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Texas Teacher, Marka Bodine, Raped 13 yr Old Student After Befriending Him Via A Video Game

Teacher Marka Bodine

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Picture of Teacher Marka Bodine

Authorities in Texas have accused a former middle school teacher of sexually abusing a former student.

Investigators allege Marka Bodine, 31, started having sex with the boy in 2018, soon after his 13th birthday.

Bodine was arrested on Saturday — five days after the now-16-year-old came forward with his allegations.

In a statement, the Tomball Police confirmed charging Bodine with continuous sexual abuse of a child. She has yet to enter a plea to that charge, and was released on $100,000 bond.


Nice mugshot; it looks like someone surprised her by shoving their pinky-finger up her tight asshole.

UCLA shirt? You know she's a slut when.

She even has a bit of rouge in the cheeks, almost like the cops dragged her out of bed right after she'd been doing her morning 'workout'. Nice!

As usual when 'journalists' cover these female teacher sex scandals, they always seem to make the same typos. We of course have fixed the typo(s) in the mainstream headlines such as "inappropriate relationship", "romp" or "tryst" with the proper: Raped.

If you run analysis of all the headlines of teachers like Terrence Popp did in this video, whether they were male or female, who had sex with their students, you will come to find that women are treated differently and receive a softer standard of justice. "Hm, but I thought men and women were equal?"

Guess not, you feminist fuckwit.

If a male teacher is caught having sex with a student, the headline will of course read that he "sexually assaulted" or "raped" the student.

However, if a female rapes it is always displayed as a "inappropriate relationship" or just plain "had sex" or "had a romp." Apparently, for a female teacher to wrap her glistening mouth around a young boy's dick, drain all the cum out his balls, swallow and then assign him some extra curricular studies (nudies for later) it is considered "inappropriate."

Marka Bodine raped her student. She rode his hog like an old school rancher on the PBR circuit. He was a minor and only 13-years old at the time.

That is not even anywhere near the age of consent in most places, which is usually the age of 16. Marka has now joined her comrades and has taken a seat in the special category of 14 Was Too Old that some of these teachers shoot for.

The future is of course female; the future is full of pedos and power hungry women who are entitled, self-serving, stupidly horny, and believe they can do no wrong. Women abuse their authority; they will abuse everybody. Case in point: Our Gynocentric world today.

What could've been so immensely intriguing about a 13-year old boy, Marka?

I think the main question on everyone's mind is, "Did she cum?" We know he did. He ran to the police, to his parents, asking them if she'd broken his dick from all the explosions she gave him. He must've been so scared.

Most 13-year old boys can't find their seat in the classroom, let alone find the G-spot is on a 31-year old's pussy.

Did this kid have a horse cock, an outlier in a sea of Fornite enthusiasts?

Like, what the fuck?

Sex for women is about Power and Control.

Women love controlling other people's bodies and telling everyone what to do.

Women are natural fascists.

Just look around you.

There are Karen's everywhere, in grocery stores snapping at everyone to pull their mask up, voting-in more tyranny and government reach in order to control your body and what you can do with it mobility wise. Reaching around to grab your cock and squeeze the lifeforce out of you.

Marka got off on grooming and controlling this kid's body. She had ultimate power over him, not just from an authority standpoint, but also at the most vulnerable time in a young man's life: Puberty.

At 31-years old, as you will see below, Marka is attractive (for her age). Imagine if Marka was in her Twenties still...the grip on this boy's cock would've been even more powerful. The psi spray down her throat would've probably shattered her uvula. This could've been way worse for both parties.

How It Started, How It's Going

Marka, according to, majored in education at the southeastern Oklahoma State University, which can be verified via her LinkedIn account.

She had been a licensed teacher since 2012.

Bodine, in her spare time, apparently had a Blog site A Nerd With Words.

The blog is a piece of shit, like most blogs written by women, and of course only has 5 posts in 2020. However, I encourage you to read it because of the insight it gives into a woman going through her Epiphany phase.

The blog is by no shock, all about her virtue-signaling to the world about how great of a person she is, how all about the children she is, and how she enjoys 'helping others'; she laments about hitting the Wall. She is a 'victim' of course.

Like most women who start blogs, or anything for that matter, they usually do it for about 3-6 months. Then the blog goes dark or dies. On to the next shiny thing that will give them attention and validation.

In this case, the new shiny thing was a set of 13-year old testies, lubed up from the spit-shine Marka gave the shaft. Instead of suck-starting a shotgun when going through a mid-life crises like some men do, women seem to rather like suck-starting young cock.

Women are horrible writers, and can never stick to anything. I once knew a woman like Marka; she was in her 30's. She also tried to blog. She was fucking terrible at it. She wrote like a 5th grader. It made sense though because her reading and math skills seem to be around that level. She is also a worthless cunt, so, it was doomed from the start, just like her whole miserable life.

I digress.

However, it does seem that female teachers like Marka can commit and stick with their teen students for at least 3-years, in order to rape and fuck them silly.

I mean, the validation she got from her blog obviously doesn't compare to male attention and a cock in her pussy. No shock there. Everything a woman does is for male attention and for a penis to go inside her; shoot cum in her hair and face, call her a dirty whore; use her the way she craves to be used.

All women, at the end of the day, want to be used.

Marka clearly was in need of being of use to someone. Lonely, horny and without a man for some reason. Perhaps a case of raging femiholic?

Too much of a womanist outside of the school? It turns men off, did you know? However, that shit won't sway a 13-year old boy and his raging hormones.

That's why she groomed this boy, she was hoping he'd want to use her like a cum-filled tissue left under the bed. Use her body...because it's not like she could've gone on Tinder and found a guy her age, or in his Twenties to get a quick pump and dump.

The last post by Marka on her blog is very telling, and was perhaps the catalyst (her turning age 30) for her lunatic lust for teen peen.

She is getting old, wanted to feel young again, or she yearned to relive all the feelings and thrills of youth: Getting dicked-down by Donovan's nig-nog donger after school before the parents get home.

Marka, by her own words, is/was a nerd. Maybe back in the day, she never had a chance with Chad because of her awkward virgin antics. Maybe she wasn't always as hot as she is now? A late bloomer, perhaps. Who knows what goes through these chick's mind?

Marka is hitting the Wall, and you can tell she knew it. What is it with Millennial chicks and the TV show Friends? It's all they watch, like it's some sort of blueprint for life, along side Sex & The City.

Did Monica or Rachel ever go through the Epiphany phase, and have the urge to fuck a teen boy? I mean, the actors playing these characters, who were suppose to be fresh out of college, were in their 30's in real life.

I don't remember that episode, please, someone correct me if I am mistaken.

It is like these women begin to realize that their youth is all washed up on the beaches of Normandy when they hit their 30's, and they think that if they start bobbing their head up-and-down on the fountain of youth (a teen boy's cock) they will stay young forever, like in the film Tuck Everlasting (2002).

They must believe that sucking the cum out of some teen's ball-sack is going to be the magical elixir; give them the power over men that they either squandered or were use to having, back when they turned 18 and it lasting through their Twenties. Women love sucking cock; they love giving blowjibbers.

Giving a blowjob is the most power and control a woman will ever have over a man.

She gets what she wants; she is also being used at the same time.

Women love sucking cock. It's a pastime for them; a good way of passing the time and being a productive woman of society.

They love draining balls into their mouth and snatch.

Women are consumers. Men are producers.

Marka went after a 13-year old in hopes of getting the very first ropes of cum out of his cock; the kid was most likely a virgin, and probably hadn't even blown his first wad yet. Truly sickening. He will never know the joys of a first wank.

Marka wanted the first sperm-cell produced, that greedy cunt. The most fresh she could get.

Again, this woman is allowed to vote, have a job and sign contracts.

What is scarier?

That we have a pandemic of female teachers abusing and raping their students, or that women are allowed to vote and make decisions in our society?

Marka couldn't even say "no" to her throbbing cunt. A cunt that wanted any penis to penetrate it for the sake of getting the shit fucked out of it.

How can she be expected to make a good and logical decision at the voting polls?

How can she be trusted to say "no" to a stranger offering her candy and a ride home from the school after a long day of grooming teen boys?

Women, they are like children. They can't be trusted.

It is not a surprise that Marka made bail on a $100,000 dollar bond. She is being defended by a court appointed public attorney. Clearly, all the money she had went to bail and not into hiring a good Jew lawyer.

Marka obviously hates Jews and loves herself more.

A bold strategy, let's see if it pays off.

The Report Card


Three years ago, Marka began grooming her victim via social media. Swooning over his pre-pubescent cock; sweating like a pedo at a park.

Marka, being a self-described nerd and homebody, obviously played that motif up in her attempts to get her pussy packed with the teen's peen.

Most teen boys love Fornite and video games, Marka was a shoe-in.

It appears that Marka also had a TikTok account, also popular with teens. She never used it to post her own videos, so it is safe to assume she downloaded the app as a means to sext/groom/chat with young boys.

It's always the same with these chicks whether it is Facebook, SnapChat or Instagram, they all use it to sext, feed their egos in order to produce an orgasm; satiate the dark side of female sexuality: Having guy after guy, one after the other, validate them; penetrate and cum inside them and let all the sperm compete for her womanhood.

A woman, ideally, would want a train of 'hawt' guys to take their turns with her usually around one week before their period starts.

Bodine made her first court appearance on April 19. According to KPRC-TV, Bodine had also gone to the police to report that a former student, whom she had taught in 6th grade, was “harassing” her.

This is what I mean. "Harassing"? Dude, she raped you.

If a woman like Marka is so strong, brave, fierce and independent, then how can anyone "harass" her? You mean to tell us that Marka, a grown woman, can't deal with the antics of teen boys?

People's definitions today are so far removed from the actual reality. Obviously, the boy's mouth is being filled with words that the authorities and mainstream would like to use, in order to soften the blow to female predators.

Meanwhile, Marka had been filling her mouth with the cum-of-sum-yung-guy, and it wasn't Chinese food.

Usually it is the opposite way around if a woman falsely accusing a man.

A man will say something critical of a woman and she will call it "harassment". No sweetheart, criticism isn't harassment, you are just a dumb fucking bitch and someone called you out on it.

A man will use his freedom of speech and tell the skank he thinks she has a nice ass, great tits. Suddenly, that's "sexual harassment" instead of a factual compliment.

Like Marka, you have a nice ass, and a decent set of chest pillows: Fact.

A female teacher rapes a 13-year old boy and all of a sudden it's an "inappropriate relationship". Go fuck yourself.

Marka, during the three years in question, talked, sexted and sent the boy racy photo's and videos; they had sex (she raped him) two times according to the victim. In her car and in the classroom, allegedly.

Of course this boy was afraid, wouldn't you be?

I mean, at 13-years old, you don't want to look like an awkward nerd or idiot, not knowing if you should shoot it on her face, in her hair, or in her pussy.

Imagine being a Jew at Auschwitz and not wanting to make an embarrassment out of yourself by getting into the wrong line for the showers, instead of the line for the ovens, of which were clearly full... given the mount of black smoke spewing out of the stacks.

The car was perfect for Marka to have sex in, it was where she could control his body and ride him like Seattle Slew. Female teachers love car sex because most of them have husbands, and most of these students have parents at home.

She loves helping people and her students, there is no doubt that she helped this boy out with those anxieties.

A woman like Marka, all experienced and nerdy, was probably into some weird shit too. Like pinky-finger in her asshole before she cums type of shenanigan's.

Or maybe she would request that they play the theme song from the TV show Friends, singing "I'll be there for you", while she wrapped her mouth around

his pre-pubescent penis and tried to suck the nervous nectar through his epididymis; get those muscles around his prostate to pump out that Merry Christmas cream for her.



KPRC reports that Bodine said the former student was making threats to hurt himself. In addition, she allegedly claimed he had somehow accessed private photos of her that he then manipulated.

Classic. Enough said, really.

We've heard this one before, many times. That somehow, magically, the teen boy was able to hack, or obtain private photos of the female teacher in question.

Amazing! It's like, these teen boys all secretly work for the NSA!

Yeah... Marka is so going to jail.



Ouch, 241/485. Bad ratio. You know you're a 31-year old who should quit Instagram when...

Social media is a young chick's game. If you are a woman in your 30's or above, just stop, please.

We are still waiting for Marka to accept our 'friend request' on Instawhore.

We will see if my new and improved burner account can incentivize her to do so.

We here on The Red Island want to get to know Marka a little more, as this is the most important grading category.

Honestly, the others don't really count...we all know everyone is here for our go-gurl to take the stage and go for greatness.

We want to see a bit more skin, perhaps more photos of her in her second skin: Yoga pants.

Not going to sugarcoat it. Marka is by far one of the most attractive FTSS to take the stage in a while, definitely of this year for sure.

We want to see the real Marka beneath all the rape-y, pedo stuff. We want to see her tits, muff and ass. A real human female. The stuff the media never portrays or posts.

We really just want to know if Marka is indeed fuckable still at 31-years old and why she didn't send us an email in request for our services.

Why didn't Marka send me nudies and racy videos of her late at night in bed, diddling herself while simultaneously beating teen boys at Fornite?

As you are about to see, from the other social media photos we were able to obtain, Marka would've been permitted to suck my cock (I would've allowed it); she's not bad, not bad at all by a mile.

In fact, I can now see why that victim was so afraid and went to the cops so fast. I mean, putting your dick inside of a 31-year old hottie like Marka when you are only just 13-years old, and learning about the joys and wonders of a wet vagina....yeah.

It would be like sticking your cock into another dimension. Feeling the cum whiz out of your shaft for the first time, wondering if the damn thing is going to ever stop; it would be terrifying.

To a young boy, Marka would seem like a wizard of sorts, making your cock do crazy things like that, and it feeling like you just broke the damn thing and tripped on Molly/MDMA for the first time, all at once.

Feeling the inside of a woman's pussy at that age would be like doing heroin. Yeah, some people won't be able to handle that shit.

We found Marka's youtube channel.

Again, she only has 3 posts.

C'mon, Marka!

Teacher Marka Bodine

Of course she is wearing a shirt that says "GRL PWR".

The future is female, remember!

It's is her right and privilege, apparently, to suck the cum out of some boy's balls and get an orgasm. For women, life is all about cumming!

How do you expect to get famous and grow your channel if you aren't attempting greatness? Put out more and consistent content; show more skin.

If you are a woman on Youtube, here is the secret to becoming famous/get a ton of viewers:

Be young.

Be thin/attractive.

Wear yoga pants.

Do stretching exercises/spread your legs.

Speak a ton of Innuendo

Guarantee you will have 100k subs in less than a month.

I mean, she has a voice as soft as those lips of hers; she probably gives amazing head, let's be honest. She probably puts a good spit shine on the shaft before she takes it all in, and lets the wetness drip down like a lemon juicer.

You can tell that she has a bit of the 'crazy eyes' going on as well, which is good; the meek are usually the ones who are most power hungry.

She seems like the kind of woman that would yell out, "Fuck me, daddy!" a lot and then want you to shoot it all in her mouth, slap her ass and call her a nasty bitch.

Women, they say the darndest things most times.

The meek and quiet one's are usually have the dirtiest mouths in bed and want you to color them white like a toaster strudel.

Hot teacher Marka Bodine

If that is what a 31-year old 'nerdy teacher' looks like today, sign me up!

I'll learn how to play the Fortnite's and do the TikToks...

Hot Teacher Marka Bodine

Marka's mouth is ready. Are you, big boy?

Honestly, some of the best teeth we have seen to date.

Stunning work, really. Whoever did her dental work, dude, very nice work. A+.

And yeah, I assumed her dentist's gender. Let's be real. Women don't know how to fix teeth, they can't even fix themselves.

Those white's sparkle as bright as the pearl necklace she got from that boy.

Marka, with this lovely photo, gives us an up-close and personal look at her assets: She has great facial structure, symmetry is very nice.

Inches make all the difference (that's what she said).

Great completion, beautiful skin...why is it that this chick needed to fuck a 13-year old, instead of a train of college guys who would've been absolutely willing to practice and throw one down this chick?

I mean, big hazel eyes and a mouth wide enough to stick your full girth into...what's not to like here!? Like Marka, I feel like I am taking crazy pills!

Cute little nose to mushroom-slap a bit for fun, in-between all the sucking and, I don't get it!

The problem must be Marka, and not the men on this one.

Picture of Teacher Marka Bodine

Hitting the Wall, never looked as good as this..

Are we sure she is 31 years old? Marka, why are you not doing Porn?

MILF category, please. Step on it.

Marka, right here, is giving us a bit more. She is working the camera on this one and she knows it. Just look at the smile; she is horny. Wants your cock to stretch her out and not stress her out.

We now get to see the all important, full body pic, that tells no lies.

It is clear as day that Marka, underneath that extremely modest get-up, has a fantastic body for a woman about to swerve into the Wall.

Honestly, I think Marka is still dropping eggs like a 20-year old. No flab on the arms, no rolls like a small town bakery. Smooth skin, tight tits that make you want to use them as chest pillows. Squeeze them, put your face between them; make a nest for your cock between them, type of titties.

Marka, like she has mentioned many times, wants to "help others" and her students.

Why did this kid blast off to the police so fast?

Did she fart during sex or was it a queef from her 31-year old cooter?

An inexperienced boy wouldn't know the difference. I think that was the problem here: Inexperience. I mean, dude, stay a while. Have fun with her sweater puppies for a bit, play with her nobs like an Xbox controller; have some fun. Netflix and Chill it, hit-it some more before you quit it.

People are so quick to judge these days. I mean, here is a beautiful woman offering her services and what, it's not good enough?!

You are 13-years old, what do you know about pussy!?

Marka looks so cute in that picture, it would make many men (and women) want to slam her body against that wall.

Teacher Marka Bodine

Pretty in Pink, about to drop an egg. Marka (2011 Flickr)

Teacher Marka Bodine

Get a vacuum and clean the room, for fuck's sake (2011)


Overall Grade



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