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Husband Of Kandice Barber, Accused of Banging Teen, says 'we were trying for a baby at the time'

Original article at TheSun

During the last hearing of Kandice’s trial we were left with a juicy, throbbing and enticing bean-size of a caveat: That Kandice’s husband was going to testify with “evidence” at the next hearing.

Seeing this written in the write-up, I was intrigued to say the least.

What could this evidence be? Is it as earth shattering as the orgasms Kandice most likely had, bobbing up and down on that 15-year-old’s Pepsi can penis?

Surely, if someone like Mr. Barber were to take the stand and testify, it had to be super-duper important to not go unheard, right?

I was thinking, “Maybe he, somehow, has proof that her phone was hacked and that those nudies of her actually did get magically sent out, specifically to students at the school she taught at..”

I mean, the odds are just astronomical, but evidence such as that pie-in-the-sky would boldly put this case to rest, if so.

Instead, we get this bombshell of a sappy, sniveling, beta-cuck reveal:

“Evidence” that gives our theory—that Kandice tried to cuck her husband by fucking an aspiring teen Alpha without protection— a lot of credence.

The Hubby

If a husband says that his wife is his “champion”, or “his rock”, he is a cuck/ beta extraordinaire.

This guy is hopeless, it’s sad. He should have spent more time reading my work instead of breeding litters of children from at least two different thotianas.

He has no idea what is happening to him, and why his “wife” is in the trouble that she is right now.

This case is a microcosm of our Western society, and the details are truly telling. Without this reveal of beta, we would not have the insight into why Kandice “allegedly” started fucking a 15-year old for his quality sperm, and big fucking cock, apparently.

Egalitarian relationships do not work, and will ultimately fail on the Universal Laws of Inter-Sexual Dynamics. The man is supposed to be the “rock” in a relationship, not the other way around. If you go against biology, life will fuck you harder than that 15-year old boy did to your "wife".

The man is supposed to lead; otherwise, your woman will end up resenting you for it, and see you as weak. Sex is an aggressive, penetrative act. If a woman sees you as weak, how is she suppose to picture herself getting pounded into the next solar system by you?

Again, it’s no wonder why Kandice is “alleged” to have had an affair, and tried to get a more virile dude to put seed into her quivering, cunt.

It appears that Mr. Barber’s display of ultra-beta weakness didn’t stop there, with all of his pussy-praising, mangina-feminist phrasing.

Prosecutor Richard Milne read out Mr Barber's statement to police, in which he described being unhappy at work around the time of the alleged offences.

The statement read: "I was having a rough time at work, my new job at Morrisons was not going well, I was quite down.

If a woman senses, or gets word of her husband’s utility being in jeopardy, she will quickly begin to pivot, or at the very least, begin securing another branch. Whether that branch be full of seed, resources or attention she will have a back-up.

When a man is stressed, his libido suffers. Kandice wasn’t getting dicked-down enough and was also trying to get preggers, again…for the umpteenth time it would seem.

"I felt frustrated, I'd come home deflated, whinge and moan to Kandice, she was very supportive and talked to me about work."-Mr. 'Beta' Barber

This is what women do. Women come home defeated and bitch to their husbands about how much they hate their other female co-workers, the job and flap their gums about trivialities.

Kandice’s husband, as we have already pointed out, is the woman in this relationship. No sex operation required.

Women don’t get wet in the panties when a man displays female traits. Kandice was wearing the pants—for most of the time, except with the 15-year old— while Mr. Barber wetted his.

It continued: "My downer about work did not affect our relationship, it certainly did not cause us to argue."

Buddy, who are you trying to convince? So you are telling us that your spiraling depression, mope-fest around the house, lamenting like a loser didn't cause friction between you and a human woman? You married the unicorn, the only woman in the Western world that would not cringe and have serious doubts about the security of her 3 kids( he has two of his own)?

Well, congratulations? I can't understand why you look so down and out these married a one of a kind! Cheer up!

Of course it did, otherwise, why would you even dignify that insinuation with a response? That is exactly what most likely happened, because that is how something like this starts. That exact scenario is the very thing that causes a woman to start arguing (testing) with her man.

Every day is a shit test when you are married. When you are designated beta, your life is one giant shit-test after another.

That type of negative energy a man brings home, or to the relationship, will always cause instability.


Well, you are supposed to be her rock! Again, when a man starts behaving and acting like a woman, it will dry up that pussy so fast it will feel like sandpaper.

Women absolutely hate being “the rock”. No matter how much bullshit society feeds everyone about how women and men are "equal", nothing will ever change biology. They[women] hate being the “rock” because that means, responsibility.

That means she is now responsible for someone else’s feelings and bullshit.

That means, she now has to put someone other than herself, above her.

That entails that she now has to regard someone else’s feels above her own.

Don’t be a fucking idiot, a woman marries a dude because she needs a draft horse; at that point you are a second class citizen in her eyes. There are two types of men in this world for women : Those for breeding with (fuck'n dat pussy); those who are for utility purposes only (BETA!).

Women are solipsistic; they do not care for other people, other than themselves, unless they will benefit from it. Women do not love in the same way that a man does. Women love opportunistically; men love romantically.

She certainly could care less about what men are going through because, as a man, you are suppose to “man-up” and take charge. Women can’t even take care of themselves and be responsible for their own bullshit, case in point: Kandice’s rape case.

The Mom

Notice how Kandice's father can’t be reached for comment?

With every step forward we get more and more data points, more confirmation of what we already knew in the back of our minds. Kandice comes from a broken family. Her husband is broken as well; a perfect match. They have 5 fucking kids between them both, from other broken relationships. Kandice and her husband, for God knows what reason, wanted to bring another mouth to feed into this world. Obviously, she wanted to secure her marriage with her husband via having spawn with him (Family Courts, future vaginamony, child-support, resource cementing).

Kandice is 35-years old and hitting the Wall as I type this. Yeah, Kandice’s fertility clock is striking midnight, not exactly the prime time spot for introducing another spawn into the stream.

We now have a society so full of degenerates from broken families, ensuring that the vicious cycle will forever continue until complete ruin: Degenerates teaching degenerates, who will then breed even more degenerates. This blog will be busy for the foreseeable future. Thanks Leftism!

Jurors heard how her mum Dawn Green told cops the teacher had admitted sending Snacpchat messages to the lad but denied any “intimacy”.

That should be the telling point of this entire case. Of course she is denying intimacy because Snapchat is an app for sending nudes that erase moments after viewed. No evidence of transmission like in an email.

Nervous Mrs Green told Aylesbury Crown Court: "Kandice told me she had been arrested and it was something to do with a student at school. She did not go into any details, she told me it happened in October 2019.

Um, pretty sure it happened in 2018…who's lying?

"Kandice confirmed there had been no intimacy but she had been Snapchatting him for a few weeks. She said ‘I know I have been silly mum’ and I agreed with her and told her she had been silly.

Your daughter is either a complete moron or is lying. I am betting, both. Why take the convos to Snapchat when a perfectly good email, text or phone convo could suffice. Oh, right, I forgot…nudes!

"I asked her to swear on her life nothing had happened and she did swear in her life."

What did you think she was going to say, the truth? She’s a woman, and women would of course never, ever, lie, right?

Mrs Green said she had been “flabbergasted" when her daughter was arrested and understood it was something to do with a student harassing her.

You can really tell a person’s age when they use the word “flabbergasted”. My bet is, kandice's mom's tits look like the pancakes I had for breakfast this morning...

Oh, and I re-use my Aunt Jemima bottle, and always have it on display when people enter the kitchen. All you 'Cancelers' can go fuck and kill yourselves.

When asked whether she had known that her daughter had topless pictures on her phone, she replied: "It would not surprise me, I have photographs of myself topless too."

First off, gross.

Secondly, of course… the apple doesn’t fall far from the rotted tree.

But again, please tell me, no, show me the proof that her phone was hacked.

We are all still waiting with bated breath here.

I mean, to make a bold statement as such, the defense must have evidence, no?


Providing your mom and husband as “witnesses” and their statements as “evidence” is not convincing.

It’s Circumstantial at best.

What everyone is looking for is something called Direct evidence.

Your mom and husband have no credibility because their statements are biased, naturally. Of course hubby is going to cuck himself and fall on the sword, because he is so far stuck in the Blue Pill Matrix he couldn't save himself even if someone gave him a copy of Uncle Nick: Diary of a Misanthrope to read.

It's almost too late for him at this point. But, there is still hope.

Of course her mom is going to back her daughter up, 'nervously'.

This to us is a clear case of attempted cuckoldry, via the peen of a teen.

Again, the phone was apparently “hacked”.

Still waiting: Patiently waiting on that direct evidence.

We all can’t wait for what more is to come…


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