Mormon Students Skipped Class To Have Sex With Idaho Teacher, Amanda Steele, In Her Hot Tub

Original story at TheSun

  • Amanda Katherine Steele was sentenced to 90 days in prison and a seven-year probation period on Tuesday

  • Steele, 35, of Soda Springs, Idaho pleaded guilty to felony counts of injury to a child in June

  • The married mother admitted to having sexual relationships with multiple underage boys in 2017

  • The victims, including a 17-year-old boy, would skip school and Latter-Day Saint seminary so that they could have sex with Steele, prosecutors said

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The Report Card


Who doesn't love hot tubs? Amanda was playing a young chick's game, by inviting some high school boys over, one-by-one to her backyard fun.

What teen boy wouldn't skip class, or seminary in order to have sex with his fairly attractive, experienced female teacher?

Amanda clearly gave these students some difficult and hard homework; some ball busting choices to consider: Either stay in class, pray and go down on their knees...or, Amanda could go down on hers, and drain their balls after a nice hot tub sesh.

Amanda was committed to bending-over backwards for these boys; she put her legs, along with her career and marriage up... on the chopping block. The public doesn't see this: All the public sees is a horny female teacher only considering her own selfish desires. All we can see over here is a woman with a name that was more fit for the stage instead of being responsible for the safety and well being of children.



Amanda Steele was married. Gee, what a shocker.

Her and her husband were having 'marital problems'.

Gee, again, are we surprised?

Amanda was religious.

On paper, it seems that Amanda is not very good at upholding legal, and or social contracts, along with spiritual. And yet, she is still allowed to vote.

Amanda still got a job. She is going to be serving virtually no time in jail for a crime that, if committed by a man, would most certainly ruin his life and land him in jail until his eventual suicide.


We believe Amanda raped some boys in her hot tub. How do we know this? Well, she pleaded guilty to doing so. Amanda, no doubt, probably told her husband she loved him on their wedding day.


Amanda, also lied to her husband when he asked if there was something going on between her and teenage boys, when he caught her with one of them in their marital hot tub (water bed). She of course denied it and said that he was, "being ridiculous".


Amanda Steele is a immature slut, out for her own hypergamous, and selfish desires. She is not a unicorn; she is a woman.



When I first saw the mugshot of Amanda, my first thought was, "Damn, what a neck!" Count Orlok in Nosferatu would for sure, get a boner over that stretch of real estate!

My second thought was, "Where are the sweater puppies?"

Amanda seems to be flatter than a 17-year old boy. Not good.

Her lack of social media gives us here nothing to go on and we undoubtedly hurt her overall grade, significantly. This is a crying shame for everyone watching. Even the Court on the Zoom call doesn't seem to be amused or impressed with Amanda's appearance, looking like she is gunning for Patrick Bateman's job down on Wall Street during the Yuppie years in JewYork.

She has the android eyes, though.

Fembot is obvious fembot.

Amanda has the eyes of a good cock-sucker, and seasoned slut.

She looks like a former American Party-gurl, no doubt.

I can't imagine the horror of getting a hot-tub chubby, then the tuggy from her.

Pray for the victims, their hands are sore from all the high-fives they are receiving from friends, family and especially....their fathers.

Amanda is stunned, that four men are not impressed by her low-cut top.


Overall Grade



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