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RIDING DIRTY: Former Female Teacher, Loryn Barclay, Admits to Sex With 17-year old; Takes Plea Deal

Original Story at Metro

Look'n great for no fake-up

A substitute teacher who had sex with a 17 year-old boy at his house and in a park has avoided jail.

Loryn Barclay was handed a three year suspended prison sentence Monday after striking a plea deal which saw her admit harassment of a person under the age of 17.

The case came to light in April 2017 after the Monett Police Department received a tip that Barclay was possibly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old Monett High School student, according to the News-Leader.

According to the Times, Barclay, who was 24 at the time, admitted to having sex with the teen twice at his home as well as having oral sex with him at a park in November and December 2016.


We somehow or another missed this case back in June 2017. Sometimes the hot ones slip through the cracks, rarely. It happens. That is why it is important, as a FTSS detective, to always be on your toes like a midget at a urinal.

Loryn's dalliance (love triangle) is almost like any other romantic tragedy that we've all experienced in our lives:

Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl fucks another boy; boy loses girl; boy forgets girl; boy remembers girl.....and girl dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's day.

Goodyear? No, it was a bad year...

In Loryn Barclay's tale, the only thing that died was her 'career' as a para-professional, substitute teacher. Along with this, her then boyfriend's[ex] heart at the time; soul crushed... like Loryn's pussy after many 'riding' lessons with her student.

Brief Summary

Up until the summer of 2017 (June), Loryn Barclay was most likely riding only two things: Her horses and one of her students; not her boyfriend.

Yes, Loryn had a boyfriend at the time and if you'd look at his facebook page right now in 2020, one could hazard a guess that they were still dating even today.

They are not.

Glen Scott was obsessed(still is?) with her and was no doubt the hard-stomping, traditional, beta buck type of boyfriend that Loryn could show off to her other heartland friends and family as window dressing: A primer and a coat of paint if you will to hide the ugliness that was brewing inside; the deep and gushy tingles dripping down her leg, to the stirrups, for that young teen cock to which Loryn needed inside her vagina.

Loryn Barclay Has An Affinity for Horses, Traveling, & Young Cock

Our gurl, shortly after her arrest, had taken down her original Facebook page. She has since populated a new one along with a new look and lifestyle branding on Instawhore.

On her original Twitter & Facebook:

Barclay posted about traveling to London, family, and horses. One post read, “A boat party on the Thames River tonight…. Behind us is the London Eye. ❤”

On a post that showed her with horses, she wrote, “Already missing my boys. They’re gunna be so excited to have 4 months of no workouts. Back at it come May… ☀💪”

She wrote on YouTube that she raised and trained barrel horses.

From looking at Barclay's new, fresh branding, our gurl has completely reinvented herself in order to dust off that dirty dick to which she had sucked in one county and fucked in another.

God-fearing graphic designer + marketing chick at what we believe is her sister's [Sammie McCracken (Barclay)] business. When times get tough, or when you decide to suck & fuck a student instead of your beta boyfriend, you can always pull up your panties/jeans; wipe the cum from your pussy and mouth, and turn to family!

Loryn's Former Cowboy Boyfriend (BFF) Had An Affinity for Her

How do we know this? Well, it is simple.

Who still keeps their Facebook page up after an ordeal like that?; keeps all their couplepics open and dialogue.

When all of this went down in the summer of 2017, our boy apparently got absolutely roasted by friends and keyboard warriors from across the interwebs who had found his page. He even had his mom chime in on his page to defend him and even Loryn's honor.

Bro, next time this happens to you...for fuck's sake, make your Facebook page PRIVATE.

Kevin Jones is a savage.....

That is not all...

The amount of cringe that you're about to see will make your own cock and balls want to invert into your pelvic region, turning you into a he-she. The simp nature of Loryn's former boyfriend Glen, is so gay you will want to drop your pants in the NY subway system's bathroom; take another man's cock into your ass.

If you, as another man, get sick to your stomach by reading the beta poetry below, then how dry do you think it made Loryn's pussy when she read it years ago?

Oh yes, she virtue-signaled the fuck out of her responses....for the cameras and optics. She had to play the role of modest girlfriend. It is clear that Glen was head-over-stupid for her; he was the nicest guy in the world.

Nice guys finish last; Chad will finish first all over your GF's face, neck, chest, back and thighs...

Mike savage, you.

Glen throughout his FB consistently demonstrates how he views himself to Barclay: Lower value to her.

We don't condone Barclay's behavior, however, this is one of the main reasons why we are seeing more and more women turn to young cock in order to get satisfied. The young males are the only game in town left with raging testosterone!

This type of BFF behavior does not make a woman drip juice from her lower lips down to her boots: It only encourages them to seek alpha elsewhere and keep their beta boyfriend on the side as window dressing.

Almost like how a good Catholic girl uses her religion as a shield or ruse to hide behind, while she is out fucking the football team before she attends church in the morning to show Daddy that she's a good girl.

Even though its FB and we can only see the surface as to what Glen and Barclay's relationship was like, from this display of utter beta-throb it is clear to see that Barclay would've gotten bored, very fast.

Most likely turned to horse riding as a means for extra 'stimulation' down there.

Horse chicks are always a mess/crazy. There is also sexual psychology behind women and their love of horses/riding.

It's called getting 'HORSED'.

Loryn Barclay Got 'Horsed'; Needed More Stimulation Instead of Her BF's Facebook Poetry

Is there a bigger red flag than this? I have never met a worthwhile "horse girl" in my life.

Imagine combining the intense love of a pet, like a dog, with the pleasure and devotion you get from riding and maintaining a precision machine like a motorcycle. Power & Control. Sex for women is about power and control. Now add in that this thing[horse] also stimulates your privates and can make you orgasm just from riding around on it. I once knew a married woman who was HORSED, the memes are true. She loved her horse far more than her husband or her family; the marriage was wrecked as a result.

The horse(s) are the men in her life

Not to mention, on top of the inappropriate level of pair bonding that occurs from an animal, whose dong is larger than your arm, rubbing against your vag and clit non-stop, horses are a ridiculous workload. Twice a day they need their stables mucked out; 6AM and again before bed. Mucking out is pretty hard labor involving pitchforking large quantities of filthy hay and shit out of the stable and putting in fresh stuff. Then there is the grooming required to ensure the health of the horses coat etc, inspection of feet for damage/infections and so on. Every single day. It's like caring for an Alpha!

Its the most ultra-high maintenance thing imaginable. Just goes to show how much women can fall in love with a huge piece-of-meat between their legs; they will go to the ends of the earth to take care of that thing even if it bankrupts them!

So, in essence, don't let your daughter near one of those things. It's kind of bizarre that girls seem to have a fascination for them when horses/horse riding were never really meant for women. It's the same with motor bikes, women love them for what they does for them: Orgasms. Empowerment.

Love of horses seems to be almost an exclusively female thing. There is a huge sexual component. When they're riding them, the saddle grinds the clitty and turns them the fuck on.


The Report Card


The whole time Loryn and her boyfriend emotionally masturbated all over their facebook pages about how 'in love' they both were, Barclay was out sucking a 17-year-old student's cock in her car in one county; fucking him at his home in another.

An affidavit in the case alleges that “Barclay said she performed oral sex on the boy in a car at a park located in Lawrence County, Mo. She also admitted she had intercourse with the teen at the boy’s home in neighboring Barry County.”

Riding and hopping around like she does on the ranch with her other lovers[her horses].

What could possibly come close in comparison to the vibration/gyrating nature of a wild beast making your hips buck up and down? A raging and hormonal, teen boy.

Barclay was hired as a substitute teacher in the fall semester of 2016, and in November, she was hired as a paraprofessional. Between November and December of that year is when Barclay began mounting that 17-year old, showing him how to ride dirty. She began her teacher assistant role in January and was relieved of her duties on April 27.

The timeline is interesting. When Barclay's teaching career was hitting a high that was when she decided it would be a good time to go hog wild and spread her legs.

Who needs the provisioning of a beta boyfriend when you can provide for yourself?; it was time to seek out the giner tingles while trying to maintain the facade of being in love with her steady; a fallback to safety, while literally, falling on her back for another dong.

Started and lost her career in dramatic fashion: In a heart-pounding, 8-months! For most women, working for almost a year at any job is to be considered a "life'er".

In the end, the dirty girl eventually came clean; came multiple times with that 17-year-old bronco, I'm sure.



We've all seen the rich irony that is women on social media, posting 'true-isms', inspirational quotes and lamenting about how wonderful their boyfriends are and how 'in love' they are.

It is hilarious to us because we all understand that a woman's love is based in opportunism, unlike a man's which is romantic/unconditional. Sacrificial.

All of us here understand that all women, at any given moment, have 3-4 back-up boyfriends in case their current situation falls apart (80% the girl's doing).

So to see Barclay's facebook posts up until June 2017, playing the innocent girlfriend, is so testimonial to all virtue-signalling sluts out there.

If you ever see a woman post anything that resembles, "you're the best there is to put up with me." she is telling you that your the best sucker out there for her to put up with all the bullshit she will cause you/is causing you and will eventually find out.

The laughter emoji was a slap in the hindsight.

How much you want to bet that Glen already knew, deep within his cowboy heart, that the sun was setting on his dustland fairytale? When he was posting all of his updates, gushing his beta soul out for Loryn, while her pussy was gushy for an aspiring Chad..

Loryn, now, is all about Jesus. It's like there is some sort of blueprint or script out there that these chicks follow....



Loryn Barclay is the type of chick that will probably still be fuckable when she hits past 35-years.

Just a smokeshow.

As long as she stays away from the meth and moonshine, she should be fine.

The type of chick you'd want to just leave your dick in all night.

The type of chick that'd cause you to blow your wad in 8 seconds...

The thing about being a male teen is that even if you blew your lid and got your Ranch dressing all over Barclay in 8-seconds....your bounce-back rate is phenomenal; you could go 8-rounds in an afternoon if you wanted to.

Speaking of bouncing back. Let's get a visual of what Loryn looks like when she rides something between those creamy thighs of hers...

Is that 'reverse cowgirl' or just basic 'cowgirl'?....

Man, just look at dat ass take the blowback.... as its inertia meets the power of a galloping beast.

This is the epitome of fine art.

This is beauty; I bet she came at least twice on that run.

Thanks to Loryn's Instagram and her ex's inability to let go of the past, we have a grand finale of delicious pictures.

This display of openness is a true indication that Barclay wants to go for greatness and is dedicated to being the best FTSS that she can be!

She has been rewarded, greatly, for her presentation.

America: Where the women can go from zero to the fourth of July.

Does that dude even Clearasil? Yeesh...

Ah, to be a modern woman and not be held equally accountable....

Loryn Barclay definitely knows about Clearasil (Photoshop)

She looks even better bare foot, in the kitchen....

Shows us her causal hottness VS her midnight glow..

Who was more lucky to have her, the BF or the teen?

Rhetorical question, yes.

A horse is a girl's best friend....better than any vibrator!


Overall Grade:



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