Married Alabama Teacher, Ashton McCluskey, Fucked Student Related To Local Police Station Worker

Original Story at DailyMail

  • Ashton Alana McCluskey, 27, was arrested by the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday and released on a $50,000 bond.

  • McClusky has been charged with two felony counts of Sexual Conduct With a Student under the age of 17.

  • She has also been ordered not to have any contact with the alleged victim, the relative of a Sheriff's Office employee.

  • McClusky faces a sentence between 2 to 20 years and a permanent ban on her teaching license.

The one big obvious question here, that everyone including the investigators want to know: " Is the student-victim her cousin?"

Well, it's Alabama and there is sex leaning towards a yes?

If not, then we believe that the state of Alabama is taking a step forward in the direction of progress; graduating from banging their cousins, to just banging underaged teens.

"Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told WHNT that the investigation was turned over to the SBI because the alleged incident involves a family member of a sheriff’s office employee."

I read that part too quick, like you did. I saw the words "family member" and instantly got Pornhub category vibes.

You see, in the small towns and cities in Alabama, you can't fuck anyone without there being a conflict of interest, family member or not.

If you bang someone, they are going to be related to someone you know.

Man, Ashton really set herself up to fail here.

After all, she is a woman!

"McCluskey graduated from Brooks High School and has been married for three years, associates of hers told Pen-N-Sword."

Don't worry, I checked. Ashton's husband is not her cousin...I think; he is way taller than her and has slightly better genetic traits. On the other hand, if they are related, it would make sense as to why she wanted to go ahead and fuck her non-related student, instead of him.

This could be the only possible defense strategy at the upcoming trial.

Hm, so many possibilities.

Too many questions, here.

If you didn't already realize, Ashton is fat.

Roll Tide, indeed!

We will get to that later-on, in The Report Card.

"According to Facebook posts, McCluskey was awarded a Distinguished Young Woman of Lauderdale County scholarship while a senior in high school in 2011."

The future is female; it's full of fat entitled Ashtons wreaking havoc without consequences; slaps on the wrists at the very least for felony rape charges.

Ashton, distinguished in the fine art of packing teen peen down her cock-pocket and letting him fill-up that fat, fucking pussy like a Boston Cream donut.

If Ashton was still fucking her husband (doubtful), then it begs the question: "Could he not hit the G-spot on that 12 pound pussy?"

If not, then that is a real problem. The problem being that even an average-sized sliz-slitter wouldn't register a hit inside of a pussy like Ashton's.

This makes us come to the assumption that Ashton's student-victim, might indeed, have what we like to call, a nig-nog nine incher: An Alabama Black snake.

Why else would a 27-year old fat, fucking behemoth like Ashton seek lustful refuge with a minor if it were not because of his rock-star cock?

Ashton could've just snuck out at night and went down to the local University pubs; get blitzed like a UK hoe to then let the football team practice their hail Mary's and go deep on that end-zone.

However, for some odd reason, Ashton felt the nagging urge to drain a young boy's balls like a mountain goat that was found in the Afghan foot hills.

It says the student was under the age of 17, yet Ashton taught the 7th grade.

Makes sense, in Alabama there are probably a lot of 16-year old's still in the 7th grade...

"McCluskey has taught at the high school for the past three years and is also affiliated with Champion Cheer Athletics, a private cheer-leading gym, local magazine Pen-N-Sword reported."

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader.

You can never escape the past. All those nights getting spit-roasted by the varsity squad, it's no wonder why Ashton can't stop filling that void years later with food, and young cock.

"She was reportedly on the cheer team at the University of Alabama, where she received her teaching degree in 2017, the outlet reported."

Classic Hoe fairytale: Cheerleader graduates college, married her high school sweetheart; worked her teaching career for three years; realized her pussy was sad; fills it with the fountain of youth.

Women are like children.

High school is usually when most women peak in looks and popularity/male attention. Some of them, like Ashton, just can't let go of those prime years.

Offering your cooter-up to a thirsty teen student, yeah, you are probably going to get all of that attention back onto you, even if you're a slight chunker, like Ashton.

The Report Card


Using some of the cheerleader moxie, Ashton sought to relive her better days by going on a steady diet of cum from some young guy.

When you say it out loud and ten times fast, it sounds like an Oriental diet.

She most likely caught our victim's eye by wearing one of her old cheer uniforms to class for 'show & tell' and gave the boy a private lesson in how to 'poke the pie' when being a base boy, holding up a flyer.

Even though Ashton is 30 pounds overweight, the uniform takes off about 5; not a lot of guys can resist the fantasy, especially horny teen boys.

Horny female teacher + former University of Alabama cheerleader= Why not?

You get a double-feature fantasy fuck, minus the tight body and pussy.

An easy lay, and possibly an easy A. The ROI is pretty good for a teen.

The ROI for Ashton was negative. The main question though is : "Did she cum?"



Married for three years, taught for three years; could serve 2- 20 years.

Life moves pretty fast for these horny female teachers.

If they don't stop and look around once and a while, they will miss the fact that they could've just bought a massive Black dildo on Amazon for $25 UD and saved themselves the trouble.

Black dudes love fat White Chicks.

We are pretty sure that Ashton, back in her cheer days, took a lot of nig-nog nine inchers down in the deep south.

Her husband probably knows this if he ever did try to consummate their marriage. It would've felt like sticking your dick inside the soaked sleeve of a leather jacket.

Look, we all know that women receive a different standard of justice than men. If anything, Ashton will get a slap-on-the-ass, along with being put on the Sex- Offender list.

She'll be back on the streets where she belongs, in no time at all.



Ashton didn't want to go for greatness; her social media is blocked/set to private. Not a problem, all we had to do was go to her husband's (soon to be ex, hopefully) Facebook. These dumb broads don't realize that taking your Facebook down is useless if you don't tell your husband/family members to put theirs on private as well.

The only downside getting access to the husband's Facebook is that all of the pictures are going to be PG 13; mostly couple shots; no racy bikini pics intended to spike Chad's curiosity.

Turns out, when scavenging through hubby's pics, Ashton and hubby have been an item since high school. Classic.

Probably didn't get any blowjobs with that metal mouth...

This is when Ashton learned how to hunt 'young bucks'...

Rivelino, is his dick pointing too much her way?

Married, no kids; only a fur-baby. And we wonder why America is an empire in decline...oh, and the women are degenerates...almost forgot that one.

They could be cousins...I'm starting to see a resemblance.

What's up with her left leg? Looks like it's on backwards...

Our boy proposed in jeans and flip-flops,

no wonder she fucked her student.


That's one thick bitch. Thicc, but she looks fun. She probably sucks very good cock, mind you. I wouldn't put it past her if she also knew how to cook a good meal, after said sucking of the cock.

To be honest though, That’s EXACTLY how I pictured bama’s cheerleaders.

Ashton was obviously not a flyer; bottom of the pyramid type of cheerleader, for sure.

That body is sure made up of Bama country cookin'!

Either all the cheerleaders look like this in Bama, or this chick's daddy had money to move her to the head of the line. Daddy, definitely bought her off the flag team.

We feel sorry as always for the hubby. But seriously, after we saw that he got down on one knee in jeans and flip-flops donning a D-bag haircut, it was easier to see Ashton's side of the love story.

Sadly, for Ashton, her arms look like ham hocks and she is more rotund than a cheerleader should be, even by Bama standards. This, truly affects one's grade severely. Ashton is a sport-fuck and a half. Great for practice but not for showing off at the county fair if you are expecting to win first place.


Overall Grade



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