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Teacher, Kate Boozer (28), 'covered classroom windows and had sex with teen student 100 + times'

Original story at Fox2Detroit

A YOUNG man has broken his silence on alleged sexual abuse he endured from a high school Spanish teacher when he was 16 years old and she was 28.

*The Red Island has obtained exclusive photos of Boozer.


In all the years of covering FTSSs, not once have we had a 'victim', the aspiring Chad come forward to tell his truth.

Happy New Year, fellas!

We are starting 2021 off with an explosive love story, one for the ages.

What could be better than getting the dirty details, the memoir, another data point in confirming what we've already suspected?

These female teachers are sleeping with the aspiring Chads, the 'football' stars of the high school in question. We have exclusive photos, because mainstream 'journalists' truly suck huge cock at their jobs and cannot compete with The Red Island.

This story deserves our full effort and attention. Let's begin by going through what sounds to be, a true nightmare of horny platitudes. Thoughts and prayers, we here cannot imagine the pain and suffering following 100 super-fucks with the prime cooter of a hot and popular Spanish teacher like, Kate Boozer.

The Love Story, His Truth

Ryan Crue (AKA Chad extraordinaire) claims his high school Spanish teacher, Kate Boozer, had sex with him more than 100 times and had the classroom windows covered with black construction paper so they would not be discovered, FOX 2 Detroit reported earlier this week.

Nothing says, "I am dedicated to fucking my teen student" like keeping him afterschool to hang construction paper on the classroom windows, in order for you two to fuck like it's Armageddon.

Kate created the build-up and sexual tension with her 'arts and crafts time' during those long minutes of covering-up their affair with cheap paper from China. She must've been dripping down her leg and onto the floor the entirety of that pre-sex exercise.

100 times is a lot of fucking.

Lets do a quick and fun math lesson, shall we class?

There are 52-weeks in a calendar year. Now, how many times a week can we estimate that Kate sucked and fucked the teen legend...'victim', hm?

100/52 weeks = 1.92 suck & fucks per week.

So, roughly, Boozer drained the boy's balls at least twice a week.

Now, who can tell me how much splooge Kate took to the face, chest, cooter, back, ass and thighs?

"The International Society for Sexual Medicine suggest males expel, on average, 1.25 to 5 ml of semen each time they ejaculate. This is roughly 1/4 to 1 teaspoon."

Ok, great. So, for arguments sake lets just say this aspiring Chad was at peak performance and produced a full 5 ml of Bruce juice for Boozer, every time he shot a wad at her perfectly symmetrical face.

100 X 5ml= 500 ml

500 ml is equivalent to...

Wow, that's alot of junior jizz!

That's the type of fucking amount that says, "Im trying to get knocked up, here".

Pictures are great for giving everyone the full scale of things. I'd hate to be Kate's husband, knowing that much cooom from a 16-year old was being pumped in and all over my wife.

The alleged crime began in 2014 during Crue’s junior year at Lake Orion High School in Michigan.

Crue alleges that his relationship with Boozer—a young, attractive and popular teacher—went from instructor and student to something more.

"It was after school one of the first times that there was any physical interaction that was incredibly inappropriate," Crue said.

"Incredibly inappropriate" is a modest way of saying that it was incredibly hot.

This dude is a serious gentlemen, and has a great bedside manner with the media. A rising star, indeed.

It's no wonder that Kate's pussy throbbed and yearned to be pounded into the next solar system around this well spoken, "beyond his years" aspiring alpha.

He said that Boozer gave him gifts and had sex with him in the classroom after making sure no one could see them inside.

For once a woman was responsible and generous. All it takes is the prospect of having sex with Chad, women will make sure to cover-up any evidence to spare the feelings of their boyfriend or husband. Whenever a woman gives you a gift for no reason, it means she wants you to give her the gift of your cock inside her mouth, ass or cunt.

This is the circle of love.

“We made a chore out of getting big sheets of black construction paper and covering every window in the classroom including even the small notch window in the door so there was no way to see in the classroom,” Crue said.

Who said chores can't be fun? Boozer taught this kid a valuable lesson: It isn't "work" or a "chore" if both of you are cumming at the same time.

Crue tried to drop out of Boozer’s class during his senior year, prompting his mother, Nancy Hatalsky, to request a meeting with Boozer and the school administrators.

This is where the love story takes a serious left, fucking, turn.

Truly, great writing and plot twist. Why would Crue (AKA Chad) side-line this hot piece of sliz all of a sudden? Was it a powerplay for even more pussy? Or was Crue done with this pump and dump like one would with a penny stock? I mean, Boozer at the time (2014-2015) was considered at the school, by many, to be the most popular teacher.

She was young, hot and taught Spanish. What more do you want, dude!?

Kate, at the time of the alleged split, didn't take the news too well.

Boozer apparently cried twice during the meeting, which Hatalsky called one of numerous “red flags.”

If a woman cries over you for leaving her, it means she's addicted to your cock. Crue must've been shattering her G-spot that whole year, the orgasms must've been unforgettable.

The Spanish teacher also called Crue at odd hours of the night, according to a phone log he shared with the TV station.

Records of call logs that Crue's family says shows how often Kate Boozer called his phone.

"At 2:53 a.m. he is receiving a phone call from her," Hatalsky said.

"At 2:53 a.m. Predator. Here's another one, a 167-minute call. Predator."

I wonder what Crue and Boozer were doing/talking about for 167-minutes?

Our guess is that Boozer and Crue were doing a role-play session for a LavaLife commercial.

School administrators allowed Boozer to resign, rather than terminating her.

In a statement to FOX 2 Detroit, Lake Orion Schools said they “promptly investigated the allegation at the time it was brought to the district including cooperation with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.”

“The employee has not been with the district since 2016,” the district stated.

Boozer and her lawyer said in a statement to the TV station that the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation that was reviewed by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office and that they “declined to authorize charges” against her.

“As far as we are concerned, the case is closed,” Boozer and her lawyer stated.

As far as we here at The Red Island are concerned, the case is not fucking closed. This is a spicy blue balled dish that needs to be served.

"Case closed"? Are you all fucking insane?!

Crue said he could no longer keep the traumatic experience to himself during his sophomore year at Michigan State University, and started losing weight and cutting himself.

I know what you're all thinking: Why would this Chad be depressed, lose a bunch of weight and start cutting himself, living out the wildest fantasy known to every teen boy being taught by his hot teacher who speaks in a foreign tongue and wraps it around your cock?

You have to understand that living the life of a teen Rockstar isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Imagine being a 16-year old guy and getting everything handed to you, overnight. In this case, a smoking hot, young Spanish teacher, who you get to 'access' hundreds of times in order to blow you wad into her.

That is like the poorest person on the planet winning a 50 million dollar jackpot, you just aren't equipped to handle that level of greatness all at once.

Imagine getting to the top of the mountain at 16-years old. Now what? What more is there to life than banging your fucking hot Spanish teacher?

Exactly, nothing....You have 'lived your best life', game over.

To Crue, he had lived a life of a thousand men at that point.

Food probably began to lose its taste, T.V shows he once enjoyed now seemed dull; masturbation was ruined. What do you get a man, that has everything, on his birthday?

At 16, getting to put all of your hormones into, and all over a piece-of-ass like Boozer(biological jackpot) would be the closest thing to nirvana for a teen lad, aspiring Chad.

The rest of life is just, pointless. Crue is a true victim.

A victim of winning too much. Please, thoughts and prayers.

The Investigation & Search For Boozer's Grabbies

Getting exclusive photos of FTSSs is a great pain in the ass most times, especially when the female teacher in question lacks passion for greatness; takes down all, or makes her social media 'private'.

There are one of two ways of getting the goods: The easy way, and the hard way.

The Hard Way: 'Backdooring'

For Boozer, we first started with running her name through all of the parameters: FB, IG, Youtube etc. Her Facebook and IG are active, but have been set to 'private', however, we could confirm it was her via her profile pictures.

The next phase is what's called the 'last bitch' effort, in where our team of experts use an IG burner account to befriend Boozer.

Alas, our efforts failed. Kate is smarter than any blonde bombshell that we've come across....and we seriously need to make more of an effort in creating a better fake you-go-gurl IG profile.

This is every FTSS detectives true nightmare: Having to do more work than should be necessary to get access to things that were previously accessible!

This is like the show The First 48: At this point things become desperate in the search for 'evidence' of greatness (hotness).

At this moment, you as a FTSS detective have no choice but to figure out a 'backdoor'. Typically, the first place to start is by trying to find known relatives, or the boyfriend/husband. Boozer is(was?) this case was a bit easier. If you can somehow figure out her maiden name (sometimes the media drops it) then the process goes smoother.

In this case, we got lucky in a Google search by giving the algorithm a chance to work its magic by way of connecting the search term "Kate Boozer" with related inquires.

And just like that we get everything: Known aliases and associations.

Kate Boozer is one Kathleen Cavanaugh (maiden name). With a Facebook search we were able to find her father-in-law, and through his 'Friends' list could confirm Kate's husband's Facebook profile, and managed to get a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

However, later on we managed to get even more pics by doing 'The easy way'.

The Easy Way

The easy way only works if certain conditions are met: Her Facebook is still active (not deleted); her name is still tagged on pictures by friends and family. Thankfully both conditions were met, and all we really had to do (in the first place) to get the goods was to type 'Kate Boozer' into the search for 'Photos' and presto!

Kate's grade in the category of 'Presentation/Looks' will be great, all thanks to her own laziness.

If only actual 'journalists' could do what we do here...and take all but 10 minutes to do some mid-level internet sleuthing, the world would be a better place to enjoy; On the plus-side, this blog wouldn't be one of the top sites for Female Teacher Sex Scandals on the internet.

The Report Card


There was no challenge in Boozer's strategy. Kate played to her strengths: She was the hottest slice-of-sliz at her High school: A young, attractive Spanish teacher who was beloved and popular. She didn't need to lift a finger, only a few pieces of cheap construction paper to put over the windows before a bang session with Crue.

Giving the young aspiring Chad a gift was a nice added touch of modesty humility. One could say, "totally unnecessary" however, we here believe Boozer went above and beyond for her teen lust interest, and the gift represents the true level of adoration for Crue, his cock, and a reward for digging-out her orifices' with his pint-size penis no doubt.

A dowry for his dick and services.

More than 100 times, is more than words can express.



From our investigation, as you will soon see, it seems Kate and her hubby had known each other since college (2008), dated for a while before getting hitched in the summer of 2003. Their baby was born sometime after the alleged affair, it seems. It is unknown if they are still together. Their FB pages are reminiscent of single parents, or that of a couple that shares custody perhaps. Yet, Kate's IG displays the full fam. What gives?

Where did it all go wrong?

Only married for a year or so....and then the cooter began to whine.

A hand-written letter to her bang-buddy teen may shed some light.

Trouble must've been brewing in paradise. Kate was still in her 'party years' when she wedded her 'beta in waiting', poindexter: The classic tale of young hot blonde settling for the nerdy engineer who majored in a STEM field.

Perhaps, thereafter she had second thoughts, missed the ONS with Chads, and still needed to get her pussy dug-out like a wetland marsh, rezoned for commercialization.

Nothing says to poindexter like, "The sex is terrible/nothing like I am use to" like having a 100+ super-fucks with a maxxed-T, High School athlete.



The long awaited time has come, the moment everyone reading has been waiting for. Yes, Kate Boozer is about to take the stage to show us her greatness.

We here mainly judge on the presentation/photos during the time period in question (2014-15), and is honestly where Kate seemed to peak in her hotness.

Kate was the young, attractive and subsequently 'popular teacher' at that HS. It's (the word popular) a funny way of saying that, "everyone wanted to fuck her."

Imagine the pain caused to all the beta male teachers when they heard their attempts to "go for coffee sometime" at lunch with Kate were all for nothing.

All of them got out-fucked by a teen boy. 28-year old women don't want coffee, they want the alpha(proxy) to dig them out, and let them know they still "got it". Kate had just gotten married; she needed Chad on the side to knock the inner walls out again, shatter that G-spot; breath life again into her with his energy.

Although, given the array of photos, Kate will be presenting a lot of versions of herself. We will see 2008 Kate, all the way to 2019 Kate.

The interesting thing in pointing out is that Kate wasn't terribly attractive throughout her own HS pics; through college, she was pretty average, even a bit plump at times. Which, makes one assume that her peak hottness came around 2013, when she got married....when she would've been getting all sorts of attention; she missed out on those party years (gett'n railed by Chad), and had to make up for it.

You will see why Crue wanted to get out his 'Cum crayon' and color Kate White during her peak. Age does a lot to a woman, and Kate is no different. In her twilight years (2019), we can see that the concepts of time and gravity begin to show no mercy. Yet, she still looks pretty good for a 30-Something.

Think about it, needing to bang that teen's peen twice a week, over 100 times

in a year, on top of having to bang your hubby so that he wouldn't suspect anything....that's got to take its toll on the body and mind.

Kate crammed alot into one year...a lot into her body. Her pussy experienced the 'party years' (12 years) all at once.

Let's start at the beginning.

2008-2014 is a long time....almost like being married for six years.

Should we get the 'Green lines' out?

Painful, literally.

That's an unusual way to get your quarter back.

Almost like he knows he's about to lose her, soon.

A month before the eternal desert: Marriage.

Now we know where Kate gets her great tits from. Thanks, mom!

Man, look at that rack. Imagine cumming on those....

I know Crue doesn't have to....because he probably did.

2015, around the time Crue was allegedly banging the shit out of Kate.

Damn, I can see why he started cutting...?

Ladies, the party is over once you hit your 30's.

Crue got the best of Boozer.

Rule: You are the average of your three closest friends.


Overall Grade



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