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Florida Teacher, Brittiny Lopez-Murray, Had Sex With Teen Student; Sister Found Nudes And Sexts

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Brittiny Lopez-Murray, a 31-year-old drama teacher at Hialeah Middle School, was arrested on Monday

  • The Miami Dade County Public Schools teacher allegedly slept with a 14-year-old former student several times in her car

  • A police report said the pair had shared texts discussing their sexual relationship

  • The student's father also reportedly discovered nude images of the teacher on his son's phone

  • The legal age of consent in Florida is 18 years old


Greatness requires sacrifice; Brittiny at least understands that premise now that she has sacrificed her teaching career, her marriage of six years, along with the condo they bought in 2018 for 355k (which is now worth 430k). All for a chance at sucking-off a 14-year old's cock. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Strong, brave and now independent (on government assistance).

Truly dedicated to the cause. The passion cannot be denied on this one, so far.

For those of you who do not know about the great female teacher sex scandal state of Florida, the city of Hialeah is like Florida's Florida. You can't get any more Floridian than this: Miami-Dade, women's hips swaying like palm trees in the wind, bath salt welfare junkies, police-involved shootings, Malibu Rum binges, seriously easy-going, and yes... some good old fashion female-teacher fricking.

Brittiny, remember she is 31, and her 14-year old boyfriend were having a seriously good time with each other up until, of course, the boy's tattletale of a sister ratted on their drama.

Brittiny and this boy were both using each other as a sneaky-link; phones ruin everything.

Was his sister just looking out for him? Nah, women only care about themselves. She was probably jealous that she wasn't fucking her own teacher and draining his balls like a Capri Sun package.

Brittiny was apparently a Drama teacher.

Instead of 'Jazz hands' she had Jizz Hands.

Oddly enough, she was named/honored 'Rookie Teacher of the Year' by the students at Hialeah Middle School back in 2017. The T.V station cited a tweet that has since been deleted, naturally. In our honest opinion, the award was given a bit prematurely...just like that 14-year old she fricked.

The students obviously recognized greatness within Brittiny. By now, they are probably regretting giving her that title a bit too soon, given the news of her going above-and-beyond for one special student; giving him hummers after practice and riding him like an ocean wave off the shores of Miami-Dade.

The sister found the nudes of this kid's teacher. The more disturbing thing is that she obviously found pics of her brother's bait and tackle in the process.

That's the price you pay for snooping on your bro's phone, bitch.

Now, all she will see at night is her brother's dick when she's trying to figure out how to masturbate; finding the g-spot that all her friends had found out about on the internet.

Life is rough. It's just not fair. You try to do the "right thing" and it backfires on you. Brittiny tried to do the right thing by "being there" for her student in times of need.

Get this.

Brittiny...was named Rookie teacher of the Year back in 2017.

The boy's father also found nudes of Lopez-Murray on his son's phone.

That's a rookie mistake if you're a female teacher trying to go for greatness.

It seems to me that our gurl has been on rookie status since 2017 and has not leveled-up.

Ditch the phones. What ever happened to old fashion note passing in class?

Burn after reading.

Who really lost out here? Sadly, it was the 14-year old boy.

Everyone's high school drama teacher was/is a flamboyant fag or possible tranny. A gay man.

This kid had Brittiny. Life is not fair.

Was this all just an act for Brittiny? Or, are her feelings true?

The only way to know this is to ask the all-important question, "Did she cum?"

Was she sopping wet when this boy slid his shlong up her sliz?

Did her eyes roll back into her head when he feverishly finished deep inside, shooting a massive rope against her cervix, screaming out, "holy fudge ripple, what a good cream!"

If she was wetter than the wetlands down in the Keys, if that is the case, then we have a true love story here, gentlemen. The only way to confirm this, is if this kid could reach out to us and tell us his tale.

Brittiny, you could as well...everyone would love to hear the juicy details of how your giner got thirsty for teen peen.

We don't get it, was your husband not immature enough? Did he not play enough PS4 around the house while you were gone getting groceries, laying about, eating Chicken Tenders, getting a day kill with a six pack?

Poor hubby got cucked by a 14-year old.

This is truly, Americana.

In American culture, there are few milestones in life for a teen boy:

  • Having your first kiss.

  • Getting your first pube.

  • Shooting your first load.

  • Fucking your female teacher.

  • Graduation.

Funny enough, your female teacher can help you with three of those, for sure.

The rest is honestly meaningless and mundane.

Life loses its taste after that.

If you've fucked your female teacher, you are more of a man and a success, than Jeff Bezos.

The Report Card


It all probably started when the teen said to himself, "Hey, I didn't know Lady Gaga was my Drama teacher..."

It all started in August of this year when our gurl dared to love bomb.

She did, and expressed her feelings toward the teen-boy during a lengthy text session with said underage male. Presumably, he was ecstatic, given the fact that masturbating with a dirty sock was probably getting boring and tiresome.

Brittiny, as a teacher, obviously wanted to give this kid a challenge and push him further as a person.

What could be more dramatic than putting your dick inside of a woman when you're just starting to learn about how to spank it quietly at night so nobody hears? Brittiny knows. She was obviously tired of giving theatrical handjobs to her husband, for six long years.

Six years of marriage for modern women is like 30 years.

According to PEOPLE, Lopez-Murray and the boy met at Starbucks for breakfast.

That's expensive...for a woman... on a teacher's salary nonetheless.

If she paid, you know this is true love and not just about the blowjobs, handjobs and sneaky quick-fucks in the back of her Jeep.

After the quintessential day-date Starbucks breakfast, Brittiny then later sexually abused the boy in her white Jeep.


In addition to these fondling memories, she also would pick the boy up from basketball practice and they'd suck and fuck in her Jeep. I am surprised she never took the boy out for Chinese food because clearly, Brittiny enjoys the Cum-of-Sum-Yung-Guy.

The two allegedly exchanged texts about "how much they enjoyed the sex with each other," according to the affidavit.

Police got involved after the alleged victim's sister "became suspicious of the way the victim was on his phone, making sure no one would see what he was doing," the affidavit states.

The boy's sister was able to get the phone and allegedly saw "explicit text messages and photos" exchanged between Lopez-Murray and the teen.

The boy's sister alerted the boy's father, who searched the phone and also allegedly saw the text messages and photos.

The dad definitely forwarded those pictures of Brittiny to his own phone before saying anything to the authorities, let's be honest here.

"The defendant also groomed, enticed, encouraged the victim to send child pornography images by writing things such as, 'perfect, and yum,'" states the affidavit.



School officials first suspected something was wrong when the spring play schedule included theatrical renditions of “Debbie Does Dallas” and “Catch Her in the Rear”.

Just kidding.

Although, any woman who hyphenates her name is a thot. If she can't take the man's name, that means she didn't respect him in the first place.

But seriously, rookie teacher of the year and ascend to greatness.

Throwing everything away just to get some fleeting orgasms from a 14-year old pounding awkwardly into your desperate cunt.

Married for six years, who cares?

Teaching career, gone!

A normie-conformy lifestyle of "Hunny, I'm home from cheating on you with a teen." Vanished, just like Brittiny's Twenties.

What now? Become a yoga teacher?




90% of women look horrendous without make-up.

That's why men invented light switches.

Look at that mugshot. Is she sad about getting caught, losing her marriage and career? Or, is she upset because she will never experience getting filled to the brim by a 14-year old?

These questions are serious...

Honestly, she looks young for 31. She most likely said the same thing to herself about the 14-year old boy. I guess fucking and sucking the cum out of the youth will do that to you.

She’s not super hot and has a wonky tooth, but 14-year-old me would have beat-it incessantly to her if she was my teacher.

Think on it for a minute, and take yourself back to when you were a teen. Imagine knowing that your Drama teacher, who looked like her (not her mug shot, but in everyday presentation make-up) wanted to pick you up after your basketball practice and let your practice on her. Letting you cream inside, all you want.

That's like giving heroin to a 14-year old boy.

When your female teacher spells her name 'Brittiny' instead of the common spelling of know she fucks. Attention-whore.

When your fairly attractive female teacher also wears a choke necklace, you have to understand that she also probably does anal.

Freaky, bitch. The 14-year old student was obviously ahead of his time in the Venusian arts, red-pilled even at such a young age. He understood that his Drama teacher lived by the motto, "Fuck hard and often." Pedos, also tend to follow this life rule.

The boy was having the time of his life, and now it's all down hill from here.

Peaking in high school is one thing, but when you've banged a fairly-attractive female teacher...that's beyond peak, bro. That's heaven. That's a future book deal with juicy royalties.

Brittiny only has one picture all over the internet.

That's not going for greatness, sweetheart.

You have to do better than that.

It's too bad, because her story is really's just lacking in the all- important, presentation category. In fact, the only category that really...really matters is this one.

It's a shame...I really wanted pull out my huge, thick, meaty marker and give our gurl here, a stamping; give her a big A (or D).

However, we don't have any body shots. Christ, Brittiny, you live in Florida and no social media? Where we can see you on a goddamn surfboard with some bikini pics?!

Sloppy, lazy. Hopefully you didn't just 'starfish' for that boy.

That would be the real crime here.

Seriously, women 'star-fishing' should be illegal and punishable by law.

To be fair, I don't believe that Brittiny would star-fish...except for her husband.

The thrill, the sneaky-link of that magnitude. Nothing will ever compare.

That's the true travesty in all of this.

Dude could go sky-diving, cliff hang, bungee jump, hunt an endangered species and never come close to the feeling of dicking down your decent looking female Drama teacher. It's a blessing and a curse. Technology brought these two together, it also ruined them.

The only trail your female teacher should be leaving, is the snail trail on your cock and your lower abdomen from her juicy pussy.

When you are 14-years old and tired of fricking your gym sock..


Is really going to look more like..



Overall Grade



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