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Hate For The Holidays: 'Tis The Season To Hate The Homeless

Hate For The Holidays is this year's timely comedy sketch that is sure to spread the joy of hating for all!

It is 50 minutes of a seasonal rant which addresses those whom are less fortunate.

I know! Finally... someone who cares!

Well, it's time they[Degenerates] get the attention they need. It's time to solve the issue of poverty once and for all! It's time to make Christmas and the holiday season better for everyone... who pays taxes and actually produces something of value for society.

So sit back, pour yourself a stiff drink and put another log on the fire. Get your side-piece/gf to suck your sack and drain your balls after she fires-up Amazon and orders you the Hate4theholidays package! The perfect stocking stuffer for those not woke and gay!

Seasons beatings to all (homeless tweekers & 7-day weekers), and to all a violent night!


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