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TRIAL UPDATE: Kandice Barber, 'searched Google for secluded areas' Before Sex With 15-year old Boy

Original Story at DailyMail

Man, things are just not looking too good for our go-girl, Kandice Barber. We can see why her husband wears the look of a worn-out, second class citizen.

Frankly, I can’t see why he would even be escorting her to the Court. Getting out-fucked by a 15-year-old is an insult enough, but having your ‘wife’ disrespect your pecker by telling her minor lover that his pre-mature muff mixer is “bigger than my husband’s” is just suicide fuel.

Of course the 15-year old’s dick was bigger, that’s why she fucked him!

Oh sorry, “allegedly”. But really, the evidence in mounting, mounting like how Kandice’s pussy mounted that teen’s peen in reverse cowgirl during that session in the secluded woodland/field.

Let’s analyze the most recent testimony by Kandice. Again, even the greatest fiction writers out there could not come up some of the shit you had hopefully read in the original articles.

Kandice claims the whole story was fabricated by the victim in an attempt to get her fired….for reasons we don’t know nor really care at this point.

What motive would a horny 15-year old boy have for trying to get his fairly attractive female teacher fired from her job?

What 15-year-old could come up with, what seems to be, one of the hottest and most thrilling love story of his generation?

If he did make this all up, then why did he blow his load to Kandice, the public, and the Courts for free instead of contacting a major publishing house for this work of fantasy fiction?

The plot is tighter than Kandice’s cunt; the premise is enticing and spicy. The love triangle between him, his ex and Kandice is perfect. The whole sum of events seems so believable, it’s almost as if it were true!

We now have investigators finding a series of incriminating Google searches, including the words “alibi” and “lie about where you have been”.

Kandice Barbar, 35, claimed during her cross-examination in court today that the only reason she had a long Google search history regarding her boy romance, was to jog her memory.
The jury heard that on September 30, 2018 at 5.08am, Barber had searched 'what is the name of someone you are having an affair with?' and the word 'alibi' before Googling 20 seconds later 'when you have a plan of where you have been'.
The next day, the defendant searched 'a lie of where you have been,' before later looking up 'good secluded areas,' and 'Holiday Inn, Wycombe'.
In the witness box, Barber explained: 'I was up at 5am as my mum and I were going to set up a car boot sale. On the way there was a name of a film that was bugging me, so I googled those words. We were trying to remember the film name.
'I thought the name had something to do with adultery but it turned out to be the film Fatal Attraction.'

The defendant added that she had Googled the hotel for her son's father to stay in while he visited and 'good secluded areas' was in relation to wanting to take her Labrador dog for a walk off the lead as he 'absolutely loves lakes'.

She also allegedly sent the boy a message after her principal confronted her about the Snapchat pics, telling him, “Promise me you will delete everything — don’t want to get in any trouble,” the court was told.

The court previously heard that she eventually confessed to a social worker that she sent them while “going through a bad patch with her husband” and after losing a baby.

Barber also insisted their phone calls, which often lasted 40 minutes and were forbidden by school rules, were merely out of concern for the boy’s well-being, the court heard.

“It is something I am incredibly embarrassed about, I know it was the wrong thing to do but I had good intentions in doing it,” she said of the calls outside school, according to The Sun report.


Kandice's Fatal Attraction

Kadice's Google search history is nowhere near the horror show that a 15-year old's would be. However, her's is still pretty dirty, and will probably not help her chances of a clean break with this scandal.

I find it particularly revealing that Kandice referenced the 1987 film 'Fatal Attraction' as the reason for some of her Google searches. Why? Well, what is that film's plot about?

Dan Gallagher, a married lawyer, gets into an extra-marital affair with his colleague Alex. She gets obsessed with him and tries to sabotage his married life.

Hm, gee, sounds kind of familiar. The plot to the film that Kandice watched with her mom sounds eerily similar to the fabricated story that she claims the 15-year old made up about both of them. Projection, much?

Lets re-write the plot to Fatal Attraction and see what we can come up with, shall we?

Kandice Barber, a married teacher, gets into an extra-marital affair with her student. He gets obsessed with her and tries to sabotage her job and marriage.

Kandice is living inside of her own version of Fatal Attraction.

This is one of those rare cases in where we get to see Court transcripts and a clear line of events. We now know a little more about Kandice's background: Her current husband is not her first; she has a baby-daddy for at least one of her three kids (maybe all three, we don't know) and current hubby is playing the other man's saved video game? Ouch.

So, Kandice has an established history of picking out the badboy for giner tingles (getting knocked up) and has the beta 'new guy' pick up the tab for him. Maybe Kandice wanted to do it all again with the 15-year old's seed (goodfucks/quality seed) and cuck her hubby once more?

What I believe we have here is the typical manifestation of a classic FTSS.

However, this time we actually can see the reasons for the sucking and fucking in plain text, and the motivations we have all come to theorize about.

Like how most affairs begin, Kandice and her hubby weren’t fucking anymore. That’s what “going through a rough patch means.” Losing a kid will do that. That is sad, but it is no excuse for adultery, let alone, with a minor….no matter how big his cock is.

But, big cocks are the grand temptation for women. The pussy needs to be juiced and relieved of all its tension. Hence, it is our gut instinct that Kandice embarked on a journey of pre-mediation for getting that attention. What better attention will you get then from a horny and infatuated 15-year boy? It’s an easy kill and that is what Kandice was looking for.

Yes, Kandice is telling part of the truth: That the 15-year old boy was infatuated by her.

Yeah, no shit. What 15-year old boy wouldn’t be, especially after getting access to his fairly attractive female teacher’s throbbing pussy, without the needed use of a condom? Letting a 15-year old ride you bareback, mine as well give him heroin!

However, she is using that truth as the whole story and re-framing it to create a new one, the real fiction: The story of her actually being the victim. Very clever.

The main problem I have with Kandice’s defense is really the whole thing. But to be more specific, it’s the fact that the only reason why this story got out was because nude photos of her were being sent around the school.

Gee,how did that happen? Well, of course, Kandice’s phone was hacked!

Yeah, right.

A hacked phone defense is so lazy and such a last ditch effort, it just goes to show that Kandice didn’t want to go for greatness. Instead, she wants to deny her FTSS fame.

Really, who hacked your phone, the teen?

So, not only is this 15-year old a budding erotic fiction writer who is way beyond Hollywood, but he also has a penchant for hacking people’s phones somehow!

Is there an expert witness, who is in the field of electronic communications, taking the stand soon so as to tell everyone how difficult it would be to do that minus actually knowing Kandice’s password?

Kandice and the boy exchanged Snapchat info and began communicating that way. Why would you do that?! Everyone, including their fucking grandma, knows that Snapchat is the app of hoes.

It was wrong for Kandice to even give her own personal phone number to the boy (she even admits this), yet she went and doubled-down by adding him on Snapchat. Again, Kandice is a woman; she is allowed to vote. She is allowed to have a jo— oh wait, she is out of a job now.

This grown-ass woman, who is suppose to be an adult, responsible and knowledgeable of protocols not only dismissed them, but went ahead and doubled-down on the Snapperchats.

An app that is specifically used as an Inspector Gadget-esq, burn after viewing, leave no evidence behind, experience: You send fucking nudes over it.

When the boy came to Kandice about his issues, why didn’t she just say, “We can talk about it at school, during school time?” Or, refer him to a guidance councilor or notify the parents that their son was dealing with some personal things?

Of course, Kandice is going to frame it as she couldn’t stand idly by (playing the nurture card) as a 'concerned teacher'. Frame her as doing the moral and virtuous thing, while admittedly breaking protocol.

Again, it’s very clever.

If the messages were innocent, then why did she ask the boy to delete them? After all, she was just "concerned about his well-being", right?

I think we all know why she had no problem breaking the rules for this teen (big dick). She had the giner tingles for him.

Women make rules for betas (their boyfriends and husbands) but they will break the rules for an Alpha (or aspiring Alpha who displays traits).

Kandice was concerned, for sure. She was thinking about herself. She was concerned about that cock, and it going in and out, in and out, until she got it all out of her system.

Again, she is telling the truth.

She was concerned for the boy’s well-being, that being his needy balls to be drained.

Her phone wasn’t hacked. Who had access to her topless Snapchat pics?

The boy did. How did the boy get them, did her nudes just decide to send themselves all around school?

No, someone had to of sent them to him.

No doubt, the boy was probably having issues with his ex-girlfriend. That’s when Kandice most likely stepped in. They had something in common: Both were horny and lonely.

It was a true love story in the making. The teen was backed-up (balls as full as the moon) from the break-up with his ex; Kandice was in need of backing into a hard dick. They were both going through a drought, and were both in need of attention from the opposite sex.

Who took advantage of whose suffering first? We don’t know.

The point is, they both wanted to fuck; Kandice was the only adult.

Kandice did demonstrate her organization skills with her meticulous planning: She planned and searched where she the best places to bang the teen were— she had a story (an alibi) for her husband about her whereabouts for those time periods.

What is more believable: A 15-year-old boy making up one of the most incredible, film-worthy, well thought-out sexual fantasies involving a female teacher, or a 35-year old Wall hitting woman who needed some dick and attention in order to feel desired again because her and hubby were going through a ‘rough patch’?

If the boy is lying, then someone please thank his creative writing teacher (Kandice?) for all the inspiration they’ve given him. In addition, for fuck sake get that script polished, printed, and turned into the next erotic thriller of this generation.

Mom, dad….your son is a genius!


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