Gym Teacher, Rochelle Cressman, Raped A 14-Year Old And Threatened To Kill Herself If He Told Anyone

Original story at DailyMail

  • Rochelle Cressman, 33, entered guilty pleas to three statutory sexual assault counts, each one carrying a sentence of up to 20 years

  • Cressman was a gym teacher at Titusville Middle School in May 2019 when she was arrested for repeatedly having sex with her 14-year-old student

  • She was initially charged with 66 counts, but prosecutors agreed to drop 63 of them as part of plea deal

  • Probable cause affidavit said Cressman and the victim had sex twice a week from September 2018 through April 2019

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It's time we all start believing women; we believe Rochelle raped that 14-year old boy. There, are you happy now?

The Report Card


Rochelle supplanted herself into the belly of all hormonal nightmares: Teen Phys-ed.

It would become a perfect vantage point for her to scope-out any aspiring Chads, promising performances in the bedroom.

She had all day to do her homework, starring at which teen boys were the most energetic, athletic; whom could possibly dig-out her pussy better than her husband?

Sweaty teen boys giving off crazy pheromones', and perhaps flooding Rochelle with compliments of their own, commenting on her 'spanky shorts' and presumably, beefy camel toe. All resulting in her pussy drooling and flooding her panties. She just couldn't take it anymore; she had to slide her sliz, and abuse a 14-year old's willing willie.

Rochelle is...was a gym teacher. Those who can't do, teach; those who can't teach, teach gym.

Our go-gurl was tired of being a nobody. She decided to make a name for herself and go for Greatness...1-2 times a week for seven months, to be precise.

Instead of medicating her psychotic troubles with head-meds like any normal White, woman from America, Rochelle instead got a prescription for teen-penis and the resulting dopamine rush of a taboo affair.



Sucking and fucking off a teen boy, to then making terroristic threats. Oh. The. Drama!

It's no wonder why nobody takes women seriously these days...

Rochelle was apparently having marital issues with her husband. Women are apparently "great communicators". Rochelle "communicated" to her husband via sucking and fucking the shaft of a teen boy. Sounds super effective and completely rational, ladies.

Her credibility was blown, just like that teen boy's cock. How can anyone believe Rochelle's threats of self-harm and mutilation, when she can't even uphold simple marital vows?

Remember, a woman like Rochelle is allowed to vote, have a job and sign business contracts such as a marriage contract. 14-year old boys getting their main vein drained is the least of society's worries at the moment.

Threatening to kill herself or harm the boy, well, that is the cherry on-top of this sexy sundae to get Rochelle's grade an extra inch up to Greatness!



Rochelle is presenting as that psycho chick who is great in bed, but then steals your car in the morning to go cry in the woods all afternoon; threatens to kill herself if she can't have your cock 24/7 to make the pain go away.

For a gym teacher, Rochelle is OK. If 14-year old me had this psycho-slut for P.E, it would be a solid WOOD.....would bang. Objectively, however, Rochelle is 32-years old, hitting the Wall, and without better pictures of her body we cannot make a solid call on this one.

In the Court of The Red Island, we determine guilt based on how hot the female teacher is; it may be a miss trial at this moment. We treat women as equals, and just like how women find only unattractive men guilty of harassment/sexual assault, and let attractive men off the hook/let things slide, we will do the same.

One crucial question for Rochelle right now is this: Does the carpet match the drapes? She appears to be a red head, but has dyed her hair in other times in her life.

She even does Real Estate on the side! Rochelle is absolutely ticking off all the slut boxes. Chicks who are serial sluts/psycho can be found in these fields:

  • Sales/marketing

  • Real Estate

  • Nursing

  • Teaching

She looks like Maeby from the T.V series, Arrested Development

We really like 'Real Estate' Rochelle over here; nice teeth, straight hair...happy to go down on you for the sale.

She won't show her face...but she showed us a bit of her ass. Next time wear yoga pants to Court, show some skin. We can't take you seriously as a Female Sex Scandal teacher if you want to play coy!

OK, that's what time approximately did your legs open on the night of September 20th, 2019?

If your lawyer wears a fedora, you're probably going to jail.


Overall Grade



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