurred to Taylor that having a shirt on in the first place defeats the whole purpose of having a sex chat with someone. We know you are old (38), but C'mon...use some common sense!

So horny and reckless, yes, Taylor made the fatal mistake: Taking a rich young King to Culvers before enjoying his Chad dick. Oh, and yea, she probably shouldn't have worn her IMG faculty shirt during their chaterbate sessions.

Remember, women are so smart!

From there, according to the victim, things then became "weird". Never mind everything leading up to Anderson buying him a cheap milkshake at Culvers before having a beach-fuck with him and all the chaterbating. No, things only became "weird" when Taylor requested the student to watch videos online (porn) involving older women having sex with young men.

You can't make this stuff up.



Apparently, Taylor is married and has a husband along with two kids.

She had it all. She blew it, just like that teen boy's penis.



The transition from Taylor's "I am going out, be back at midnight!" face, to

"This is me in the morning before I fake-up myself" is horrifying. The two are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Just like how a teen boy fucking a 38-year old cooter is also on opposite sides of the spectrum. Radical.

You could build a ship between Taylor's eyebrows, holy fucking shit.

For 38-years of age, Taylor looks exactly how you'd expect a former flight attendant, marketingbabe, sassy librarian and sorority gurl would look like: Used and abused, enough DNA swimming around inside of her snatch for CSI's Horatio Caine to have a field day with back at the forensics lab.

You Libtard women need to stop stealing your grandma's glasses. We know you are all poor as fuck, saddled with student debt, but please. Those glasses are so big Taylor was probably sinking slowly in her chair as she took that awfully rendered pic.

Here, Taylor gives off the look/impression that she is thinking about making a new career move: Teaching French to your penis.


Overall Grade



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