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Not Your Boomer Grandfather's Front Line

On today's show we point out the severity of the Chinese virus: It's not 'unprecedented' because some nurses are attention-whoring all over Tik Tok.

  • Nurses (modern women) on their phones, on Tinder, on Tik Tok during work hours? Sounds like a normal( not unprecedented) work day to me!

  • We go over the hard to explain definitions of WORK and PLAY; what a job is and what free time is.

  • The 'pandemic' has made my life better and worse (not really) at the same time.

  • We wonder if WWII soldiers ever attention-whored on the front-line.

  • We address a beta, mangina, white knighting faggot from Twitter.

  • A list of the gayest words to be normalized by the mainstream during this 'pandemic'.

Honorable Mention| The Great One, Himself


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