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SLIZ-ON-SLIZ: Female Teacher & Soccer Coach, Hayley Hallmark, 'played for the other team and scored'

Original story at PEOPLE

A Florida middle school teacher had a two-year sexual relationship with a female student that included secret encounters in her classroom, deputies said.

  • Hayley Hallmark, from Florida, charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with a student by an authority figure.

  • Hallmark, a social studies teacher at Ruckel Middle School, is accused of having inappropriate relationship with teen between 2018 and 2020.

  • Victim, now 17, said she and Hallmark had sexual encounters in teacher's classroom after school and at her home.

  • Hallmark was named the 2011 Escambia County Social Studies Teacher of the Year.


Chance of tongue ring, 100%.

Chance of being into anal, 1000%

Hayley was a former teacher, who also coached the girl's soccer team at Ruckel Middle School located in Niceville, FL. NICE!

Female Soccer coach.

Female victim.

Coach of the Lady Rams means this story checks out.

I have a feeling that Hayley may actually enjoy her time being locked-up...

Thank God 2021 is returning to some form of normalcy; the female teachers are back out banging!

You already know this chick is freakyAF: She is from Florida, for starters; the greatest FTSS state there ever was. According to reports she has been married to a one Jason Hallmark since 2015, and obviously she likes playing for the other team on the side.


Talk about a well-rounded individual with acquired tastes. Her portfolio is diverse and should be pleasing in the eyes of her next woke employer. Hayley did not discriminate between the two genders; she bent-over backwards for both and went above and beyond for her students, especially for the soccer team.

Hayley did play favorites, however. It is probably safe to say that she wanted to "do more" for them as a coach and friend. There just isn't enough time in the day! You know, having a husband and kids of your own to look after.

According to the news release, Hallmark is accused of “having a sexual relationship with a student between August 2018 and August 2020.” The student was 15 when the abuse started, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

I think this is what a true Hallmark greeting is.

For those of you unfamiliar with girl-on-girl, "having a sexual relationship" basically means there was a lot of finger-blasting, tonsil hockey, sliz sliding and maybe some clit-licking. It is unknown if Hayley was the "man" in the relationship and employed the use of a strap-on, or if it got to that sort of based intimacy.

The investigation began Feb. 4 “after the victim confided in a teacher at Niceville High School. The information was then immediately reported by school officials to the School Resource Officer,” says the release.

That is cruel, right before Valentine's Day. Who knows what could have been planned? A romantic holiday ruined, I am sure. This is a pure example of the patriarchy oppressing women and denying them orgasms. Her body her choice. You cannot deny passion, or you are a bigot.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, as a side note, I was late this year sending out all of my cards to all deserving of my admiration. Last night, I almost forgot, but managed to send them all out before the deadline of midnight.

I hope TheGreatOne,Himself got mine in the E-mail. My cards have a certain "style" to them, and look something like this:

TGO has a new twitter account, you can follow it here.

Anyways, where were we?

According to the release, Hallmark started out by texting the girl, and then sexting her, before “leading to multiple physical encounters at multiple locations.”

Women absolutely love sexting. However, they are usually terrible at it.

Ever read Fifty Shades of Grey? That is how women sext. They write you essays full of rambling and unnecessary detail. Just send a nude, ladies, and we can take care of the rest.

Women also love having sex and it leading to even more sex in "multiple locations". Women love journeys. Having sex with a woman should be treated like a European vacation in where you take her to ecstasy via hole-in-the wall locations, that come highly regarded by the locals.

For Hayley, the locations where probably limited to the janitors closet, locker room, her home, the home of the 'victim' and the classroom. However, like a good teacher, she would've told her love interest to "use her imagination": told her to pretend they were finger-blasting each other on a gondola, at night on a Tuscan river, under a blanket, beneath the stars.

On Facebook, Hallmark Shared Positive Messages From Students About Her Teaching:

On her Facebook page, Hallmark posted odes to her teaching; she shared a message from an unnamed person. Her Facebook has been since taken down, naturally. Hayley obviously didn't want to go for greatness. However, some snippets were remembered by the internet it seems.

“Coach, just a quick note to say how awesome you are! Not only as a cousin but I heard as a teacher your (sic) are AMAZING.” The message said another student wanted to be a teacher because “of you and the impact you had in her life. And she couldn’t stop talking beautifully about you.”

Wow, getting family members to pump your own stock. Disgraceful. Sounds a lot like someone I know in real life who also happens to lurk and read this blog out of sheer hatred and jealously for yours truly. Hi, Karen!

Hayley should've taught her students (and cousin) how to write and use proper sentence structure before banging one of them.

For example, "Hayley, I just wanted to say that your are an amazing finger-banger." is incorrect. It is "You're an amazing finger-banger."

I am sure Hayley inspired her student like how most women inspire: By using their vagina to get what they want out of people.

The impact that Hayley left with her mouth, hands and sliz will be felt for decades. Burned into her love interest's memory for life. It pretty easy to say nice things about someone when they've fucked your brains out and finger-blasted you into the next solar system.

When a girl can't stop thinking or talking about you, it means there is a deep emotional attachment. Orgasms are usually like Gorilla glue.

She [Hallmark] shared a graphic that read, “My New Year starts Feb. 1 cause my January still got some 2020 shit goin’ on.”

Hayley wasn't too far off. Her New Year and life actually started on Feb 5th when she was handcuffed and brought in to the Sheriff's office. Kinky, she probably liked that and got wet, instantly.

She also shared a picture of a note and coffee mug, writing, “One of my 6th grade players brought this to me this morning because she said it reminded her of me.”

Not a lot of people realize how much energy it takes to finger-blast at a decent rate. Give bi-curious/lesbians some credit.

In September 2020, she wrote, “So I have the best husband ever. He brought he lunch and then shortly after I had a ‘Beautiful delivery’ the office said. I sent some kids to get it and this is what they came back with. Thank you. Love you!!”

This is classic, textbook virtue-signaling. Usually when women are up to no good and are hiding secrets or body counts, they usually take to social media to present the opposite image. "Peaceful", "compassionate" and "caring" come to mind.

In Hayley's case, her marriage was obviously suffering (so was her sliz) and to make sure her husband (friends and family) didn't suspect anything, she throws up the classic, "look everyone how in-love we are" type of relationship posturing.

Whenever women start virtue-signaling their relationship, understand that something is starting to bubble-up to the surface and it's usually toxic sludge.

Her Facebook page is filled with photos showing Hallmark with her husband. She shared a photo of flowers on her desk, showing signs that read “chaos coordinator” and “world’s best teacher” and “I can’t adult today.”

There's a lot to unpack there.

"World's best teacher". Depends on who is being asked.

If you were to ask her love interest, she'd probably agree.

"Chaos coordinator" is an accurate depiction of women in general.

They cause most of the world's problems, including their own.

"I can't adult today." How about women can't adult in general: Women are children. Women should not have jobs or be allowed to vote. Would you let a child vote and have a job? No.

Now, the fun part begins. The grading.

The Report Card


Even though this is girl-on-girl, Hayley has further proven that young pussy is undefeated.

As soon as I read that Hayley was a soccer coach, I immediately assumed that this was going to be one of the rare bi-curious/lesbian FTSS that we find.

Hayley did what most teenage girls.....sorry, 35-year old women (same thing) would do when they are horny: Get the Snap of their love-interest and start sexting-up a storm.

Women are professionals.....when it comes to cumming. They can type 100 words per minute using their one thumb/hand on their phone whilst having the other shoved deep down their underwear, in a wild fit of imagination and sloshing sounds.

It's just too bad women can't put this much skill or effort into their actual professional careers.

Hayley seemed like your classic, enthusiastic female teacher who tells her students to reach for the stars and also for her groin.

Taking one of her students on a expedition of finger-blasting throughout "multiple locations" including the student's home and Hayley's residence. Leaving their gooey marks on society. Showing the world that "love is love" and that is something you can never take away from them.

The passion cannot be denied, here.



Hayley was named the 2011 Escambia County Social Studies Teacher of the Year.

I wonder if she was the "first female" to be named that title. An achievement that I am sure is of the highest, and one that many women would surely compare to the Medal of Honor. However, if there is no modifier before the title, it is worthless, obviously.

Many would say that Hayley holding that title has not aged well.

I beg to differ.

If you do not agree then you are not respecting the feelings of Hayley's love interest, the girl she finger-blasted in the coat closet, or wherever. To someone out there, Hayley was her teacher of the year. It is her truth, you bigot.

Oh right, Hayley is married since 2015.

How much you want to bet that her husband is OK with this and thinks it's "hawt" and "empowering".

He is probably smiling because he is thinking, "At least I didn't get out-fucked by a teen boy, aspiring Chad."

What is worse, getting out-fucked by a teen boy, or knowing your wife has such low interest in you that she went as far as opting for a slice of pie on the side?

Women normally cheat with other men as a cry for attention; to make the bf/hubby jealous in order for him to start paying more attention to her needs.

Hayley didn't even opt for that.

Instead of giving out A's, Hayley got caught giving out O's.




It's amazing, truly, what make-up can do for a woman.

Police must've arrested her at 5:00 A.M. and pulled her out of bed.

What a rough looking mugshot.

And the upper lip piercing? 100% she also has a tongue ring to get at those "sweet spots" in and around the mound. Hayley likes being the pitcher.

The tooth to Gum ratio is the worst we have seen to date.


Someone get that horse a carrot!

She really does have what we like to call the, "Shark Week smile".

Here is the thing though: Even though this is clearly a girl-on-girl case (soccer coach said it all), if you're a middle or high schooler, you are hitting that and would masturbate to the sweet memories of lasting 30 seconds in her for the rest of your life.

Horse gums or not. If Hayley ever asked her students to spit their gum out during class I would've whispered to her, "You first."

She needs to start dipping tebacky so that she gets the receding gums, and give her teeth a chance to catch up.

Upper-lip piercing is also a good indication of herpes. Any teacher who shows up for work with a piercing like that should be fired on the spot. All you teachers are worried about ((the virus)), well, what about herpes?

Fuck me, that tooth to Gum. She could eat corn on the cob through a chain link fence! Apparently she's also proven that she can eat 8th grade female soccer players as well.

Hayley is definitely a Would Hit and Quit. Not guilty.

If Hayley were to strip or dance after this though, If I owned the club I would probably move her to the 2:00PM slot. If I am a young man needing some practice and want a bang at the bar/club, I would probably move Hayley to the 2:00AM slot; last call.

I suspect, as you will see throughout the collage below that we have of Hayley, that it all started to go downhill with the booger piercing on her upper lip. She looked pretty classy all those years before she got down with the fempowerment mantras.

Don't worry boys, there is more Gum to come!

The great thing about 2020/2021 is that you can just ask the woman to wear a mask if she has a bad Tooth to Gum ratio.

She's got some really nice cans, I'll give her that.

Stop smiling, dammit! You're ruing it!

Geesh, can I have more pixels please?

Women have zero self-awareness. You'd think by 35-years old, Hayley would know that her best features do not include her smile.

At least she likes Crème Brûlée. Keeper.

I am sure she did....more like a high note.


Overall Grade



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