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THE LIFE OF KAREN: Karen Hate-Reads A Website All Day; American Women Are Fatter Than Ever

A fictional series


Karen Hate-Reads A Website All Day

It's another beautiful day in San Francisco, USA; homeless people are still shitting in the streets, while taxes rise faster than the city's stench into the humid air.

Karen is indulging heavily in a favorite past-time of hers: Hate-reading other people's work; she is stuffing her face full of muffins.

This new found mental-illness, a human tendency toward “hate-reading.” Call it that for short, at least, because it also includes “hate-listening” and “hate-watching.” In short, many people like Karen seem strangely drawn to material that they know, even before they're exposed to it, will infuriate them.

Karen seems to be addicted to indignation; she is a masochist.

Just how an abuse victim keeps going back to that which harms them, Karen hates the truth so much so that it scrambles her small pea-size brain into a storm: A hurricane of conflicting emotions about how she perceives life based on The View and what actually is true.

When Karen was a little girl, she was told not to touch the stove as it may be hot and could burn her. Karen decided to make a conscious choice and ignore all of the warnings on the stove by proceeding to touch the burner. Karen burned her hand, cried and screamed.

A man walked in, not her father, but the Ghost of Reality.

"Why are you crying, Karen?" said the Ghost of Reality.

"The stove burned my hand, you fucking asshole!" Karen said in an annoying high-pitched squeal.

"The stove didn't burn you, Karen, you burned your hand on the stove," said the Ghost of Reality, before he dissipated back into the ether.

Fast forward to today, Karen is a grown-ass woman; her ass has grown 100x the size, yes.

Karen is still burning her hands on 'stoves', whist still blaming the stoves for making her feel bad. Karen hasn't changed, she is still a child. Like all women, Karen never mentally matured past the age of eighteen. Karen is now the most responsible teenager in her household, and at her place of work.

There is nothing left in Karen's life that is worth while. Her job is unsatisfying to her because all jobs suck. Karen was lied to by the feminist professors, the media and the gynocentric mantra that says all women can be just like men.

To compensate for this gross shortcoming, most women like Karen will become mini-dictators in their household or at work. Karen is almost like Adolf Hitler:

Karen failed at art school, is a vegetarian/vegan, and is a national socialist. However, Karen does not have a penis. So, almost like Hitler. Only in her wildest fantasies, though.

Karen wasted her youth on all the bad-boys and then settled( had to) for a less than desirable mate. She chose the Sheryl Sandberg formula for girl-success! Karen not only wasted her youth and beauty but also her fertility, which is tied to both of the former.

In order for her to feel alive, she has become an addict of indignation; her fur-babies are the only thing that feeds what is left of her womanhood.

In America (arguably the entire West) there is an epidemic of obesity that is far deadlier than any Wuhan, Chinese virus. A disease that kills more people than "racism". One of the reasons why women are so fat today in the West is because, like Karen, they spend their finite life hate-reading blogs and things they made a conscious choice to read on the internet.

Indignation feeds the soul of Karen; muffins expand the Saturn-like rings of fat around her body. When Karen waddle-floats into the room you will always know, not because of the noise, but because you will feel her extreme gravitational pull.

Instead of using her time and life wisely, hitting the treadmill for an hour, starting her own online business, Karen will on her own volition get bent and jealous over other people (men's) success and hate-read on them.

Empowerment to the bitter feminist apparently means taking no action to improve her own life, but instead, try to destroy and tear down those who are successful.

What feminists mean by "equality" is not for women to try and compete with men, but for women to destroy men so that they[feminist] can rise above.

Crabs in a bucket mentality is the feminist way of achieving "equality".

Women can't be as great as men, they realize this. So, how does Karen achieve girlboss-power? Well, she has to try to get men fired and/or falsely accuse them of "harassment".

Ironically, Karen enjoys harassing others on the internet all day. Hate-reading blogs and websites and then complaining to male authorities that she was "offended". Karen doesn't understand that feelings are subjective and that nobody gives-a-fuck.

Yet, Karen believes she speaks for all women, no, all humankind.

Thus, her indignation is valid in her small mind. Karen desperately wants to be the authority and police of all things, even other people's personal business. She has given herself a fake plastic badge and has charged her self with moral authority. Authority to which nobody respects as it is grounded in emotions/feelings.

Feelings aren't facts. That is a fact.

Karen, in theory, is only harassing herself. Karen is responsible for what she does and reads on the internet, thus, Karen is her own worse enemy. She is too stupid to close the tab in Chrome, she has to keep reading because if she doesn't she cannot feel anything.

It is a sad life. Her husband can't make her feel that spark, not even her fur-babies. Her job sucks her soul more than she sucks on her husband's cock. The only thing that makes Karen feel are blogs and websites she hate-reads all day long.

Karen, a pathetic waste of human tissue. She once had promise, however, hate consumed her soul; the consumption of muffins feeds the emptiness.

At night, Karen cries herself to sleep. She uses the tears as lube to masturbate beside her husband because she believes in "organic" products. Products that won't hurt the environment, and thus her fee-fees. The dopamine release from an orgasm, sadly, isn't as good as the rush of indignation she feels from hate-reading blogs.

After her nightly masturbation routine in which her husband has no role in, Karen sneaks out-of-bed to go hate-read so more on the internet.

Post after post, site after site, Karen is hate-reading into the dark hours of the night.


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